Hall of Fame Questions & Answers

One of the items that every year I get more questions about than anything else is the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the rules and prcedures for gaining entry into Canton.

Starting with this post and running through 11 o’clock Monday evening, the door is open for your questions and comments involving the Hall of Fame. Just attach your question as a comment to this post and I’ll try to get answers up as soon as possible, probably sometime Tuesday morning.

As one of the 44 members of the Hall’s Board of Selectors there are some things I can give you an idea or picture that only 43 others can. The flipside is that there are some areas of the process that must remain out of the spotlight at the request of the Hall. I’ll let you know what I can.

Fire away!

4 Responses to “Hall of Fame Questions & Answers”

  • January 8, 2012  - PAChiefsFan says:

    When a player makes it into the room and the discussion process begins is the selection process just based on the players individual accomplishments or is the process influenced by the team that he played on and the success they had as well? Does an outstanding player who played their position extremely well but was on a team that rarely reached the playoffs let alone the super bowl get just as much respect as one who was on a team had much higher post season success?

  • January 8, 2012  - RW says:


    I’ve often wondered how the candidate’s relationship with the media during his career impacts his chances for making it into the Hall. For example, if the candidate (Let’s say Jerome Bettis/Charles Haley) falls somewhere in the 60-75% approval range, can a good/poor media past help/hurt his chances?

  • January 8, 2012  - Milkman says:

    Bob- Don’t you think that both Will Sheilds and Willie Roaf have a fair shot to get in this year? After hearing the other finalists names, it doesn’t seem like there are many can’t miss first ballot names up this year. There is a rumor that the voters have been pressured to vote in more defensive players to balance out what seems to be an unbalanced run on offense the last few years. Is there anything to that?

  • January 8, 2012  - Petey says:


    Assuming you are going to present for Will S. Question is, how do you present for someone who was a non-skill position player? You really have no stats to go by other than pro bowls and all pro selections. Does Will’s Man of the Year award come into play at all?

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