His First Love Was Hoops

The Chiefs first-round draft choice Jonathan Baldwin wanted to be an NBA player not so long ago. He was one of the better high school players in the country, averaging over 20 points per game for one of the most talented schoolboy teams western Pennsylvania has seen in many years. Baldwin’s Aliquippa High School team went to the Class AA state championship game in 2006. One of the teams they beat along the way in the playoffs was Jeannette High School.

And the star of the Jeannette team was a fellow named Terrelle Pryor. Yes, the same Terrelle Pryor who is now the quarterback at Ohio State.

Here’s the visible proof.

That’s Baldwin in white stretching backwards to get off a shot against Pryor.

“Pryor is an athletic man,” Baldwin told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after the game. “But, in the end, we came up with the win, and that’s what counts.”

Baldwin scored 11 points in the fourth quarter to finish with 19 points and 10 rebounds.

“He was taking some wild shots, and I had a hand in his face,” Pryor said of Baldwin. “But he was still knocking them down.”

And yes, if you look closely at Pryor’s jersey it does say Jayhawks. That is the team nickname for Jeannette High School.

One Response to “His First Love Was Hoops”

  • April 29, 2011  - RW says:

    Interesting sidenote to this trade down pick. Had the Falcons not gone all in to move up to #6 and grab J. Jones, the bounty earned from the Browns in moving down to #27 maybe would not have been as good. Atlanta’s bold move still has me scratching my head with the heavy price they paid which I think was too high but that’s a topic for another time.

    Baldwin is a nice and needed piece to add but does he have the blazing speed to stretch the field? Maybe with his leaping ability and good hands, it will be enough to keep defenses honest and think twice before going 8 men in the box.

    Now, for day 2 just ahead, the Chiefs have to be thinking NT, Oline and RushBacker in about that order depending, of course, who’s there when they go on the clock. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try to trade back again at some point.

    That #70 from the Brownies could be a key pick/acquisition but then all the picks in the first 3 rounds are critically important. Another question: Will the NFL relax their rules to allow player trades on day 2? THAT could make things even more interesting.

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