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Chiefs Update 10/27-No Daunte For Chiefs

From the Truman Sports Complex

The Chiefs have cancelled a visit by QB Daunte Culpepper to Kansas City on Tuesday and will move on with Tyler Thigpen as their quarterback.

Culpepper was scheduled to visit the Chiefs facilities for a workout and physical, but the plug was pulled on that visit Monday afternoon. 

It was just part of the news surrounding the team on Monday, as RB Larry Johnson was formally charged with assault in Kansas City, Missouri for an incident at a Country Club Plaza nightclub during the bye week.  Johnson spent approximately three hours in a holding cell at police headquarters before he posted $500 bond and was released.

Johnson headed for the airport, as he is scheduled to be in New York on Tuesday to meet with Commissioner Roger Goodell about his off-field problems.  Whether and when Goodell might take disciplinary action against Johnson remains to be seen, but the fact that he’s been called the league office is an indication that a suspension is very possible.

On to football, where one of the items that’s a constant in the NFL is the roster juggle every week due to injury.  The Chiefs figure to be doing more of that this week due to the ankle injury suffered by RB Jamaal Charles.   No definitive word from team on how serious the injury is as Charles was undergoing an MRI exam on Monday.  But the way Charles left Giants Stadium on Sunday it appears to be something that will keep him out for this weekend’s game against Tampa Bay, and maybe more games after that.

There’s probably a good chance that Jackie Battle will be elevated from the practice squad to the active roster.  Right now, the Chiefs have just two healthy halfbacks: Kolby Smith and rookie Dantrell Savage.

The other injuries from Sunday’s game that will be watched this week are the groin injury suffered by S Jarrad Page and the quadriceps injury for CB Pat Surtain.

30 Responses to “Chiefs Update 10/27-No Daunte For Chiefs”

  • October 27, 2008  - JohnNdallas says:

    Oh yeah! Way to pump a guy up Bob and then kick em in the gut. I get it, give us the good (Culpepper) news and then BANG Hit us with the Charles news. LOL

    Was wondering about Hali too?

  • October 27, 2008  - Jay A. says:

    This administration is so fickle. We’re all excited by the ONE great game by Thigpen, but the administration needs to take emotion out of it. If they really had a solid philosophy, they wouldn’t have to change it every week.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s not as one sided as “the Chiefs canceled the workout” sounds. Perhaps it’s Thigpen’s job to lose (which he deserves at this point) and that turned off Culpepper.

  • October 27, 2008  - JohnNdallas says:

    These are the questions I wish Bob would give us a bit more detail on. But either way it’s for the best imo.

  • October 27, 2008  - findthedr! says:

    For the Thigpen experiment to be succesful, we need to see more of the same offensive philosophy (shotgun and spread offense).

    Battle will be a fine replacement. He has size and speed.

  • October 27, 2008  - Colby says:

    To be honest, I’d rather roll the dice on Quinn Gray than Culpepper at this point. Gray seems very humble. Culpepper is not so humble and may have a reason for it. After all, he’s a three time Pro Bowler with some nice stats. But he’s not the mobile QB he once was and has just been ok (at best) since he left the Vikings.

    Here’s to hoping that the Jets game was no fluke and that Thigpen can keep up the good work. Only time will tell, but Thigpen at least earned himself a few more weeks of starting and having Culpepper here would not be healthy for him. Thigpen, Martin and Gray are all young enough to stick around for a few years if they prove themselves worthy. Culpepper is a quick fix at best and while I have no problems with quick fixes if there is no other option at the QB spot, in the middle of this wacky season just doesn’t seem like the right time anymore. Week 2 perhaps, when we called him originally, but not now.

    I am interested to see where Culpepper winds up. I hope he signs with Detroit and helps them win a few games. They’ll take a franchise QB right in front of us in the draft if they keep sucking worse than us!

  • October 27, 2008  - findthedr! says:

    for 3hrs LJ was locked up, they wont let him out no
    (in your best Akon voice)

  • October 27, 2008  - Eli says:

    A few weeks ago I thought Daunte Culpepper might be a good signing – back when Tyler Thigpen couldn’t seem to complete a three yard pass to his running back. Something clicked this week, and I’m willing to give he and Quinn Gray the rest of the season to battle it out until the draft… who knows, maybe he’s our answer… either way, it keeps Daunte’s unchecked ego out of our locker room, and it’ll make things easier to bring a young guy up without him – he’s not one to teach, he has the opinion that he’s the starter, not the teacher.

    Bad news on Charles, Battle should be good, but he’s basically Larry Johnson with less skill. Actually, he’s like a lesser Brandon Jacobs – I’m excited to see what we can do against Tampa Bay, and REALLY pumped to see Thigpen torch Aquib Talib on Sunday.

