Chiefs Await Evaluation of Brady Quinn

From the Truman Sports Complex

By late Monday morning head coach Romeo Crennel was still waiting for word from the team’s medical staff on the status of QB Brady Quinn after suffering a head injury in the first half of Sunday’s game against Oakland.

“The doctors will let us know what they think after the tests have been evaluated,” Crennel said. “It is a head injury so I’m going to wait to see what the doctors let me know before deciding what’s happening on Thursday. If he’s healthy, then he’ll go.”

Crennel indicated that he had no sense as to whether Quinn will be available, but he should know by the close of business on Monday, “but you know how doctors are sometimes, you go to the office and you sit around for awhile before you get a chance to see them.”

“It just depends on what the doctor tells me,” Crennel said. “If the Doctor says he can go, then he goes. If the Doctor says he can’t go, he will not be able to go.”

Because of the short week with a game Thursday night in San Diego, the Chiefs are scheduled to be on the field for a walk-through practice Monday afternoon. “I really don’t expect him at practice today,” Crennel said of Quinn.

Matt Cassel will step into the huddle for that workout with the No. 1 offense.

2 Responses to “Chiefs Await Evaluation of Brady Quinn”

  • October 29, 2012  - ED J says:

    I hate Quinn got hurt was looking forward to what he could’ve done at QB. When Cassel got in I knew it was over unless Charles had another good rushing game. With Cassel its like the movie Groundhog Day. You just know what you going to get day after day game after game. He’s going to work ball to the tight ends and Bowe. He’s going give you bunch 3 and outs over and over. A few turnovers. Then when the game is out of reach he will throw for few yards against prevent defense and maybe get a td or 2 when it is out of hand.

  • October 30, 2012  - milkman says:

    Gotta agree with you, Ed. I was hoping to see what Quinn could do also with a full week of practice snaps under his belt. I didn’t think we would see the next coming of Joe Montana mind you, but I was looking forward to it just the same.

    Turns out Quinn can do no better than any other quarterback who is on his back most of the time. We still haven’t seen what Quinn can do. And the bad part is that even if he does get to come back, when was the last time you heard of a quarterback coming back after a concussion and being successful in the same season?

    Bottom line is this: This organization needs to be torn up from the top. Everything that is going wrong on the field is a direct result of the ineptness of the front office. When it was reported that so many long time employees in the business office were being let go, I remember at the time thinking that I hoped Clark Hunt wasn’t forgetting that people were still important when running a successful business.

    I realize I got a little off topic there, but it’s starting to become apparent that the lack of focus on the human element by this organization is coming back to haunt them. How else can you explain the fact that they could not get a good head coaching candidate or a future hall of fame quarterback to even consider coming here in the off season? From here it looks like maybe, just maybe, arrogance and the lack of a true commitment to winning chased them away.

    I would have loved to see what Quinn could have done Sunday with a good game plan in place and standing upright. But until something changes at the top, we won’t have the people standing on the sideline to make sure that happens.

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