Gun Does Have Something To Say

Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham spoke to the media on Friday for the first and only time of the week and as expected he downplayed the matchup against the Chiefs on Sunday.

“Well, its game two and that’s the way the players have to approach it,” Cunningham said. “They play the game.”

But he did have some memories to talk about with the Detroit media.

“Basically, the Hunts gave me a great life in Kansas City and I respect the heck out of their family,” Gunther said. “I think Clark’s doing a great job of running the team and God bless Norma, Lamar’s wife, and Lamar and I were fairly close through the years we were there and they’re a great family. I wish them all well.

“We’ve just got to go play this game and let the players decide.”

He had plenty to say about the Chiefs offense:

“Well, they’re kind of an interesting team. You say run … it’s an unusual style. First of all, those two backs are really good, and I was there with Jamaal (Charles). I used to try to get him as a cornerback. He’s full of life and a great player, and I have the utmost respect for him. Their running game is very, very different. It’s not normal; it’s a lot of one-back stuff and the problem that they present—it could be second-and-15 and he’s going to run the ball and try to gain it. He had more 10-yard-plus carries, I think he had 45 last year, you know. We just got through playing the last one – the kid down in Tampa had 25-30 (10-yard-plus carries) you know, he was second in the league on it.

“So, the biggest challenge for us is that they have Dwayne Bowe, he’s a great player; they have Jamaal (Charles) and Thomas Jones, you know, those guys can get it. And the quarterback’s a good player. They’ve done a great job and we’ve got to understand what kind of game we’re up against.”

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  • September 17, 2011  - jim says:

    Come on Gunny……….how do you really feel??? That is so not Cunningham, but it is politically correct. Love to be a little mouse in the locker room and meeting rooms.

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