Chiefs Cut To 53

The Chiefs finally announced their moves that got their roster down to the league limit of 53 players.  Here’s what they did.


  1. DT Garrett Brown
  2. DL Dion Gales
  3. DT Derek Lokey
  4. LB David Herron
  5. LB Pierre Walters
  6. S DaJuan Morgan
  7. S Ricky Price
  8. QB Tyler Palko
  9. RB Javarris Williams
  10. WR Verran Tucker
  11. G/T Colin Brown
  12. T Bobby Greenwood
  13. G Darryl Harris

Injured reserve:

  • CB Maurice Leggett
  • WR Jerheme Urban

We’ll have more information and discussion on Sunday of the moves and the roster as it sits right now. They’ve obviously gone light at quarterback, but then there’s at least one big name-no game quarterback now available in Matt Leinart – he was released by Arizona. And, does Urban’s move to IR make room for a No. 3 receiver like T.J. Houshmanzadah? He was released by Seattle. Stay tuned, I’m willing to bet there are few more moves to be made on the active roster, and then there’s the practice squad to sign up as well.

Also on Saturday, the Chiefs traded FS Jarrad Page to the New England Patriots for an undisclosed conditional draft choice. Because they had a roster exemption for Page, he did not count against any of their roster limits.

8 Responses to “Chiefs Cut To 53”

  • September 4, 2010  - Michael says:

    Leggett was hurt worse than I thought. I didn’t even know Urban was injured at all. I thought D.Harris would go on IR; I think he might be brought back at some point. Kind of suprised at Lokey. They seemed to like his progression, but apparently not enough. I don’t know if he has any PS eligibility left anymore.

    Overall, not much suprise. More interesting will be to see who they bring in to fill the open spots, and who goes to PS from the Chiefs or elsewhere.

  • September 4, 2010  - Don says:

    Not too bad Bob. A little over 70% on the guess.

  • September 4, 2010  - aPauled says:

    1) Kept both FBs? Cox and Castille.
    2) Only 1 NT? Either plan to play Shaun Smith more there or have their eyes on somebody.
    3) Surprised to have Jackie Bates, Donald Washington, Justin Cole on the roster.

  • September 4, 2010  - Graig says:

    Hate to see Leggett go on IR for the 3rd straight season. At least he’s still on the team.
    Looks like we’re in a position where we need to pick up some free agents. Hopefully someone has got Jay Alford and TJ Houshmanzadah’s agents on the phone.
    Anyone know how we’re sitting on the waiver wire? Or anything about how the waiver wire works?

  • September 4, 2010  - Tenand6 says:

    If your entire future as a HC or GM seemed to hinge on a shakey QB, what would you do? I would work like hell to upgrade the OL and WR…and bring in the best back up QB available. If Pioli doesn’t accomplish that this next week, he isn’t doing his job. I hope Todd Haley is in his ear saying to pull out all the stops to help the QB position and supporting cast. If the Chiefs want to move forward, they have to bring in more talent. Same can be said for the defense, but Cassel can not be allowed to sink this team. Pioli struck out on his first draft and if he whiffed on Cassel, too, then he’d better make up for it and he can’t be allowed to pin the team’s performance on the coaches. We have good coaches.

  • September 5, 2010  - Tim says:

    We should try to get Lienart. Even if he doesn’t work out, chances are we coul turn that signing into a draft choice at some point… We shoulda traded for Crayton, but we’ll see…

  • September 5, 2010  - Michael says:

    I’m not going to push the panic button on Cassel just because a couple of media types think so. I think this overall team is better, and his supporting cast is better. Why wouldn’t he do better?

    Of course, this team still has needs, ones that probably won’t get solved this year, but there is progress. They may be able to pick up a few soldid role players in the next week or two, but I don’t expect any kind of dramatic acquisition.

    And I still think it’s too soon to give up on the ’09 draft. They are only starting their second seasons.

    What I want to see from this team this year is to be a respectable, competitive young team, and I think that’s realistic.

  • September 5, 2010  - Brandon says:

    I’m not terribly surprised by most of the names with the exception of perhaps Lokey and Gales. I thought they were going to get a chance, but based upon the remaining list I can see why they’re gone.

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