Haley Blows Off McDaniels

From Invesco Field, Denver

There was no post-game hand shake between the head coaches after Sunday’s game between the Chiefs and Broncos. It wasn’t like Josh McDaniels wasn’t offering after his team’s 49-29 victory.

It was Todd Haley wasn’t accepting. In fact, as can be seen in the picture above, he definitely had something to say and a finger to point at his counterpart.

But afterwards, Haley wasn’t in much of a mood to explain why he walked away from McDaniels without the customary “good game, good luck in the future” hand gripping.

“That’s a private time between head coaches that has become not so private,” Haley said.

Haley then launched into an explanation that defies translation into an understandable moment. Here’s what he said:

“I’ve been in this enough as an assistant coach, as a head coach now to be in some of these games and the important thing for me as a head coach is that our team continued to just play hard and play our hearts out and keep fighting to the end.

“Sometimes you see indicators on the other side of where that team thinks the game is. We’ve been on the other side of this and we’ve been on this side of it. We’re a team that needs to be making progress every week. In a game like that there was a lot to be learned for us, a lot to be learned. And one of those things was that our guys kept fighting, kept fighting no matter what was going on, no matter what play they were seeing. No matter what the score was they were fighting. Our team was fighting to try to hang in and regroup and find ways to make positive steps.”

Translation: got me.

But Haley apparently wasn’t pleased about how McDaniels or his team handled the fourth quarter with the game’s outcome no longer in question. With a 26-point lead and just under seven minutes to play, the Denver starters were still on the field, including QB Kyle Orton and RB Knowshon Moreno.

So the game is on. Haley made special note that these teams will see each other again very soon, like three weeks from now, and this time the game will be at Arrowhead Stadium.

“It’s a little bit like a hockey series,” said Haley. “You play, then you see the team again soon after.”

No matter what caught Haley’s ire, there’s no doubt that now, the emotions between these division rivals has been ratcheted up even more.

That should make Sunday, December 5th at Arrowhead very interesting indeed.

9 Responses to “Haley Blows Off McDaniels”

  • November 14, 2010  - alijon says:

    A time out call with 10 seconds to go to prevent a two point conversion was probably what triggered Haley’s reaction.

  • November 15, 2010  - Chiefs Crash In Denver, 49-29 | Chiefs Football at BobGretz.com says:

    [...] SIDEBAR #1 – Haley not happy with McDaniels. [...]

  • November 15, 2010  - KC_Guy says:

    Dear Todd:

    As far as I know your starters were on until the end of the game as well. You went for 2-point conversions twice. Why?

    If you need a sparring partner to try some plays: use your scout team. Don’t ask live opponents to play to your wishes. Defending against two-pointers is something Daniels may have seen some value in for his #1 Defense.

    Quit sobbing and admit: Daniels got his grip on your &%*§! and didn’t let got until all was said and done. Next time kick his &%*§! and then let’s see what happens. Unless your willing and able to do so: don’t complain.

  • November 15, 2010  - Johannes says:

    Dear KC_Guy:

    Su** it!

  • November 15, 2010  - bhive01 says:

    And here I thought S. Smith was the ball grabber.


  • November 15, 2010  - Edward says:

    I’m not going to bash Haley for being upset. WE took Charles out last yr having good sportsmanship when we could’ve allow Charles to break single game rushing record. So I can see Haley frustration. But this just makes the rilvary that much better because when we seem them in Arrowhead we want have mercy on them when we’re kicking their butt.

  • November 15, 2010  - TX_ChiefAN says:

    I agree Edward! I’m sick and tired of everyone jumping on any move Haley makes and acting like he’s an idiot. I LOVE THAT MOVE!!! I’m not exactly sure what was said or what all ticked him off, but I have a pretty good idea and I LOVE IT! Let’s get back to HATING our div rivals!!!! Can’t wait till they come to our house!

  • November 15, 2010  - Nathan says:

    It was the replay challenge by McDaniels on the last touchdown. The officials called it an incomplete pass. McDaniels challenged it and got it reversed. They didn’t need that touchdown. To challenge that is an attempt to run up the score. It was bush-league.

  • November 15, 2010  - Dave says:

    Last year when they smoked us at arrowhead, mcdaniels went for it on fourth down in he fourth quarter and converted when the game was no longer in question. That really ticked me off and it’s clear after yesterday that mcdaniels doesn’t seem to follow the code in the NFL that you don’t do that stuff.

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