Chiefs Hammer Cardinals 31-13

From Arrowhead Stadium

It wasn’t flashy, but the Chiefs went out Sunday afternoon and dominated the Arizona Cardinals, winning 31-13.

The victory makes the Chiefs 6-4 and they are back on top the AFC West as the Raiders lost in Pittsburgh to the Steelers.

This was an efficient performance on offense and defense for Todd Haley’s team, as they did not turn the ball over and they kept the negative plays to a minimum. QB Matt Cassel had a strong game throwing for a pair of TD passes. WR Dwayne Bowe caught six passes for 109 yards and a pair of touchdowns. RB Thomas Jones had two touchdown runs as RB Jamaal Charles ran for 88 yards.

The defense did not allow Arizona receivers Larry Fitzgerald or Steve Breaston to become factors in the game, as QB Derek Anderson had his problems with accuracy. The Chiefs sacked him twice, but they pressured him all day.

A lot of angles on this one and we’ve got it all covered.

2 Responses to “Chiefs Hammer Cardinals 31-13”

  • November 22, 2010  - Bob Gretz says:

    November 21, 2010 – Edward says:
    Cassel to Bowe is becoming a thing of beauty. Does guys are developing some great chemistry. The kind that with this running game that can make this a high scoring offense. Defensively we need to tighten up. Too many open receiver out there today. If Cardinals had a more accurate QB. I take that back if they had an averge accurate throwing QB they would’ve burned our secondary today. Too many times I felt Anderson had all day to throw we have to find ways to get pressure on the QB more often.


    November 21, 2010 – Fan Since 93 says:
    I spent a lot of time watching Tyson Jackson and have come to the conclusion that he has zero pass rush and no ability to penetrate beyond first contact with the offensive line. I was optimistic during the game against the Chargers. Either his injury is still nagging him or he just doesn’t have it. He does not look like a top 10 defensive lineman to me.

    Anyone else watch him during the game?


    November 21, 2010 – el cid says:
    Got to say

    A well earned victory, nothing ugly about it.

    Cassel may have had he best preformance since arriving in KC, he looked in control and playing to his abilities.

    Kudos to Bowe, seemed in the right place, at the right time all game long.

    No fan of “bend don’t break” defense but until the last drive did good enough.

    Jackson may be fighting through an injury but thank goodness for Smith. One tackle for Jackson, not exactly first round production.

    Need McCluster badly, hope Flowers’ hammy is minor. Want Moeaki back as soon as possible.


    November 21, 2010 – bhive01 says:
    I agree. That was a solid game from the Chiefs.

    I think that we’re still not getting any pressure on the opposing QBs. It’s getting a bit ridiculous. They have all the time in the world to cut open the secondary that isn’t quite all there itself.

    It’s nice to be back atop the AFC West again though. Thanks go to Pittsburg for that deconstruction of the Raiders.


    November 21, 2010 – Michael says:
    At the beginning of the year Jackson looked like he was on about the same trajectory as Dorsey, improving in year 2 over the rookie season. I think the injury and time he missed has set him back somewhat. If he is sufficiently over the injury now, he should be able to show some improvement in the last part of the season. Then, 2011 will be huge for him.

    I kind of agree with Edward that it looked as if the Cards had a better QB, the Chiefs would have had some serious issues in this game. But, Crennel might have commited more resources to getting to the QB if they were facing a more accurate QB, too. Using Studebaker and D. Williams in passing situations might help some, and I’d really like to see them bring Berry and Arenas more. Even though there were some breakdowns, the run D looked much, much better.

    My biggest concern for the offense continues to be the short yardage and goal line situations. I guess they’re just going to have to keep trying different things there.

    Cassel looked very good today, displaying confidence, good footwork and decsion-making. He and Bowe are really developing into a strong connection. Hopefully, Moeaki and McCluster will be back for the next game. Tucker missed a catchable pass in the corner of the endzone, but had one nice catch and shows signs of being a guy who can help. TE O’Connell had a couple good ones as well.

    All in all, a good win at home that gets the team moving in the right direction again.


  • November 22, 2010  - el cid says:

    Is it time for the Chiefs to look at moving Chambers on? Had one catch sunday but seems to be #5 Wr. I am sure he will be walking on after the season but is there anyone to cover our injuries who could fill his spot on the roster?

    Bob, what is going on with McCluster, 4 games and counting for a “high ankle strain”?, Media is rumoring it may be that AND some internal injury as a result of a hit by a helmet under his arm?

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