Chiefs 81 thru 1 – Pre-Season Adjustment

OK, you guys really enjoyed the rankings that were posted before camp of the Chiefs in my view No. 81 through No. 1.

So those rankings are back after three weeks in training camp and two pre-season games.

Obviously there have been some changes. There is more information to deal with on these guys and what they’ve shown so far this season. And for some players, it’s what they’ve haven’t shown.

There’s been a big adjustment in the top 10, due to the draft class of 2010. It’s hard to put players in the rankings that haven’t played a game in the NFL before, let alone move them to the top of the franchise’s evaluation list.

But, when a team has put together three troubled seasons like the Chiefs have done, it’s a lot easier for those talented draft picks to soar up the charts. In my evaluations, that’s what has happened with Eric Berry (from No. 13 to No. 5), Javier Arenas (from No. 23 to No. 6) and Dexter McCluster (from No. 18 to No. 7.)

Players who have also moved up include Andy Studebaker, Cameron Sheffield, Jon Asamoah, Jackie Battle, Kendrick Lewis, Jeremy Horne and Cody Slate.

Others have gone the other way, including last year’s top two draft choices Tyson Jackson (No. 26 to No. 36) and Alex Magee (No. 39 to No. 58.)

OK, so here’s the list, No. 81 through No. 1. (Remember the Chiefs have 81 because I’m including the exiled FS Jarrad Page. The Chiefs front office may not think much about him, but we haven’t forgotten the man who wore No. 44.


81-FS Jarrad Page – Every day he spends in limbo is a day that’s going to make it tougher for Page to find a place to work in the NFL for the 2010 season. Remember, he missed the biggest part of the second half of the ’09 season.

80-WR Verrand Tucker.

79-QB Bill Stull.

78-OL Dan Santucci.

77-WR Lance Long.

76-S Ricky Price.

75-DL Dion Gales.

74-LB Cory Greenwood – Expect him to land on the practice squad; the Canadian is a very talented athlete, but he needs more work and instruction on playing linebacker at the pro football level. There’s great potential there with his size, speed, power and intelligence.

73- G/T Colin Brown (left).

72-LB John Russell.

71-OT Bobby Greenwood.

70-SS DaJuan Morgan.

69-WR Quinten Lawrence – It’s guaranteed that Lawrence is ranked higher on the Chiefs in-house list because of his speed. But after one season and another month of camp and pre-season, I don’t see how that speed helps a guy who doesn’t always get to the right spot, shows that sometimes he doesn’t like to be hit and doesn’t have a grasp of the little things of the game.

68-C/G Lemuel Jeanpierre.

67-S Donald Washington.

66-WR Rich Gunnell.

65-OL Tyler Eastman.

64-LB Justin Cole.

63-DT Garrett Brown.

62-OT Barry Richardson – the Chiefs have been waiting for three seasons for this draft choice to step up and match performance with potential. It hasn’t happened. The lack of any depth at offensive tackle improves his chances to hang on.

61-CB Jackie Bates.

60-RB Javarris Williams.

59-QB Tyler Palko.

58-DE Alex Magee – it’s doubtful the Chiefs will cut the second-year/third-round draft pick loose, but he’s done little or nothing to show he deserves a spot and can be a contributor for the ’10 team. There were moments in camp where Magee strung together some plays in a practice that showed his potential. But he wasn’t able to string together practices, and by this point he should be doing that. He’s running as a third-team DE and it’s not like there are Pro Bowlers and superstars ahead of him.

57-G/T Ikechuku Ndukwe.

56-TE Jake O’Connell.

55-OLB Pierre Walters.

54-TE Leroy Banks.

53-CB Mike Richardson.

52-LB David Herron.

51-TE Cody Slate – After Pope and Moeaki, it’s a wide open battle for the other spots at tight end and the dark horse is Slate. He’s closer in style to Moeaki, and if he can show any type of blocking ability, he’s ahead of O’Connell (as a blocker) and Banks (as a catcher).

50-LB Corey Mays (right).

49-CB Travis Daniels.

48-G Darryl Harris.

47-S Reshard Langford.

46-DL Shaun Smith.

