Can History Repeat Itself?

Comparing events, people and situations over time is a funny business. No matter how similar the facts seem, the plots are never quite the same from generation to generation. While moments may seem like copies of each other, when held up to the light the differences become obvious.

Nevertheless, follow along with me on this football story.

A young man, the product of a Texas family that built a fortune in the oil business, owned a professional football team.

His club was going through a tough patch, losing far more often than it won. This wasn’t just one bad year, but several. The talent level of the team was low and what good players were on the roster were young and inexperienced.

The fans were grumbling. OK, they weren’t just grumbling, they were staying away. Attendance and interest were falling.

That natural reaction for any owner in this situation was to fire the head coach. But this owner happened to like the guy, liked what the coach stood for and liked his ideas on building a strong team that would contend for the playoffs over many seasons. The coach was defensive minded and the owner knew from football history that strong defensive teams tend to be more competitive for longer periods of time.

The owner also had a strong general manager to oversee the franchise and the G.M. was completely in the coach’s corner.

The situation called for action.

That’s just what the young man did.  He took action.

On February 5, 1964, Clint Murchison Jr. (below) gave the head coach of his Dallas Cowboys a 10-year extension on his contract. Up to that point, over four seasons Tom Landry had led the Cowboys to a record of 13-38-3. With one more year to go on his original contract, Landry now had an 11-year contract. It was something unheard of in the world of sports at the time.

The rest of the story is one of the great tales in the history of sports.  In 1964, the Cowboys went 5-8-1. The next year Dallas was 7-7. With the 1966 season, the Cowboys finished 10-3-1 and made the playoffs. They would end up making the playoffs 16 of next 17 years, with 11 appearances in the NFL/NFC Championship Game, five Super Bowl trips and two Super Bowl championships. Tom Landry was the head coach for all of those games.

Now that you know this bit of pro football history, let’s bring the picture back to the present. Another young man from an oil family has a struggling football team and a head coach who is drawing fire from fans for the poor play of his team. Some are calling for his firing.

So far it doesn’t sound like Clark Hunt is ready to pull the plug on Herm Edwards.

Despite losing 18 of the team’s last 19 games and racking up a 14-28 record over the last three years, Hunt has been nothing but supportive of Edwards. Remember just a few weeks ago he told the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: “I think we’re headed in the right direction. It certainly isn’t going to be a straight line; there’s going to be a lot of ups and downs on this road. But I think Herm is the right type of coach to take us through the rebuilding.” Then, this week Hunt told the Kansas City Star: “… I’m encouraged and very interested to see the last six weeks and how we do in those games.”

Far be it for me to pass along advice to Clark Hunt. This is his business and he understands all angles of the franchise far better than me or anybody in the media. But if he really likes Edwards ideas and his way of rebuilding the franchise, then he should step forward and make it obvious.

With the money coaches make today, 10-year contracts will never happen. But Hunt could make a major statement by announcing tomorrow that he’s given Edwards a five-year contract extension. Along with the final year of his first deal, that would take the head coach into the 2014 season.

Wouldn’t that announcement blow the minds of all the Herm Haters in town?

In a business where firing the head coach is considered the right thing to do in troubled times, Hunt could strike a blow for stability and old-fashioned values by backing Edwards.

But only if he has the same feelings about Edwards that Murchison had for Landry. The Cowboys owner said at the time of the extension: “This is in line with my philosophy that once you get a good man, hold on to him.”

Herm Edwards is a good man. Right now only Clark Hunt can determine if Edwards is the right man for the job. But if he believes in him, why not settle the question. Would it be popular? At this time, probably not. Do you think Murchison’s decision on Landry was popular in Dallas after the team had done nothing but lose for four years? Hindsight tells us Murchison was a very smart man.

Clark Hunt does not have the luxury of hindsight or foresight. But he could make a similar declaration and extend Herm Edwards’ employment.

And then he could shock everyone by announcing that he was asking Carl Peterson to stay on as general manager for an indefinite period.

Jack Harry’s head would explode with that one.

