Chiefs Fill Practice Squad

For the first days of the 2011 season, the Chiefs have decided to fill their 8-man practice squad with their own players – guys they cut on Saturday. No surprise there, since most teams do that. But the Chiefs have always left one or two spots open to sign players who had been in camp with other teams. More than likely for practice purposes, they decided to start with a full boat of players that know the team.

The practice squad is:

  • Former draft choices – FB Shane Bannon (7th-2011) and CB Quinten Lawrence (6th-2009).
  • College free agents – LB Justin Cole (signed in ’10), WR Jeremy Horne (’10), OT David Mims (’11), OL Butch Lewis (’11), OL Darryl Harris (’09).
  • Waiver claim – NT Anthony Toribio (2010).


102 Responses to “Chiefs Fill Practice Squad”

  • September 4, 2011  - el cid says:

    News….. Star is reporting Cassel is out for the Bills game. So much for an easy win.

  • September 4, 2011  - Chiefslovinlineman says:

    Nice job keeping both Mims and Lewis. These 2 will team up to form a dominate left side next year. Hey Chiefs guys, bring both up before they get snatched up by someone else.

  • September 4, 2011  - Chiefslovinlineman says:

    David Mims is primed to play and play well. I like what Haley and Pioli are doing with this man-child OT. David Mims is a unique weapon even for NFL standards and will be a star in the league.

  • September 5, 2011  - pharmer says:

    I’m not sure how they pulled off keeping Q on the practice squad, but it’s brilliant. Give him a year to learn as a CB and I think he could be a real player.

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