45-RB Kestahn Moore – He started camp ranked higher, but the fact he’s missed the last week of practices is not a good sign for him. There’s a lot of good depth at the position and to swim through the other bodies in the water, Moore needed to be on the field. Missing a week is going to make it very tough for him.

44-WR Terrance Copper.

43-LS Thomas Gafford;

42-FB Tim Castille.

41-NT Derek Lokey.

40-WR Jeremy Horne – In the last few weeks, Horne has been flying up the depth chart and has lifted himself ahead of the other receivers on the roster. He’s got nice size and appears to have solid hands. He’s very raw in the fundamentals of the position but that can be corrected with more work. This young man is going to be around the Chiefs in the fall; the question is whether it will be on the active roster or practice squad.

39-CB Maurice Leggett.

38-QB Brodie Croyle.

37-ILB Demorrio Williams.

36-DE Tyson Jackson (left)

35-FB Mike Cox.

34-NT Ron Edwards.

33-OT Ryan O’Callaghan.

32-RB Jackie Battle.

31-C Rudy Niswanger.

30-TE Leonard Pope.

29-C Casey Wiegmann.

28-WR Jerheme Urban – This guy is a real upgrade at WR from what the Chiefs were dealing with last year. He’s solid, if not spectacular. The QBs trust him and the fact he’ll be where he’s supposed to be when they are trying to find a receiver.

27-FS Jon McGraw.

26-G Jon Asamoah.

25-OLB Cameron Sheffield.

24-FS Kendrick Lewis.

23-DE Wallace Gilberry.

22-TE Tony Moeaki – This ranking is inflated because of his potential. So far he’s the biggest disappointment of the pre-season because he can’t get on, or stay on the field because of little nagging injuries. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since the same thing went down during his time at the University of Iowa. Moeaki can be a big player in the offensive picture for 2010, but he has to be available.

21-LB Jovan Belcher.

20-WR Dwayne Bowe (right)

19-G Brian Waters.

18- LB Andy Studebaker.

17- CB Brandon Carr.

16- K Ryan Succop.

15- DE Glenn Dorsey.

14 –G Ryan Lilja – In the last few weeks Lilja has shown his veteran status as he’s played better and better. He’s shown some mobility and has gotten outside on some sweeps and for screen passes. He is a huge upgrade over the Mike Goff-Wade Smith-Andy Alleman trio that held down that position last year.

13-P Dustin Colquitt.

12-RB Thomas Jones.

11-ILB Derrick Johnson.

10-OLB Mike Vrabel.    

9-WR Chris Chambers.

8-QB Matt Cassel.

7-WR Dexter McCluster.

6-CB Javier Arenas (right).

5-SS Eric Berry – While the numbers for tackles and interceptions haven’t really shown themselves, Berry has displayed many of the skills that had teams viewing him as one of the top defensive picks in this year’s draft. Speed, quickness, willingness to hit, good recognition – all have shown themselves.

4- LT Branden Albert.

3- OLB Tamba Hali.

2- CB Brandon Flowers.

1- RB Jamaal Charles.

20 Responses to “Chiefs 81 thru 1 – Pre-Season Adjustment”

  • August 23, 2010  - ryan says:

    I agree with most this list and it’s pretty sobering to see. I would have Bowe over Carr. Also, am I the only one who thinks Quinten Lawrence has the most overrated speed on the team? If he’s THAT fast, he certainly doesn’t use it. Horne has speed

  • August 23, 2010  - Tim says:

    I too agree with the bulk of this list. I know one thing for sure: Tyson Jackson is VERY disappointing. I watched a replay of Tampa. He simply cannot disengage from a blocker, even when one on one, to handle two gaps. His feet are pretty slow as well. He may be a “profile” type guy for the position, but there’s seemingly very little motor with this guy to get off a block as a runner approaches his gaps. I say get him outta there until he can get off a block. Maybe we need to trade contracts with the Skins for Haynesworth. At least we know he can play…

  • August 23, 2010  - TruChief09 says:

    Awesome list and good work as always Bob. One quick suggestion though: it would be nice for you to tell us after each players name how much they moved up or down after you do a list like this. For example, 5-SS Eric Berry (+8). Any chance you will give us your guess at the final 53 here in the next couple weeks as an extension of this list?

