Charles Coughs It Up Twice

From Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin

When he arrived in 2008 on the Chiefs roster as a third-round draft choice, Jamaal Charles had the reputation coming out of the University of Texas of being a fumbler.

But in his time with the Chiefs, fumbles have not really been a major problem for the shifty running back. If you add up all of his touches since ’08 in the pre-season, regular season and last year’s post-season game, he’s had the ball in his hands 678 times. He’s lost 12 fumbles, or one every 56.5 times he touches the ball.

It just so happens that Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers, Charles fumbled the ball away twice, killing a couple of opportunities for a Chiefs offense that has not had many of those in this pre-season.

“I made a couple of mistakes and I wish I had them back,” Charles said. “But in the pre-season, you have to learn from your mistakes and that’s what I have to do. I need to learn from this and get ready for next week.”

Charles could easily use the excuse that his fumble fingers was because he came into the game with so little work; in the first three pre-season games he touched the ball just six times. By the time the game against the Packers was over, he had 11 touches (9 runs, 2 catches) and produced 37 yards.

Plus the fumbles; both came in scoring territory and took at least six points off the board for the Chiefs. In the first quarter, he went around right end and picked up two yards to the Green Bay 19, before the ball came out on a hit by LB Vic So’oto and was recovered by CB Pat Lee. Although that one cost the Chiefs at least a field goal, the K.C. defense was able to get safety out of the Packers next possession.

Then in the third quarter, Charles went off the left side and picked up 7 yards to the Packers 15-yard line when the ball was knocked out by CB Brandian Ross and recovered by Lee, who then returned it 67 yards to the Chiefs 26-yard line. Green Bay had to settle for a field goal.

As it is, Charles finished the pre-season with 17 touches (15 runs, 2 catches) for 53 total yards. His longest play was 12 yards, his longest run was 10.

“I try to break one every time I get in the backfield,” said Charles. “But I’m still trying to get used to the line and it’s still coming together up there. That’s what it’s all about for me. They got a lot of reps tonight and I think they’ll be ready to go next week.”

Here are Charles fumble numbers since joining the Chiefs, with total fumbles and/fumbles lost:




Reg. Season



























7 Responses to “Charles Coughs It Up Twice”

  • September 2, 2011  - Dave says:

    The momentum of the playoff game with Baltimore completely shifted when Charles fumbled. KC was up 7-3 and was driving for another score.

    It’s concerning that working on that issue doesn’t seem to have been a point of emphasis for him as he worked out this offseason.

  • September 2, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    Fumbles to running backs should be like dropped receptions for WR: As a point of pride, they don’t happen, period. Not in practice, not in pre-season, not ever.

    This pre-season has been marred by fumbles, penalties and dropped passes by the offense. There’s an intensity problem. Summer practices were far less intense than I remember under prior Haley camps. Not the hitting as much as the hustle and the Head Coach making offenders pay.

    I like the chemistry Haley is building with his team, but I hope he continues to loudly demand perfection in everything they do.

  • September 2, 2011  - Leo says:

    Tenand6, the practices have been marred by the new rules. These rules will be a demon to the teams, and players. I will bet there will be more injuries in the first quarter of the season due to the stupid ass rules. The Chiefs looked good at reciever, but these fumbles by Charles is a big concern. He will definitely be tagged a fumbler, and the defenses will be going after him on every carry. He will be under extreme pressure to hold onto the ball. Haley should be making him carry a ball on him all the time ,and instruct the other players to try and separte him from the ball at any time. Maybe, he will get the point, and quit the fumbling.
    I look forward to the season.
    Go Chiefs.

  • September 3, 2011  - No Victory, But Much Better Performance By Chiefs | Chiefs Football at says:

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