Hunt, Vermeil Vote Yes on Andy Reid

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The guy who hired him, and the guy who recommended that he be hired, both weighed in this week on Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

And, without a doubt the honeymoon period continues for the veteran NFL head coach who was fired in Philadelphia and five days later had a new job, for more money with the Chiefs.

“He’s very much an established leader,” team chairman Clark Hunt said this week after watching one of the mini-camp practices. “Watching him on the field and watching him with the players, I can see that confidence is rubbing off on them, and certainly me as an owner or our family as an owner and the fans, I think you can feel that confidence as well.”

Former Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil was quick to pass along his thoughts to Clark Hunt back in early January that Reid would be a great addition to the franchise.

“I admire the guy, I respect him, he’s a great football coach,” Vermeil said this week after watching a mini-camp practice. “I’ve seen this practice before in Philadelphia, but it was very, very impressive. Andy’s having a lot of fun. He’s rejuvenated. You can tell. I’ve been with him through all different moods over the last few years.

“You’re very, very fortunate to have Andy Reid … he called me about Kansas City. I said ‘Go, just go’.”

Hunt said he’s really enjoyed watching Reid coach on the field.

“One of the things he mentioned to me during our interview back in January was how excited he was to get back to coaching,” Hunt said “He’d really worked his way out of coaching and had become a manager with the Eagles. He wanted to get back on the field, working primarily with the offense and it’s been fun to see him doing that.”

As a veteran coach, Vermeil noticed the change in Reid’s mood as he’s pushed more stuff off his desk so that he can coach football.

“There’s no substitute for wisdom,” Vermeil said. “There won’t be anything that happens on game day that he hasn’t been exposed to. You’re not going to surprise Andy Reid or his staff. He’s seen it, done it, he’s been there and he’s proved he could do it in big games. Granted they didn’t win a Super Bowl, but there are a lot of guys that haven’t done that. That doesn’t mean you’re not a better coach than somebody who’s already won one.

“He does the right things for the right reasons the right way with the right people at the right time. He’s got all the rights.”

One Response to “Hunt, Vermeil Vote Yes on Andy Reid”

  • June 6, 2013  - johnfromfairfax says:

    I think Clark Hunt realized he created an untenable situation with the team under his last GM and coach. Having said that he has now handled the situation about as well as he could have to this point. At least that is what many of us believe and hope will prove to be the case.

    I also don’t believe long term winning coaches who have shown themselves to be inquisitive and students of the game forget how to coach or become outdated in a short period of time. It’s time to get this season underway.

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