  • August 24, 2010  - KC_Guy says:

    Wiegmann over Niswanger? Not sure.

    More interesting though: the ranking of the 2009 draft class:

    Jackson – 36
    Magee – 58
    Washington – 67
    Brown – 73
    Lawrence – 69
    Williams – 60
    O’Connell – 56
    Succop – 16

    Can you spell BUST?

  • August 24, 2010  - Joshua says:

    Yeah, 2009 was a bust. It’s laughable that the best player by far on that list was also the very last person taken in that draft. Pioli’s first draft was a complete failure, and held back the progress of this team another year. It’s like 2010 is year one of the rebuild all over again. On the brightside, this year’s draft crew do look decent. I might even say they look good if Moeaki stays healthy enough to play.

  • August 24, 2010  - Brad says:

    Why is DJ still running with the second team if he is rated so highly? I also don’t understand why the two inside linebackers always move in tandem – would DJ and Demorrio or DJ and Mays not work?

  • August 24, 2010  - aPacificChief says:

    Is Dexter related to Chris McAlister?

    We need to see something from the 1st round draft choices on Defense. Enough already of “It takes 3 years for a Defensive lineman to develop.” Either they got it or they don’t. We’re what 6 years in the DJ experiment? and still we’re waiting.

    Tired of watching the paint dry, lets get to work already!

  • August 24, 2010  - Mike says:

    I totally agree with KC_Guy and Joshua about the (lack of) quality of the 2009 draft. Pioli was highly regarded as some sort of drafting guru, but fell flat on his face with that draft class. Even King Carl probably(?) could have drafted better than that. Succop should be our placekicker for years to come, but the rest of the draft was a total bust.

  • August 24, 2010  - RW says:

    As to the 2009 draft class being a bust, it sure looks that way for now but most learned NFL people I’ve heard over the years says it takes at least 3 years to properly analyze a drafted player so, on that basis, these guys still have some time to turn it around. That said, I’m touting the lyrics of that old hit from the early 60s by the Outsiders: “I can’t wait forever, time won’t let me….wait that long”.

    I think the league and its fans have accelerated the expectation curve where 2-3 year rebuilds are more the norm now than the former model of waiting up to 5 seasons with a new collection of coaches/front office folks. Looking over these latest Bob rankings, I would expect the Chiefs to be most active in picking up the leavings of other teams on final cutdown day, particularly Olinemen and those guys playing anywhere along the front 7 on the D, especially NT.

    Clearly, this current roster is screaming for upgrades at many key positions.

  • August 24, 2010  - JohnNdallas says:

    Lilja being a “huge upgrade” over Wade Smith … NOT!
    Wouldn’t take much to have been a huge upgrade over those other 2 brainfarts (Goff & Alleman) Pioli signed and traded for, respectively.

  • August 24, 2010  - Michael says:

    In the Chiefs mind the FB’s are switched, there is no doubt that Castille is in front of Cox.

  • August 24, 2010  - Fan Since 93 says:

    Jerheme Urban must be a star during practice because I can’t recall him having one catch during the pre-season. Am I missing something here?

  • August 24, 2010  - cupp says:

    Would Cory Greenwood take a spot on the practice squad over playing in the CFL?

  • August 24, 2010  - jim says:

    While I completely understand and in some way agree with Pioli’s ’09 draft, there were extenuating circumstances that clouded that draft. 1) HC not signed until WAY late. 2) is “own” evaluation, scout and draft team was not in place,3)Co-ordinators not on the same page as Pioli and Haley, 4) a general state of “we are behind and can’t get caught up quickly enough” was goin around. Not a Pioli appologist, by any means, but I hope you guys can see some validity in my statement. There is also a year under their belt for a comfort factor.

    You see what can happen when all of these things are not intruding the process. See class of ’10.

  • August 24, 2010  - Chuck says:

    BOB; I love you like my brother but I do have to “disagree” on your ranking of Branden Albert. He should not be even in the top 10. He is not that good of a LT. He is “average” at best.

