Chiefs Sign 2 Draft Choices; Only No. 1 Is Unsigned

From the Truman Sports Complex

The Chiefs selected eight players in the 2013 NFL Draft and as of Thursday afternoon seven of those players had signed contracts.

On Thursday, 3rd-round TE Travis Kelce and 4th-round ILB Nico Johnson signed four-year deals with the team. Financial terms were not disclosed

That leaves only No. 1 choice RT Eric Fisher without a deal. With the Chiefs scattering after the end of their off-season program on Thursday, the lack of a signature from Fisher is no big deal. He worked through the rookie mini-camp, OTA sessions and the mini-camp this week without problem. But he will not be able to report and practice with the teams at training camp until he has a deal.

With the league’s new rules and regulations and slotting system for draft picks, finalizing a contract should not be a problem.

One Response to “Chiefs Sign 2 Draft Choices; Only No. 1 Is Unsigned”

  • June 6, 2013  - Michael D says:

    Bob, if it’s no big deal then what’s the deal? Why the pseudo-drama? I was under the impression that all this CBA and rockie scale &$@”&$ (stuff) would end the “I’m the big man on campus” crap and have them part of the team sooner.

    Break it down for me(the uninclined). It is obvious that I do not understand this as much as I thought.

    Thanks again for all you do Bob. I know that the next few weeks will be bleak on the headline front, but that won’t stop me from hanging any and every post you make.

    GO CHIEFS!!!!

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