Honoring History … Thursday Cup O’Chiefs

From Arrowhead Stadium

One can only hope that those who currently coach and play for the Kansas City Chiefs will achieve enough in their careers wearing the red and gold that they can be part of the team’s Hall of Honor.

The Chiefs officially opened the Hall of Honor on Thursday evening, with the mandatory speeches, dignitaries and Hall of Famers checking out the extensive displays and memorabilia of the Dallas Texas/American Football League/Kansas City Chiefs.

Pictures, audio, video and display cases are filled with information and mementoes of the team’s rich 50-season history.

While noting that Arrowhead was the first NFL stadium to provide fans with instant replay inside the stadium, Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt spoke with pride of the memory replays that are throughout the Hall of Honor.

And there is plenty of attention paid to Lamar Hunt and his football creation, the American Football League. In fact, under the direction of team historian Bob Moore, there is probably more attention paid to the AFL and the roots of that league than even at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.


If anything, the Chiefs should continue to collect and display the history of the AFL and provide education to fans, players and media on what the league accomplished during 10 seasons of play. So much of the history of the league was missed by folks in Kansas City since there was not a team in the city until the fourth season of league play. There are many AFLers still around and the club should actively pursue their stories and bring those amazing years to life.

Sadly, there are those in the Chiefs organization that sometimes get tired of the focus that always seems to fall on history of the team. They grumble about the franchise living in the past and not focusing on the present and future.

Luckily in this case Clark Hunt, his siblings and Norma Hunt still have the ability to honor something that is so precious to this community and the world of professional football. What Lamar Hunt accomplished was a remarkable story. It was not only getting the AFL started, but keeping it afloat and then pushing it to the level of success that the NFL sought a merger.

So much of what we know of the game of pro football today has the fingerprints of Lamar Hunt and the AFL. There’s no way the Chiefs could ever go overboard in honoring that legacy.

Luckily, the Hall of Honor is now available for fans to gain knowledge of the team and its history. Located on the field level concourse on the south side of the stadium, the Hall will be open to all fans attending games at Arrowhead. There will be no admission charge to the area. That fact surely has Lamar Hunt smiling, because while he was a businessman, he was at first, a fan.

On the west side of the Hall is a display honoring 50 years of Chiefs players. There are pictures and statistics of just about every man that ever wore the uniform of the Texans/Chiefs. That’s over 1,000 players and the only faces missing from the display are a few of the replacement players that played in three games during the 1987 season.

On the east side of the hall is a display honoring each game the franchise has played over 50 seasons, with game statistics and highlights available.

There are video displays and interactive outlets throughout the space. There are display cases honoring the AFL and Lamar Hunt, and cases honoring the three championship teams in franchise history: 1962-66-69. There are other displays that honor some of the great moments in team history. And there is a display honoring the fans of the Chiefs and their contributions over the team’s time in Kansas City.

Also on display are the busts of all the members of the Chiefs Hall of Fame. Each one is enclosed in his own locker with items and photos from their careers. Those in the Pro Football Hall of Fame have slightly bigger lockers, including more memorabilia.

What type of things can you see there, beyond the videos and pictures? There’s Len Dawson’s helmet from Super Bowl IV, Hank Stram’s film projector, Lamar Hunt’s Super Bowl IV ring, Bobby Bell’s red high-top spikes, a check for playing in a pre-season game that’s made out to Chris Burford, and uncashed after 50 years for $48.50.

Yes, it is time for the Chiefs to create some new moments to remember. Of that there is no question. But there will never be a reason to forget or push aside what they achieved in the past.

It should always be feted with something like the Hall of Honor.


On Wednesday a pair of old linebackers were selected as the senior nominees for possible induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Washington Redskins LB Chris Hanburger and former Los Angeles Rams LB Les Richter will get a chance to join the Hall’s Class of 2011 when final voting takes place in early February. They were voted in by a five-man seniors committee of the larger 44-person Board of Selectors.

These five men along with a pair of Hall of Fame consultants met for two days in Canton to vote down the list of 16 finalists to the two seniors spots. The consultants this year were LB Jack Ham and TE Charlie Sanders, who provide their thoughts on nominated players, but do not have a vote.

Part of the finalist list of 16 was former Chiefs safety Johnny Robinson.

Hanburger played 14 seasons for the Redskins, earning nine trips to the Pro Bowl while playing in 187 games.

Richter remains one of the great football trivia question answers: Name the one player who was traded for 11 players? That would be Richter, who was dealt by the NFL Dallas Texans to the Rams for 11 players. He ended up playing nine seasons and went to eight Pro Bowls. He also handled the place kicking duties for the Rams. Sadly, he passed away back in June at the age of 79.


  • BROWNS – claimed NT Travis Ivey, off waivers from the Dolphins.
  • DOLPHINS – acquired CB Benny Sapp in a trade with the Vikings for WR Greg Camarillo; released G Randy Thomas, who they signed a week ago.
  • JAGUARS – signed RB Kolby Smith, the former Chiefs back.
  • LIONS – claimed OT Tyler Polumbus off waivers from the Broncos.
  • PANTHERS – claimed OT Kirk Barton off waivers from the Broncos; released OT Jason Capizzi.
  • PATRIOTS – signed K Stephen Gostkowski to a 4-year, $14 million contract extension, with $5 million in guaranteed money. His deal now runs through 2014.
  • SAINTS – signed LB K.C. Asiodu, last with the Rams.
  • VIKINGS – acquired WR Greg Camarillo in a trade with the Dolphins for CB Benny Sapp; released WR Ray Small.

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