91 Responses to “Can History Repeat Itself?”

  • November 20, 2008  - Big John says:

    Bob do you ever sleep? What a great article!
    I’ve been on the fence concerning Herm, but I’ve read the articles where NFL players ranked Coach Edwards as one of the top coaches they would play for. And I’ve been watching the games. We all know Herm likes to run the ball, but he’s changed his tune to match the Quarterback. I’ve always believed a good coach is one that is willing to change the system to match the players. Herm has a lot of other good qualities as well, one of which is his belief that players should respect the game and act accordingly. I’ll continue to watch the Chiefs and root for the players and their coaches. Go Chiefs!
    Thanks for the article. I hope Mr. Hunt does as you suggest. It would be nice to see this kind of foresight and respect on my lifetime.

  • November 20, 2008  - TCharlton says:

    We just need to trust Clark. He hasn’t done a thing up to this point to suggest that he is the money hungry power driven idiot that some of the posters on this site want him to be. If he says that Herm stays then Herm will stay and there is not a thing in the world that any of us will be able to do about it. Would I like it? Hells no. But if he lets Herm go and someone worse comes in here, then what do we blame Clark for doing what the majority of the fans want anyway? That’s exactly what would happen. We have to be patient and just see what happens with this whole thing.

  • November 20, 2008  - findthedr says:

    Clark giving Herm a longterm contract after the end of the season (if the team continues to lose) would be contrary to what he said earlier.

    A man is only as good as his word.

  • November 20, 2008  - Rin Tin Tin says:

    Keep up the great work Coach Edwards. ALL of KC is behind you and we know that you will lead us back to glory very soon now.

    AND NOW, Clark Hunt has RE-affirmed Herm’s The Man!


  • November 20, 2008  - Dave says:

    findthedr: you’re off on a lot of counts.

    First of all, if you’re trying to suggest a racial bias to the coaching survey, try reading all the figures. Herm was only ranked a few spots lower with white players than he was with black players.

    Secondly, look at the 4 factors Clark laid out. Playoffs? Obviously not. But the offense improving? Barring a setback, it looks like that one will come true. Team improving as the season wears on? Unless they start going in reverse, that will be true.

    That’s 2 positives to 1 negative. The 4th, developing young players, seems obvious in that the young guys are getting lots of playing time. But perhaps Hunt wants to see HOW the young players are developing. And as such it wouldn’t be fair to draw a conclusion until the end of the year.

    Still, that’s 2-1, possibly 3-1, and at the worst 2-2. And the one key negative, the playoffs, was never even realistic in the first place.

    How would Hunt be breaking his word?

    But with all that said, it would be insane for Hunt to come out an announce an extension for Herm this soon. Look at the Bills: they announced an extension for their coach and the team has gone in the tank since then.

    Not that the extension is why they’re playing poorly, but suppose the same thing happens here. How foolish would Hunt and the Chiefs look if they close the season getting blown out akin to the Carolina and Tennessee games, and they just extended Edwards’ contract? You could probably guarantee a blackout for the first homegame next season.

    Frankly, the only way I see Herm getting fired is if Clark wants to get Cowher, because the Browns are going to put the full-court press on the Chin. Other than that, I doubt Clark makes a move.

    But there’s no need to confirm it now.

  • November 20, 2008  - JohnNdallas says:

    Excuse my ignorance…..but who the hell is Jack Harry?

    Not that Bob gives a sh!% what I think, but that one ^ there is…….


    Yes Perro, there has been some RE-affirmation but not the reaffirmation you want.

    It just Reaffirms Bob’s employer.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    As far as the players poll on what coaches they’d like to play for:

    1) Players “liking” a coach has nothing to do with him being a GOOD coach. Sure, some players voted for winners, but others voted for “players coaches”, which means buddy-buddy no-real-respect coaches. I’d rather play for a hard-ass winner than my loser best friend.

    2) The poll itself stated there was racial bias present in the data. However, as Dave points out, it wasn’t an overwhelming and Herm scored relatively high with all “races”.

  • November 21, 2008  - MWinburn says:

    Isn’t there kind of a big difference between Herm’s situation and Landry’s? After all, the Cowboys were a brand new expansion franchise, not an established team.

