Jamaal Goes “Go Pro Workout”

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles has bounced back from the torn ACL he suffered 52 weeks ago in Detroit. In Sunday’s season opener, Charles showed all the moves and speed that he had before the injury. Intense work by Charles in the off-season got it done, including a workout he did with the folks at Go Pro Workout. Below is a story on the Jamaal’s workout and how the average fan can get involved in the same physical plan. Enjoy.

By Jared Antista/Go Pro Workout

Jamaal Charles recently partnered with Go Pro Workouts to share what he did this off-season to ensure that he was ready for Week 1 of the 2012 NFL season.

His off-season workout program included a variety of training nodes to help increase strength, speed, and agility that a football player, specifically a running back, can benefit from. NFL running backs take a lot of punishment and the key to a successful season and career is to be fitter than the competition.

Jamaal put in the time to make sure his knee was ready for the pounding of an NFL season. His program consisted of ladder drills, cone and hurdle exercises (both linear and lateral) and core strength exercises improving his leg and abdominal regions. Jamaal’s 8-week workout program will guide aspiring athletes through all of his exercises with video and text descriptions.

For the first time ever, you can see Jamaal working out and see what it takes to recover and prepare for an NFL season. Check out his complete program at:


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