Chiefs Mini-Camp Report – Day #2

From the Truman Sports Complex

Andy Reid said he was really pleased with the give and take that went on with his offense and defense in day No. 2 of mini-camp.

Actually, there seemed to be far more take than give. With the exception of a handful of plays it was again a practice where the defense controlled the tempo and controlled the action.

“It went back and forth and that’s what you are looking for,” Reid said. “Offense challenging defense, the defense challenging the offense – that’s how you get better. We did a lot of ones vs. ones and that was positive.

The offense went no huddle for most of the practice, especially when the first units were going head-to-head, and almost always when the second teams were on the field. About the only thing the offense showed that was different than previous practices was the ability to hit some passes down the field.

At various times, quarterbacks were able to get the ball into receivers’ hands at least 30 or 40 yards down the field. QB Alex Smith hooked up with WR Jamar Newsome for what would have been a long touchdown play, as the receiver beat CB Brandon Flowers deep. Smith also connected with TE Travis Kelce on a long pass, but the rookie tight end may have been guilty of pushing off against FS Kendrick Lewis. QB Ricky Stanzi hooked up with WR Frankie Hammond on a deep ball. QB Tyler Bray was able to hit a long pass down the middle of the field to Hammond, who made a nice catch. Bray also hit WR Rico Richardson with a long throw.

The offensive player that grabbed attention was WR Jon Baldwin, who caught everything thrown in his direction, including several difficult throws. It was the best day of the off-season for the former first-round draft choice.

Otherwise, it was more of the same from the Chiefs defense, as that unit harassed the offense continually. If they were allowed to touch the quarterbacks, the Chiefs would have had a dozen sacks in the afternoon. One time they did – when SS Eric Berry came on a blitz and reached in and knocked the ball out of Smith’s hands as he stood in the pocket.

There was an interception by S Quintin Demps, plus a lot of passes knocked down by the defensive line, led by everybody from DE Tyson Jackson, DE Marcus Dixon, DL Daniel Muir and rookie DL Miguel Chavis. On offense there were too many dropped passes, including two by RB Knile Davis.

Here are some more details on Wednesday’s work:

– Rookie OLB Mike Catapano was back at practice after missing Tuesday’s session due to graduation at Princeton.

– On the field but without helmets and thus not taking part in practice were TE Tony Moeaki (knee), RB Shaun Draughn (sports hernia), WR Terrance Copper (hip) and S Malcolm Bronson (knee).

– WR Donnie Avery (ankle) was on the field, with his helmet, but he did not participate in any of the position work or team drills.

– Bray continues to work as the No. 3 quarterback 90 percent of practice, getting very few overall snaps, but more than Ricky Stanzi has gotten. There’s no question the game is on for the No. 3 QB if Reid and GM John Dorsey decide to carry one.

– DE Marcus Dixon was getting an extended look as a pass rusher in the first-sub defense, stepping in with Dontari Poe on the line in place of DE Tyson Jackson.

– Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton continued to dig through his playbook, showing some different looks for the second day in a row. On Tuesday, there were some flashes of the 46 Bears defense of Buddy Ryan. On Wednesday, there were some different combinations in how the sub-defense aligned for the pass rush or blitz. At one point all three linebackers – Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston – were lined up next to each other on the line of scrimmage on one side of the formation.

– About 150 corporate partners and contest winners watched the indoor practice. This was quite common during the Peterson Era, as the organization thanked its sponsors and potential sponsors and season ticket holders. It all went away in 2009 when Scott Pioli took over as general manager.

– Trent Green, the former Chiefs QB and now the team’s analyst for pre-season television games was on the field watching the work as well.

3 Responses to “Chiefs Mini-Camp Report – Day #2”

  • June 5, 2013  - jimbo says:

    My unofficial observations:
    I’m getting the sense that Bray may be #3 and Stanzi is on the outside looking in. I can’t imagine the Chiefs not keeping 3 QB’s on the roster.
    ‘Jon Boy’ Baldwin, he needs perfect practices throughout training camp & the pre-season to convince me he’s a lock as our #2 WR. I like him for sure, but all this lolly gaggin for the last two years get’s no respect from me. Hopefully he has (is) growing up & we can enjoy his #1 draft status for years to come. (bust is a sucky word if it involves the Chiefs)
    I’m assuming that since Bob rarely mentions Jamaal’s accomplishments that he is just being Jamaal. No complaints from me.
    With all these defensive lineman, (some of the unknowns) stepping up and getting noticed in practice makes me wonder where the ‘adonnis’ Bailey fits in. Sounds like some serious competition for roster spots coming from this group in July & August.
    I’m also sensing some serious competition from the WR position. This old dog thinks there is no such thing as too much competition or depth. We have sufferred long enough. (big understatement)
    As always, every season year after year after year I’m sitting on the front porch, tail a waggin just waitin for that Lombardi trophy to get delivered.
    Go Chiefs

  • June 5, 2013  - Tenand6 says:

    Fantastic report. Summer camp will be very interesting.

  • June 5, 2013  - el cid says:

    Glad Baldwin is making an effort. He seemed more like a guy tap dancing in a minefield in past years. Besides without him, we are short WRs as the season approaches.

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