Chiefs Back Track on Permission For Dolphins

Andy Reid and the Chiefs clarified (or muddied) the situation involving the Miami Dolphins and LT Branden Albert on Thursday evening, after a day of very different information from the team and the media.

ESPN’s John Clayton reported Thursday that the Dolphins had been given permission to speak directly to Albert, and in fact Albert was set to go to the Dolphins facility in Miami for a conversation and a physical exam.

After the final practice of mini-camp Thursday, Reid said there was no such permission given to the Dolphins.

That changed later when the head coach had a chance to speak with GM John Dorsey. That’s when Reid learned that the Dolphins had permission to speak with Albert’s agent, but not with the player, and that there was no permission given for anything resembling a physical exam.

“I goofed that up,” Reid told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen. “I’ve been so engaged with the football team and this minicamp and, really, having fun with that, it was just a miscommunication. Dorsey does a great job. I trust him so much I can focus on the football part with the players here and the staff. When I was asked about it coming off the practice field, I basically thought it was a dead issue, only to have that clarified later as to where it stood. But we haven’t granted any permission with the exception of allowing (the Dolphins) to speak to the agent and there’s been nothing new on that front.”

Call it another episode of what’s become a soap opera involving the Chiefs and their franchise player.

2 Responses to “Chiefs Back Track on Permission For Dolphins”

  • April 19, 2013  - ChuckXX says:

    Well if Albert doesn’t get traded it will be very interesting to see if we still draft a LT. Two Primo starting left tackles should be quite interesting.

  • April 19, 2013  - R W says:

    Methinks a shell game is being played. Is Dorsey attempting to send a message to Albert’s agent that his client isn’t as valuable as the current long term deal asking price from the Chiefs? How better to do that than to allow the agent to speak to another team and learn the cold hard reality of Albert’s value?

    Then again, there’s the possibility that an outline of a long term deal could find Miami and Albert in accord thus allowing the trade talks to heat up to include the private workout, med exams and personal interview at the Dolphin’s facility.
    This feels like a classic puppy dog sale ploy used by the car dealers.

    Get the customer in the car, let him take it home for the night and then close him down while the heady newness feeling is still present. Somewhere in there is what’s going on between Dorsey and the Fish. Then again maybe it’s much adieu about nothing at all. I’m betting on the former.

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