Combine Numbers – Sunday Recap

From Indianapolis, Indiana

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III have dominated the headlines for the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine and that trend continued on Sunday when the quarterbacks hit the field at Lucas Oil Stadium.

And it came with neither one of them throwing a pass. Both Luck and Griffin decided against throwing at the combine, preferring to wait until they have their Pro Day workouts at Stanford and Baylor in March.

Still, all eyes were on them as they went through the physical testing and when the numbers came in, they proved to be two of the best quarterback athletes the Combine has ever seen. Here are the numbers for Luck, Griffin, last year’s No. 1 choice Cam Newton and we’ll throw in the numbers for 2010 draft choice Tim Tebow:



40  Time

Vertical Jump

Broad Jump

3-Cone Drill

20-yard  Shuttle

Andrew Luck







Robert Griffin







Cam Newton







Tim Tebow







dnp – did not participate.

So why didn’t Luck and Griffin throw at Lucas Oil? It’s become a pattern with the players who are viewed as higher draft choices that they only want to do the basics, saving the full workout for a time when they are home turf.

“That’s my decision,” Griffin said. “You don’t go somewhere and run a game plan. You never practice and throw to guys you don’t practice with in an environment that you’re not prepared for.

It doesn’t mean Griffin didn’t have considerable second thoughts Sunday morning while he was watching.

“I kept inching forward; the Cleveland coaches were telling me they could see it in me — they saw I wanted to be out there throwing,” Griffin told the NFL Network. “I tried to come out and show that I am a competitor with the running and the jumping and doing those things. You want to show them that you’re as advertised — that’s the main reason I came and ran.”

The wide receivers and running backs tested out on Sunday along with the quarterbacks and several of them put up numbers that were quite impressive.

These were the top performers in the drills by position.


40-yard dash

  • Gold – 4.41 seconds, Robert Griffin III, Baylor.
  • Silver – 4.55 seconds, Russell Wilson, Wisconsin.
  • Bronze – 4.65 seconds, Jordan Jefferson, LSU.

Bench press

  • Gold – (tie) 14, Jordan Jefferson, LSU and Darron Thomas, Oregon.

Vertical jump

  • Gold – 39 inches, Robert Griffin III, Baylor.
  • Silver – 37 inches, Jacory Harris, Miami.
  • Bronze – 36.5 inches, Jordan Jefferson, LSU.

Broad jump

  • Gold – 10-feet, 4 inches, Andrew Luck, Stanford.
  • Silver – 10-feet, 1-inch, Darron Thomas, Oregon.
  • Bronze – 10-feet, Robert Griffin III, Baylor.

3-cone drill

  • Gold – 6.73 seconds, Austin Davis, Southern Mississippi.
  • Silver – 6.78 seconds, Chandler Harnish, Northern Illinois.
  • Bronze – 6.8 seconds, Andrew Luck, Stanford.

20-yard shuttle

  • Gold – 4.06 seconds, Jordan Jefferson, LSU.
  • Silver – 4.09 seconds, Russell Wilson, Wisconsin.
  • Bronze – 4.11 seconds, Austin Davis, Southern Mississippi.


40-yard dash

  • Gold – (tie) 4.36 seconds, Travis Benjamin, Miami; Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech; Chris Owusu, Stanford.

Bench press

  • Gold – (tie) 22 reps, Jerrell Jackson, Missouri; Marvin Jones, California.
  • Bronze – (tie) 21 reps, Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma; Junior Hemingway, Michigan.

Vertical jump

  • Gold – 43.5 inches, Kashif Moore, Connecticut.
  • Silver – 41 inches, Jerrell Jackson, Missouri.
  • Bronze – 40.5 inches, Chris Owusu, Stanford.

Broad jump

  • Gold – 11-feet, 1-inch, Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech.
  • Silver – 10-feet, 9 inches, Chris Owusu, Stanford.
  • Bronze – 10-feet, 7 inches, Jerrell Jackson, Missouri.

3-cone drill

  • Gold – 6.59 seconds, Junior Hemingway, Michigan.
  • Silver – 6.69 seconds, Danny Coale, Virginia Tech.
  • Bronze – 6.77 seconds, T.J. Graham, N.C. State.

20-yard shuttle

  • Gold – (tie) 3.98 seconds, Junior Hemingway, Michigan; Eric Page, Toledo.
  • Bronze – 4.03 seconds, Jarius Wright, Arkansas.

60-yard shuttle

  • Gold – 11.08 seconds, Jerrell Jackson, Missouri.
  • Silver – (tie) 11.16 seconds, Junior Hemingway, Michigan; Keshawn Martin, Michigan State.


40-yard dash

  • Gold – 4.4 seconds, Lamar Miller, Miami.
  • Silver – (tie) 4.45 seconds, Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State; LaMichael James, Oregon; Chris Rainey, Florida.

Bench press

  • Gold – (tie) 28, Doug Martin, Boise State; Robert Turbin, Utah State.
  • Bronze – 26, Jewel Hampton, Southern Illinois.

Vertical jump

  • Gold – 41 inches, David Wilson, Virginia Tech.
  • Silver – 38 inches, Brandon Bolden, Mississippi.
  • Bronze – 37.5 inches, Terrance Ganaway, Baylor.

Broad jump

  • Gold – 11-feet, David Wilson, Virginia Tech.
  • Silver – (tie) 10-feet, 3 inches, LaMichael James, Oregon; Bernard Pierce, Temple.

3-cone drill

  • Gold – 6.5 seconds, Chris Rainey, Florida.
  • Silver – 6.79 seconds, Doug Martin, Boise State.
  • Bronze – 6.88 seconds, LaMichael James, Oregon.

20-yard shuttle

  • Gold – 3.93 seconds, Chris Rainey, Florida.
  • Silver – 4.04 seconds, LaMichael James, Oregon.
  • Bronze – 4.12 seconds, David Wilson, Virginia Tech

60-yard shuttle

  • Gold – 11.06 seconds, Chris Rainey, Florida.
  • Silver – 11.29 seconds, Doug Martin, Boise State.
  • Bronze – 11.53 seconds, Davin Meggett, Maryland.

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