Chiefs Sign NT Kelly Gregg

From St. Joseph, Missouri

Veteran NT Kelly Gregg, released earlier in the week by the Baltimore Ravens has found a new home.

Gregg agreed to a one-year deal with the Chiefs on Friday. The 12-year veteran spent the last nine years playing the nose for the Baltimore Ravens defense that was always considered among the best units in the league.

The 6-0, 320-pound Gregg will be 35 years old in November. He came into the NFL with Cincinnati in 1999 as a sixth-round draft choice. He spent most of the ’99 season on the Bengals practice squad until he was signed in December of that year by Philadelphia. The Eagles released him before the 2000 season, and he was picked up by the Ravens for their practice squad.

He moved up to the varsity in the 2001 season and in 2002 became the starting nose tackle. Gregg has been there since, with the exception of the 2008 season where a knee injury knocked him out for the year.

On the numbers side, he has 509 total tackles in his career and 19.5 sacks.

Born in Wichita, Gregg grew up in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he was a three-time state wrestling champion for Edmond North High School. He played college football for the Sooners and in his time at Norman he was named all-Big 12 first-team defensive tackle in his junior (1997) and senior (1998) seasons.

The Chiefs announced Saturday that they had signed WR  Zeke Markshausen. Out of Northwestern, the 5-11, 185-pound Markshausen went to training camp last year with the Bears but did not make Chicago’s regular season roster.  He played in 27 games at Northwestern, catching 92 passes for 864 yards with three TDs. He had 91 receptions for 858 yards with three scores as a senior.

19 Responses to “Chiefs Sign NT Kelly Gregg”

  • July 30, 2011  - txchief says:

    I think this is a nice pickup for the Chiefs. They desperately need a reliable run-plugger in the middle. Hopefully he can also mentor Jerrell Powe for the future. Now is the time to lay some cash on Hali, get Justin Houston signed to replace Vrabel, and get Brandon Carr locked up long-term.

  • July 30, 2011  - txchief says:

    Picking up Nick Barnett to reinforce the middle of the linebacking corps would set the stage for a deeper run into the playoffs and rekindle some memories of those dominant defenses under Marty! Please, please please do it!

  • July 30, 2011  - el cid says:

    Got to love the opt. Mentor Powe, just who has he mentored in the past, nobody that is who. He is old, lots of years in the league,one year contract. He is Pioli’s and txchiefs dream, old, cheap, desparate to keep a job, and at the end. Some how he can do what Edwards and Smith could not do together, what a man!

  • July 30, 2011  - Patrick says:

    But don’t forget they’re not done yet. By the way why is Houston not signed I mean the #1 pick is so what is the deal?

  • July 30, 2011  - ChuckP says:

    I fully agree with El Cid from above. The signing of Kelly Gregg at age 35 who was “cut” from the Ravens just reeks of “tightness” and “unwillingness” to spend the money for a “quality” NT to replace the loss of Ron Edwards and Shaun Smith. Its the same ole Chiefs. Not going to spend the big money in free agency to build a super bowl contender. Hell, even the Patriots went out and got Chad Johnson and Albert Haynesworth.

  • July 30, 2011  - aPauled says:

    Gregg is a big improvement from Ron Edwards. Edwards gave great effort but he is naturally more of a 4-3 DT. The 1 year deal gives Powe and Toribio time to develop and if Gregg stays healthy, we can always renew him for another year. Another step forward for the Chiefs!

  • July 30, 2011  - Niblick says:

    Gregg’s stats are very similiar to Edwards. I know Shaun Smith was a fan favorite but he was just an average player. Ty Warren got released. I would love to see him signed. Perhaps the Pioli connection might give us the best chance. I would still like to see them sign Franklin. We are supposed to be the front runner. I hadn’t really thought much about Nick Barnett. I guess he would be an upgrade over Belcher.

    I’m still concerned that Hali has not signed his franchise tender. I’ve not heard one way or the other if he plans to sign the tender. He get’s 11mmm a year with the franchise tag.I hope they are working on a long term contract regardless.

  • July 30, 2011  - el cid says:

    There is time, I will say that until the season starts. We all love the Breaston signing. The draft picks will all sign or they can go to Canada (if Houston wants #1 money, he should have stayed away from the doobie before testing). I will hope some deal gets done on Hali (something wrong here, just do not understand it, Chiefs had enough money last year left in the bank).

    But we seem stuck with a GM who wants to do it the old way even though with the new CBA, it is a whole new game.

    If Pioli thinks this years team can be done on the cheap and pick over the bones left by other, he is dumber than I thought he was. The Hunt Chiefs are supposed to be on the edge of the upper level of the NFL.

  • July 30, 2011  - ron says:

    to the comment above

    ocho has no fit on this team, we have two outside recievers, and nabbed breaston for the slot

    same with haynesworth, doesnt want to play NT, pats switching to more of a 4-3 gives him his wish of where he wants to play, in 3-4 he will be an end, we have 100 mil tied up into two defensive ends right now

    gregg is 35, but hes an upgrade for this year, thats all that matters, hes a beast with playoff experience.