  • October 27, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    I stand by what I said earlier

    I would be very surprised if anything gets done with Culpepper. The coaching staff is simply trying to not leave any stones unturned. They are not interested in him as a starter.

    They were never serious about Culpepper! They were just trying to get up your dander! It worked for some!

    The coaching staff will stick to what Tyler is good at for now. They will start asking more of him if he continues to improve. I agree with findthedr, he will have to be able to do more if he is going to be a legit NFL QB. He is not out of the woods yet, there will be growing pains.

    I like Battle. I am excited to see what he can do. We will need him against Tampa’s D, if for nothing else a big body to wear them down. I do not expect him to have a great game against that D but he can pound them. I think he has potential to be everything that LJ is and more. It won’t happen overnight though!

  • October 27, 2008  - Chieftan says:

    Hate to break the news to Colby, but at this point it doesn’t look like there’s a franchise quarterback worthy of an early 1st round pick in the upcoming draft.

    But I’ve read there are a couple really top notch Defensive Ends, and that’s a need we have as well.

  • October 27, 2008  - B in SC says:

    Agreed on the lack of QB’s in the draft. Hopefully Detroit will save us from ourselves. There will be some very good players at other positions though.

    Glad Culpepper is out of the picture. Convincing a has been to come out of retirement had no possible good ending for us. We have a youth movement, stick with it at this point.

    Hope Charles isn’t serious, but plug someone else in and strap it up! Maybe Savage will get a little time to see what he can do. Now is the time to test them all.

    I think the only news I would like to hear on LJ from now on is about his release. He will never change. He is Mike Tyson in a jersey.

  • October 27, 2008  - BNhuntsvegas says:

    Not to sound bandwagon-ish but I in noway liked the chiefs’ admin talking about bringing Dante in before Thiggy’s 110 qb rated game ….. He honestly is not a good fit as a starter for any team. Talking his 3-6 month break means no matter what workouts he has been doing his conditioning is not up to par. The Lions need D badly, so no matter what we do they will end up taking a player we need.

  • October 27, 2008  - Colby says:

    Chieftan says:
    Hate to break the news to Colby, but at this point it doesn’t look like there’s a franchise quarterback worthy of an early 1st round pick in the upcoming draft.

    Not sure why you say that Chieftan. It’s still pretty early. findthedr (and alot of people) really like Matt Stafford. If Sam Bradford leaves school then he looks pretty top 5 worthy. What about Colt McCoy? He’s beating every team that he shouldn’t beat. All three are underclassmen, but it’s way to early to write them off too. You never know.

    B in SC says
    I think the only news I would like to hear on LJ from now on is about his release. He will never change. He is Mike Tyson in a jersey.

    Get used to him B. LJ isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. KC fans love to hate this guy. He may be a jerk in a nightclub, but he’s not a rapist or a maniac like Tyson.

    Chieftan says
    But I’ve read there are a couple really top notch Defensive Ends, and that’s a need we have as well.

    Do we really want Herm (assuming he keeps his job) to draft ANOTHER defensive lineman with a top 5 pick? The one he took this year hasn’t done much. The jury’s still out, but the Hali McBride Tyler Dorsey line that Herm drafted has been underachieving BIG TIME! Let’s try another position with our top pick.

  • October 27, 2008  - B in SC says:

    Yeah, I know he is here to stay (salary alone keeps him), but it would be a good signal to the younger players if they could relase him. He would be a good fit in Cinci or Dallas. He may not be a rapist, but he certainly is a poor teammate and an even worse role model for rookies.

    Don’t agree about he QB’s Colby. It is always hard to evaluate objectively because some of these guys throw for a lot of yards. Unfortunately, many of the yards come from throwing to receivers who are 20 yards behind coverage. DB’s are so good in college. A team is lucky to have one good one. I think a lot of smaller college quarterbacks are more prepared because they have WR’s who are covered closer and they have to throw more accurately. Watch next time as Tebow, McCoy, or Bradley throws a rainbow to a receiver all by himself. The announcers always annoint them as an NFL prospect on the spot. Most are washouts. The franchise QB is rare.

