Fisher’s Can’t Quite Believe His Dream Is Now Real

“It was almost surreal that phone call was happening, that I was the No. 1 pick.”

Eric Fisher was talking over the phone from New York, where about 2 hours earlier he had been selected as the first player in the 2013 NFL Draft.

From a skinny high school tight end to a huge NFL tackle about to reap millions of dollars as the top draft choice – it’s not hard to see surreal.

“I just want to play some football, I want to help the team out and I want to win the Super Bowl,” Fisher said, reading from the first-round draft pick handbook but making it sound sincere and believable. “Wherever I can help the team out, they will put me and I’ll be fine with that.”

That’s been Fisher approach throughout the four months since his college career ended and draft day. Through all the workouts, the Senior Bowl, the NFL Combine, he did whatever he was asked and that’s something that caught the eye of Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. “I can’t wait to get into Coach Reid’s system and learn it and start playing it,” said Fisher. “I really liked what they exposed me too during the workout and I think I can transition between offenses. I played in two different offenses in college.” For the public and media, but maybe not so much for the league personnel honchos, Fisher’s coming out party came in January at the Senior Bowl. Against defensive ends and pass rushers a level above what he’d seen most of his college career, he more than held his own and impressed all watchers with his athletic ability, especially as a pass blocker.

“I went down there doing what I had been doing the last four years,” Fisher said. “I was coached up very well in college. I went down there as a pure business trip. I wasn’t playing different than how I played at any other time. I had more of a mindset that ‘I’m here to take care of business.’ It was all business for me.”

Fisher has said throughout the process that he’s gone about it with a chip on his shoulder because some folks downgraded is potential because he played in the Mid-American Conference and not one of the big-time leagues like the SEC, Big 10 or Big 12. Now, he’s the highest draft choice in MAC history and there hasn’t been a first draft choice from the schools just below the big guns since Ed “Too Tall” Jones was drafted in 1974 by Dallas out of Tennessee State.

“There have been so many great players have been the first pick and you can throw me into the bunch now,” said Fisher. “I don’t even know if it’s hit me yet. The last hour of my life has been a crazy whirlwind. It’s setting in that I’m now a Kansas City Chief.”

One Response to “Fisher’s Can’t Quite Believe His Dream Is Now Real”

  • April 26, 2013  - napahank says:

    The 2013 Draft Round was especially advantageous to the Chiefs, Jaguars and Jets for this reason.

    In this draft, the players who were drafted at whatever spot in the 1st round they were taken would not have graded at that high a spot in a “normal” 1st round year and especially not last year.

    Because of this each team did not get the “1st round draft quality” player at selection “x” that matched the value at other years.

    I feel that only Fisher, Joeckel and Milliner would have been worthy of their selection spot compared to the 2011, 2010 1st round talent and “maybe” last year if you were a #1 or #2 picking team that definietly did not need a franchise QB (which is extreamely rare).

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