Chiefs Sign Defensive Lineman

The Chiefs added DL Daniel Muir (right) to the roster with a reserve/futures contract that was announced on Friday.

Muir (6-2, 322 pounds) is a six-year veteran of the league, most recently last October with the New York Jets. The 29-year old has signed with five different teams since coming into the NFL in 2007 as an undrafted rookie free agent for Green Bay from Kent State. He had two different stints with the Packers and Indianapolis Colts, including Super Bowl XLIV after the 2009 season; Muir started in that game with the Colts against New Orleans.

Along with the Jets, Packers and Colts, Muir has been under contract with the St. Louis Rams and now the Chiefs.

In 46 NFL games (26 starts), Muir as 111 total tackles and a half-sack, along with 16 tackles and one sack in four post-season games. In four seasons at Kent State, e started 45 games and contributed 198 total tackles and 14.5 sacks.

He’s a native of Washington, D.C. and attended Parkdale High School in Riverdale, Maryland.

9 Responses to “Chiefs Sign Defensive Lineman”

  • January 19, 2013  - txchief says:

    This is a nice pickup. His stats aren’t that far off from Tyson Jackson’s, and I bet Muir doesn’t count nearly as much against the salary cap.

  • January 19, 2013  - ChuckXX says:

    He’s a big boy. Kinda reminds me of Shaun Smith in a way.

  • January 19, 2013  - el cid says:

    Wonder if this will impact possible directions in the upcoming draft? Back to trade down, OL, DB, or WR. Still do not see QB in first.

    Anyone know if Chiefs are able to negociate with their own free agents. Sign Albert, Colquitt, and Bowe and the draft priorities change again.

  • January 19, 2013  - Niblick says:

    el cid-I think they can negociate with Albert and Colquitt because they are still under contract until the start of the new NFL year. I think that’s in March. I don’t know about Bowe, because he is playing under the franchise tag. Hopefully Bob or someone else would know for sure.

  • January 19, 2013  - j.t. collins says:

    Any 22 off the street can win 2 games …Oh wait that was the last GM .For me… I can’t wait to see how many of Pioli’s draft picks are on this team in 2 yrs .

  • January 19, 2013  - el cid says:

    jt, will be a sad “I told you so” for most of us. While not knowing how they or the rest of the roster fit into the Reid system, Pioli may have done his most harm to the Chiefs in talent evaluation. No sure where his head was but his version of talent has set this team back big time.

  • January 19, 2013  - R W says:

    Thats a bigboy 10-4 on Pioli being a talent eval bust.

  • January 19, 2013  - j.t. collins says:

    el cid No, I didn’t mean …told you so.As fans… we have opinion on players but the only way we know for sure, is when they are released.If or when the are ,it just validates our view.There seems only 2 answers, coaching or talent, on most players released.I have given 50yrs of fandom to this team if I seem cynical… I maybe

  • January 20, 2013  - chewbone says:

    And just think pioli gets hunt to agree to not pay haley because he sabatoged the team! I agree with el cid its pioli that did long term damage to the chiefs by drafting so poorly with some of the top picks in those drafts. No powerful core of ascending players to carry the team forward, basically wasted years and wasted draft choices finishing in the cellar!

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