  • July 30, 2011  - ron says:

    those talking about how we must spend, and get with the times. wrong. not till 2013 do we have to hit any “floor” so for now, we sign our own players, add another LB, and maybe leron mcclain.

    that is enough to make a serious playoff run if healthy.

  • July 30, 2011  - Patrick says:

    So he’s older than Edwards but I saw this which is from AP

    “Go over to Baltimore Beatdown and ask about Gregg. In fact, some have come here just to congratulate us on a good signing. Many of the fans over there thought they’d try to re-sign Gregg for less money and hoped it was in the cards. He was a big contributor for them last year (their words, not mine) and someone they wished they could keep around.

    I’ll tell you a few things right now. Kelly Gregg is a better 3-4 NT than Ron Edwards. If you don’t believe me, watch some tape or look at the Ravens’ track record against the run. He’s also a pro’s pro and a guy who can help Jerrell Powe learn how to harness that massive body. He’s a leader (which will help ease the transition from Vrabel/Waters to Berry/Cassel). And he’s a short term commitment. All good things for us right now.”

    So it might be an alright signing and like I said earlier they’re not done yet either.

    Go Chiefs!

  • July 30, 2011  - el cid says:

    Was unaware the “floor” did not happen until 2013, appreciate the info.

    Then why should the Chiefs sign anyone else. We were 10-6 and division champs last year. We make major repairs to WR position. Gregg, some say, is so much better than last years two NTs, together. There are no free agent LB left. McClain is a full back and we have Cox left over from last year. We are fixed and Hunt can save millions waiting for 2013 to reach up to some floor level. All is good.

  • July 30, 2011  - Niblick says:

    That is true . There is no individual team floor until 2013. However, there is a league wide salary level of 99% of the cap. This means the Chiefs have to spend, even though they are way under the cap. Pioli said they spent in the neighborhood of 110MM last year, but their cap number is only about 75MM. The money they spent late in signing bonues to Charles, DJ, etc apparently was not part of the 75MM. They have to spend and I’m sure they will, even though it may not show up in the their cap number. It is deferred into later years in some cases.

  • July 30, 2011  - ChuckP says:

    El Cid, regarding your last post up above. Some how I detect just a little sarcasim in it. I want you to know that I agree with you fully. The Chiefs still like to do things on the CHEAP. The truth always hurts but it is the truth.

  • July 30, 2011  - txchief says:

    Man, el cid and ChuckP sure seem to hate the Chiefs. Maybe you both should start cheering for another team. Throwing money away is stupid, and I hope the Chiefs saved plaenty of it for Hali and Carr. Did y’all get a discount on your union dues for posting such hateful crap? You both seem incredibly misinformed if you think that signing Haynesworth (who refuses to play in a 3-4) and Ochocinco (who is a headcase past his prime) would improve the team.

  • July 30, 2011  - ED says:

    You guys silly arguing over nose tackle position. I mean what young stud did you guys want. The kid from 49ers he sucked last yr. The market didn’t bear any good young nose tackles. Haynesworth not going play nose. Other than him potentially didn’t make sense to over pay for the Edwards kid. I’m not going question a GM who took organization from 4-12 2-14 4-12 to division champions. I mean but you NFL geniouses can continue to do that.

    Anyways I like the moves we’re going have to sign Carr and Hali to long term contracts along with next season locking up Bowe and Flowers so we can wait till something better come along.

  • July 30, 2011  - el cid says:

    As long as Pioli can deliver 10 win season, I am wrong, totally wrong. My underlying point is how many dynasties leave position with then bum of the month club? Three years waiting for a decent vet WR. Now we have a shortage at NT but so many of you find this the way to go. Why waste money? Ask me if I care how much Hunt spends on his team, I want a winner. I saw vaste improvement last year and want to BUILD on that not go bargain basement shopping for DL. That is not hate, that is disbelief that the owner and his stooges have the wherewithall to do more than put money in their pockets.

  • July 31, 2011  - 1soldier says:

    You truly are a hater! I mean, really!! Pioli is NOT dumb! Cheap? Yes! Dumb? No! This guy has a proven track record in his time spent in front offices. He also made a comment once about how their FA decisions, college scouting, etc are all tied together. Pioli’s college scouts probably already have their “wants” lined up for the next draft. They may still have to be tweaked a little. But the point is, that I believe if NT is truly that bad, maybe Pioli has his eye on someone within the college ranks or a potential UFA for next year. And other than the obvious reason of age, I believe those to be the reason as to why Kelli Gregg was only signed to a 1-year deal. Receivers? NFL Network seems to think that the current receiving corps (offense as a whole) is potentially scary to opposing defenses. So stop crying about the Franklins’, the Haynesworths’ and the Ochocincos’. We’ll be alright! Scott Pioli doesn’t build teams for the short-term. Never has, never will…

  • July 31, 2011  - SG says:

    So if we’re so smart to build via NFL Draft, why only Powe drafted in 6th Round even though our Run D looked like the Raiders rather than the real Chiefs? In 2010 We passed on Terrence Cody, who Baltimore got. Oh wait we got Arenas! And oh wait BALT shredded us in the playoffs.

    Pioli is smart if he proves he learns from past failures and puts this ship right. Ron Edwards wasn’t the problem. Ron Edwards and no legit rotation probably was.

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