  • October 27, 2008  - hawaiian chief says:

    I am still on the bandwagon. I always thought out of all the QB’s on the roster Thigpen had the greatest upside, and he showed it on Sunday. I really think we already have a quarterback to build something special with. He is so raw its going to take about 3 years. But if he can be accurate enough to stick around and develop this guy is a more mobile version of Jay Cutler.
    As far as the state of the chiefs, I really feel that Herm is going to be successful here. It is an unique situation b/c this is his 3rd year. But its actually his 1st year, b/c he wanted to break up this team a long time ago, but you know who wanted to stick to what he knew. If you guys expected us to be competitive this year you need to pull your head out of LA LA land. Our team is full of freshmen and sophmore’s playing in a professional league. I expected us to struggle in the first 8 games, as long as we get more competitive through the last 8 I will say this was a success, and we will retool with high round picks through the draft and continue to lay down a foundation. If we fire herm, we essentially set us back at least another 3 years. Give the guy a chance to fulfill his plan, and then judge the work. Stay on the bandwagon the future looks bright Aloha!

  • October 27, 2008  - findthedr! says:

    A more mobile version of Jay Cutler? LOL.

  • October 27, 2008  - Colby says:

    I agree with a lot of that actually B in SC. If they take a QB with their top pick (hypothetically) I hope they’ve really done their homework. I’d rather see one of our current QBs step up so we don’t have to feel pressured into taking one too high. That’s where I think alot of teams mess up in the first round. They have a glaring need and they reach.

    All I’m saying is that it’s hard to know how these players will be graded out draft-wise until at least late February.

  • October 27, 2008  - Jon says:

    Yea im not really sold on any QBs this draft either. Haven’t watched a ton of college ball, but Sean Weatherspoon of Missouri is a really solid player and we have a real need at MLB. Would like to see the chiefs go after him.

    Good news on no Culpepper, we have these guys that we need to see before the end of the season.

  • October 28, 2008  - Michael says:

    Hawaiian chief you are an idiot..This is Herm’s first year..Your reasoning is pure stupidity…Whoever is in charge of the football team deserves the praise and the blame..It’s just that simple..

    Herm new what he was doing when he came here..He makes the player personnel decisions in free agency and through the draft..He has chosen the staff..He chose to give brodie two years of chances when he had a track record of injuries..The free agents we have been picked up have not been good at all…The game day decisions during the course of the game have been piss poor..

    Please don’t even start with that “This is only Herms first year” bull crap..It’s just old and doesn’t make sense..I guess Gunther never even coached for the chiefs because he only coached two seasons..I guess Vermeil only coached three seasons and went 13-3 in his first season..Pretty stupid right? That’s what your arguement sounds like

  • October 28, 2008  - hawaiian chief says:

    Michael well all know he wanted to blow the team up in his first year. You wouldn’t know the first thing about the different pressures a head coach faces on a daily basis. If your GM wants to remain competitive and not just start from scratch,and he just gave up a draft pick for you, then your in a tight spot. Obviously its not his first year. But its his first year of doing things the way he wanted to do it from the get go. Thats all I was saying there. He finally took a stand and said, I don’t want to do things the way you’ve been doing it here for the last 15 years, let’s try my way and see what happens. He is just lucky that Clark Hunt feels the same way he does, and that Makes Carl’s future uncertain. Take it for what it is.

  • October 28, 2008  - MenInRed says:

    Hello to the only other Chief fan in Hawaii, I’m in Maui and its sure hard to find anyone else to go along with here, most are Cowboy or Raider fans.

    I here ya but cant go along with what yr saying tho hawaiian chief, I would have to side with Michael a little more.

    Heck, two more weeks and I’ll be home in KC and just maybe get to see the Chiefs win a home game before this season is over.

    Here’s something that concerns me a little:
    Why do the Chiefs keep paying LJ but wont play him? Is it in his iron clad contract or soemthing or is it the soft spot carl has for him? Not that I think he needs to play, just stop his freaking pay too and that will help get his damn attention.

  • October 28, 2008  - Colby says:

    The media covers 1st round busts at QB too darn much. Then they over sensationalize the Tom Bradys and Kurt Warners of the league because their stories are so miraculous. It leads the average fan to think that a team can get a QB anytime anywhere that’s good enough to take the team all the way. Sure it’s a possibility, but you’ve gotta be pretty darn lucky to find one. Do we have one on our roster now? Possibly….it’s too early to tell.

    The media’s coverage of 1st round QB busts is overwhelming. Most fans can spew names like Andre Ware and Ryan Leaf or Akili Smith or Ken O’Brien because just about EVERY DRAFT has coverage of these busts reminding us that QB is a tough position to draft. We don’t get bombarded every year with Willie Middlebrooks, Andre Wilfork and Ahmad Carroll….CBs in the last few years who are 1st round busts. We don’t hear about how one pick after Ryan Leaf, the Cardinals took a DE named Andre Wadsworth, who was more brittle than Brodie and subsequently bounced from the league in only three years. Fans aren’t afraid to take DEs or CBs in the 1st round though. Heck, KC fans haven’t gotten over Todd freakin Blackledge yet. That 1983 for crying out loud! Let’s try it again. It’s only been 25 years!