  • August 24, 2010  - rufus says:

    Jamaal Charles @ #1

    gives me joy

    thx 4 the list bob, I kinda thot BR was doing better than you’re report, so I’m a lil disappointed there. Also thot Tyson J is doing better than your rank, it’s a tuff position to play and grade so early, same with Magee.. just gotta wait n see who shows up.

    I’d like to read your opinion of the defense overall with regard to pressure/production etc, the front 7 I guess, since we know the DB dept is sealed for delivery. I think Romeo is making them step back to basic run-stuffing technique in spite of lacking production and it does effect pursuit technique.. basically, I think Crennell has them at square one to correct some things and it’ll slowly get better this season. What do you see? What’s effecting sak production this year? Anyway, it’s a thot 4u, maybe an article worth writing.. if you can get an answer or two from the staff.. lol

  • August 24, 2010  - Edward says:

    I think with a guy like Magee and Jackson both need time. Jackson I think will have similar or better numbers than what Dorsey did last yr. Magee is a 3rd pick so you can imagine if its taking a guy like Jackson who was valued much higher than Magee to come along you figure it would take Magee a little longer to develop. I think Magee like Jackson will show some flashes next yr will be his critical yr to show drastic improvement. For now he’ll just be developmental guy. Fans have to understand Defensive tackles/ 3-4 def ends same thing preety much takes 3-4 yrs to really start living up to potential at that position. That goes for guys like Haynesworth, Warren Sapp, or even Richard Seymous. Guys like Suh for the Lions or Gerald Mccoy for Bucs will be no different neither guy will just come in the league and dominate. Its going to take 3-4 yrs before they really show what they can do. The more fans realize that about that position the less time they’ll spend trying bash these guys and give them chance to develop before they’re critical.

  • August 24, 2010  - Albert says:

    You should have done the list 1 to 81. Are you saying the Jamaal Charles is the best player on the Chiefs?

  • August 24, 2010  - Michael says:

    Way too early to make a call on the ’09 draft. Magee and T. Jackson do need more time, but they’re at least flashing some improvement. I think Jackson and the team would be better off putting him in more of a roatation than they do now. Gilberry and Magee should be playing more. I know everyone wants a pick that high making that kind of money playing every snap, but I’m convinced it would be more beneficial in the long run. Certainly looks like the 2010 class will contribute more, faster, but that’s apples and oranges; so pointless to compare.

    I agree Lija is a huge upgrade over Goff, W. Smith, and Alleman, although I would have kept Smith around. He didn’t suck and he’s versatile. I think all the guys listed from the ’09 class will be around, either on the roster or PS, although Brown, Lawrence and Williams might be on the bubble there, too. O’Connell has improved a lot, and if he’s fully recovered from injury should show up good in the next couple weeks.

    Barry Richardson has improved a lot, too, so I think he’s ranked too low. Haly has had good things to say about him, and he’s mostly looked good to me in the games. If today’s injury to O’Callaghan keeps him out at all, it’ll be Richardson’s time to either lock it down or not. I stil like D. Washingston’s upside, but on some of the rankings I can’t tell if Bob is looking at production to date, potential or some combo. It’s bizarre to me that they can’t get more out of Morgan. He’s shown some good stuff at times, but then seems to get shuffled out of view. Not sure what the deal is with him. Travis Daniels has looked ok most of the time. But that thing he did at the goal line in last week’s game-playing patty-cake with the guy’s helmet,instead of making an honest attempt to tackle, drove me nuts.

    The rest of the rankings, I think, are close enough to what I think not to quibble.

  • August 24, 2010  - Jonathan says:

    I agree with Jim about last year’s draft class as Pioli was behind the eight ball and didn’t have a chance to catch up. That’s why he took so long with the Herm decision. At least this year with everyone in place it made drafting easier and it should be even better next year.

    It seems like Crennel is being verybasic unlike some other DC’s who are putting in blitz packages. I beleive as they regular season rolls along the Chiefs will start game planning their opponents and put in more attacking type of schemes. Philadelphia will be a big test as the Green Bay game for the most part will be a game of backups.

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