Chiefs Shutout On Compensatory Picks

The NFL announced its list of compensatory picks for the 2012 NFL Draft based on free agent losses last season.

There were 32 picks awarded to 15 teams. Cleveland, the New York Jets and Green Bay each got four extra picks. Pittsburgh picked up three, as did Indianapolis and Oakland. Plus the Raiders received a third-round choice, the only one awarded this year. It’s the 95th pick in the draft and will be the highest slot for Oakland as they traded away their picks in the first, second and third rounds.

The Chiefs were shutout as they did not have enough comings and goings to qualify for an extra choice. Since the compensatory picks became part of the labor agreement, the Chiefs have received 13 extra draft choices.

The formula for deciding compensatory selections is something most NFL teams do not know, but it’s based on free agents signed, lost, the size of the contracts and their contributions during the 2011 season.

The Chiefs lost DL Ron Edwards and Shaun Smith in free agency last year, while signing WR Steve Breaston, RB Le’Ron McClain, DL Amon Gordon and Kelly Gregg and S Sabby Piscitelli.

The Packers got a pair of fourth round selections, plus two more in the seventh round. Minnesota also picked up a pair of fourth round choices. The Steelers three picks are all in the seventh round.




128-Minnesota, 129-Oakland, 130-Baltimore, 131- N.Y. Giants, 132-Green Bay, 133-Green Bay, 134-Minnesota, 135-Dallas.


168-Oakland, 169-Baltimore, 170-Indianapolis.


202-N.Y. Jets, 203-N.Y. Jets, 204-Cleveland, 205-Cleveland, 206-Indianapolis, 207-Carolina.


240-Pittsburgh, 241-Green Bay, 242-N.Y. Jets, 243-Green Bay, 244-N.Y. Jets, 245-Cleveland, 246-Pittsburgh, 247-Cleveland, 248-Pittsburgh, 249-Atlanta, 250-San Diego, 251-Buffalo, 252-St. Louis, 253-Indianapolis.

One Response to “Chiefs Shutout On Compensatory Picks”

  • March 26, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    This just doesn’t sound right. If a team loses a free agent than that’s their choice; they chose to not resign him. Why give tham compensation? Are we going to get four second round picks next year because we didn’t resign Carr? Sounds to me like an entitlement. Thought the 1%, or in this case, .01%, wants to take mine away. Damn, should of been rich.

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