    PS – Best of luck to our current QBs. We have lots of needs heading into next year so if they step up and play well then we reasonably can avoid drafting a QB in the 1st round again. Let’s just not be afraid or skeptical of the idea if it needs to get done.

  • October 28, 2008  - Colby says:


    You make some solid points. I agree that it is entirely possible to find a QB outside of the 1st round but the numbers don’t look good. 1st round QBs are successful maybe 40% of the time but the guys taken 2nd round and beyond are successful like 5% of the time. I’m not pulling these numbers out of nowhere, there’s been lots of research done on drafting QBs and the 2nd round and beyond is even shakier ground to draft your field general on. Lots of late round or undrafted guys who eventually find success do so with their second, third or fourth team. Jake Delhomme, Kurt Warner, Trent Green, Marc Bulger, Jon Kitna, and Matt Hasselbeck are examples of guys who bounced around for a good stretch before finally finding a home. Heck, we didn’t draft Thigpen. We’re his second team.

    If you look at the franchise QBs in this league, a great deal of them were 1st rounders: the Mannings, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNaab, Phillip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Ben Roethlisberger, Jason Campbell, and technically Drew Brees (he was the 32nd pick overall which is a first rounder by 2008 standards) Also, there’s a strong possibility you can add Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Brady Quinn and JaMarcus Russell to this list by the end of next year.

    I was excited about the Quinn Gray signing because it means we’re looking for QBs all over the place. Same for Ingle Martin. We should have been doing this all along instead of waiting for Brodie to get hurt again. If you don’t draft one high, you’ve gotta keep signing them off the street and drafting them late and hope you eventually hit on one of them. It’s like throwing darts blindfolded. You’ll eventually hit that bullseye if you keep throwing, but it’s easier and probably takes less throws without the blindfold.

  • October 28, 2008  - ED says:

    Culpepper wasn’t the right move for this team. All that would have happen was he comes in here provides this false hope that he can turn this team around just like that and then it crashes and burns when he can’t hold on to the ball and can’t be mobile behind that o-line.
    Now do i think we need to bring a veteran quarterback maybe. I think if Thigpen can’t show u he can be the guy of the course of the season then we should go pay big money to bring a guy in here to be the starter to me it just wasn’t Culpepper. Raiders tried it Dolphins tried it and neither situation worked out. Now Losman in this offseason makes sense. The guy had sucess and is still young and the only reason he lost his starting job is because he got hurt Green never played bad and he never got it chance to get it back.
    I say KC needs to continue to develop Thigpen see how he does and if they can convince Losman to come in here to compete for the job then that would be good. We need to focus more on building that offensive line. Chiefs fans have to remember that is what made us so dominant on offense in the 90s and early 2000s. I mean what other team could have made Elvis Grabac or Steve Bono look like pro-bowl quarterbacks during their tenure here.
    I say go get a successful veteran that is kind of young but has had some success in this league to come in here next yr to compete with Tyler just in case he doesn’t pan out but somehow i think he will. But if not best case scenrio if he doesn’t you got a prove guy like Losman to run the team a revamped offensive line from the 2009 draft. Then you can go after Sam Bradford from OU who in my opinion is going to be a franchise quarterback on the next level you can go after him in 2010. And he can be the future.

  • October 28, 2008  - Jody says:

    Its a good thing if Culpepper goes to Detroit. It lets us look at Thigpen and if Culpepper plays well maybe they will be less inclined to draft a QB in the early rounds (leaving more options to KC)

  • October 28, 2008  - ED says:

    And besides most first round quarterbacks are bust. Tebow,Mccoy,Harrell are not going to come in and make any impact. I don’t even think Tebow will be a quarterback in this league he probably be a tight end or fullback. Most of those guys come from that spread offense in college and it reminds me of quarterbacks coming from an option offense yrs ago. They look great in college and are bust in the NFL. Now V. Young might be the exception to the rule but right now its not looking to good for him
    I do agree with everyone stick with Tyler and try to maybe bring in Losman to replace Huard or even compete for the starting job just depend on how well Tyler develops, but I personally thinks he’s got what it take to be an NFL starting quarterback if he can stay accurate and continue to get better. I mean look at how Orton turned out in Chicago. There’s a guy who everybody was ready to run out of town along with Grossman who now another yr in the offense looks like a pro-bowl quarterback. Maybe the same will happen for Thigpen.
    So i say if he continues to play well then use this the 2009 draft to first address the right side of the o-line and then get a defensive end and a middle linebacker and later round add more weapons at receiver position.

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