Friday 9/17 Practice Report

From the Truman Sports Complex

After four days of having their weekly routine jumbled by the aftermath of the Monday night opener, the Chiefs went through a normal Friday at their facility. That included a 90-minute practice session outside where they finalized preparations for Sunday’s game against Cleveland.

The Chiefs may still go into this game undermanned at defensive end, even though Wallace Gilberry was back working with the defense. Both Gilberry and Tyson Jackson did not practice on Thursday and will likely be listed as questionable or doubtful when the team releases its weekly injury report to the league office in the afternoon.

That loss of manpower doesn’t help this defense when facing the Browns offense and the running attack they can throw at the Chiefs. When they did so last year, Cleveland ran for 351 yards and RB Jerome Harrison ran into the team record book with his 286 yards.

“Our system is not a complicated system, so guys that have been working, I think they understand the system, where they need to fit,” said defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. “We are confident that when they go into the game they will be able to perform and do the job for us.”

Because the Browns are a game-plan team, Crennel doesn’t expect Cleveland to go away from what worked last year.

“Any time you give up that much yardage, you aren’t doing anything right,” said Crennel. “I think you have to remind them (Chiefs players) of it. Hopefully that doesn’t sit well with them and they want to do something about it. You point it out to them, you show them and hopefully they’ll do a lot better this time.

“It was embarrassing. I don’t want to be embarrassed on Sunday.”

The game is also a return to Cleveland for Crennel, who was the Browns head coach for four seasons and was fired after the 2008 season. He sat out last season before becoming part of Todd Haley’s coaching staff.

“You have to focus on your job and that entails a lot of late nights,” Crennel said. “I don’t have time to answer my phone. You really don’t have time to think about acquaintances and things like that. Maybe after the game, you might be able to say ‘Hey I remember Joe Smith.’ Leading up to the game you are focused on getting your guys ready to play.”

OT Ryan O’Callaghan was not on the practice field during the early part of Friday’s workout. It would appear that Barry Richardson will remain as the starter at right tackle this week. O’Callaghan continues to rehab a right groin injury.

4 Responses to “Friday 9/17 Practice Report”

  • September 17, 2010  - RW says:

    RAC has his at-war gameface in place. Let’s hope the guys on the field have the same.

  • September 17, 2010  - robotfighter says:

    I hope that this is a case where Barry keeps the job even when O’Callaghan gets healthy. Barry looks like he is cornfed. The chiefs need more cornfed guys.

  • September 17, 2010  - JohnNdallas says:

    O’Callaghan looks like a candidate for the IR, read some where else that he was seen in the locker room not moving around very good.

    Bob I know they’ve only played one game so far but, just curious if your assessment of the O-Line is that they are “much improved” over last years group?

  • September 18, 2010  - Edward says:

    I think the o-line is a little better than last yr but not a whole lot better than last yr. The start of the Chargers game I seen Cassel taking some shots in pass protection that still seems to be a weakness for this team hopefully it can get a little better as season goes on.

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