Former Chiefs OL Dishes On NFL Injuries

Want the skinny on Tony Romo’s broken clavicle?

How about Brett Favre’s ankle, or the latest concussion?

Get it from former Chiefs offensive lineman Mark Adickes, now an orthopedic surgeon in Houston who gives you the latest on NFL injuries in one of his jock-to-doc reports for Fox Sports.

While we don’t usually try and send you to another web site for your daily NFL fix, Adickes’ reports on injuries are among the most concise and entertaining you will find. He not only tells you how an injury is suffered, he offers up an opinion of how he would treat it as an orthopedic surgeon at Memorial Hermann’s Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance in Houston’s Texas Medical Center.

Then he outlines what it might mean without the usual coach-speak used by most in the NFL. Here’s the link to his video report on Romo’s injury. On the same page you can access his previous reports, including his thoughts on Favre’s ankle problems.

After retiring in 1992, Adickes decided to attend medical school, returning to Baylor where he picked up the necessary prerequisite science courses to get into medical school. He was accepted to Harvard Medical School, then did his residency at the Mayo Clinic, a fellowship at the Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Vail, Colo. He is team doctor for the Houston Rockets and the US Ski team.

Along the way an idea came up do a segment for Fox Sports Southwest on athletic injuries called Athlete 360. He did segments on a variety of sports injuries, and that morphed into a gig with Fox Sports for a nationwide audience.

“ boss Rick Jaffe had the idea (to expand) after seeing me on ‘Athlete 360′,” Adickes said via e-mail. “Why me? Because I have experience with sports med injuries as a professional athlete, patient and orthopedic surgeon.”

Adickes played college football at Baylor, then played pro football for nine seasons, starting with the Los Angeles Express of the USFL, then with the Chiefs and finally with Washington. During his career he suffered the usual variety of injuries including a torn ACL, a torn MCL and a dislocated knee, all the things you do “if you’re going to smash into big 300-pound men.”

His goal in attending medical school was “to take care of athletes. I went from being an athlete to someone who fixes athletes.” The idea for a television show was prompted by friend Tricia Bradley, a producer at Serious Fun TV who though his story and experience would make for a great TV show. It was, in fact, nominated for an Emmy in Texas. “I felt there needed to be a voice in sports medicine similar to (Sanjay Gupta) on medicine in general,” Adickes said. “So here I am, beating at the door.

“I have an absolute blast working with and doing the video segments and articles,” Adickes said. “Feedback from the fans has been very positive and voluminous.”

Adickes has a Facebook page, as does Athlete 360. Links to his videos at are posted on the Facebook pages on a regular basis.

Adickes said he hasn’t gotten feedback from NFL players or teams, but “I do know my article is monitored by NFL team PR departments,” he said.

From this corner, he gets two thumbs up for his short and pithy video reports.

2 Responses to “Former Chiefs OL Dishes On NFL Injuries”

  • October 29, 2010  - Tracy says:

    Harvard Med? Mayo Clinic? Not quite the typical post football career path. Good for Mark Edickes. Perhaps we will see something similar from Rudy Neiswanger.

  • October 30, 2010  - Kent Pulliam says:

    Mark also had to go back to Baylor for (I think) three years to get his pre-med stuff in.

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