  • November 21, 2008  - Vess says:

    Sure as a player’s good buddy kind of coach.Herm can become a player’s buddy but we all know this is about winning not becoming a buddy. You can get a player’s respect by bringing your expectations to your players what you want them to accomplish by being tough not a spitter or a yeller and definitely not a buddy. See Bill Belichik thats what a coach should act like . You think he wants to be every players buddy no I don’t think so. Tom Coughlin you think he wants to be every player’s buddy. I think Herm is too much of a player friendly coach I know he used to play the game and he wants to let the players know I have been there and I feel your pain but he needs to understand that he is the leader not the player . I think Clark should give him one more year but to see this team maybe possibly going 1-15 would be a tough pill to swallow. But as far as Carl goes I am with Jack Harry all the way it’s time for him to go. It was nice 1989,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,but it was dreadful from then on . Only three playoff victories sure he was not the coach but he was the guy that brought the players . I think if I was Carl I would have left with Marty it would of been great and he would left very respected among the fans . At least with me.

  • November 21, 2008  - Merwin says:

    I think a decision will be made on Carl P. after the season is over. Since this next year will be his last I think Clark Hunt will move him into just a position of over seeing the stadium rebuild. Then bring in a new GM and let him decide on Herm’s status as the head coach. As well as deciding on how the team is set up with players. I still think with one more good draft class we will be able to be competitive in this division. As for a long term contract, it would appear in this day and age the fans are of a win it all now or fire the coach mentality. Although I am disappointed with the win loss/record, I see improvement as the season has progressed. Herm’s fate will be decided either way at the end of this year.

  • November 21, 2008  - MenInRed says:


  • November 21, 2008  - Rich says:

    Interesting juxtaposition in comparing NFL franchises from different eras but the point made is still valid in my opinion. And here we have our paradox.

    CONSISTENCY is the one trait, more than any other in my view, that determines business success. That’s one side of the question.

    The other deals with accepting the brutal facts and making moves to remedy failure. This issue can probably best summed up by getting Kenny Rogers cranked up to again remind us of the obvious:

    “You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em….”

    So, it comes down to the young Mr. Hunt at season’s end regarding the fate of Herm and/or CP. Will he hold or fold?

  • November 21, 2008  - findthedr says:

    you give Herm credit for the team ‘getting better at the season progresses’, but the team (so far) doesnt have wins to show for it.

    The chiefs would have to win 3 of the next 6 games just to get back to the 4-12 record of 2007, and would have to win 4 of the next 6 to show ‘progress’ from next yr.

    you said: “The poll itself stated there was racial bias present in the data. However, as Dave points out, it wasn’t an overwhelming and Herm scored relatively high with all ‘races’.”

    All races are not evenly represented in the NFl. There is a far greater ‘majority’ of black players than white players.

    I am not the 1st to bring this up. It was mentioned on the NFL network, and ESPN among others and the numerous former players/now commentators didnt deny it.

  • November 21, 2008  - colby says:

    I’d guess a lot of players want to play for Herm because his practices are short, both in camp and during the season. I still think that’s a big reason why our Chiefs have gotten off to such slow starts every year Herm has been here. Also, I think Hard Knocks might have something to do with it too.

    Bob, sometimes I think you write things just to rile up the fan base. Once again, I have NO IDEA how a guy whi created and coached the most losing team in the history of the franchise can STILL have so many supporters.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    If you take just the white player vote, Herm scored well! Period

    Players like Herm because he is fair. He still treats them like people regardless of their paycheck. He cares that they have a life outside of football. Players want a coach that they can respect, not fear or buddy with. He is also straight with them concerning his expectations and what happens if they don’t live up to those expectations. He also tries to give them every opportunity to get better at their trade.

    Bob, good article. I appreciate your insight on matters like this.
    I agree that it would be nice to see Clark make a statement one way or the other about his Head Coach. If not now at the end of the season for sure. Clark doesn’t strike me as the kind that cares if his decision is popular or not.
    No matter what, Clark is in a tough position, the future of this franchise is dependent on him making the right decisions. In my opinion, firing Herm could have more long term devastating effects than extending his contract would. Just because he rubs some fans wrong and his past accomplishments are woeful (according to some) doesn’t change the fact that there are few Great Coaches out there.

  • November 21, 2008  - tm1946 says:

    Why is there the Kansas City chiefs? You have to consider that when looking at the 2008 version, GM and coaches.

    It is there to make the owners money and provide entertainment to the fans (keeping the nfl and tv out of it).

    Are you having fun? Are you entertained? You who “hope” for the future may be satisfied but you do realize the future is uncertain, remember Joe Delaney. There are 300 colleges playing football, 32 NFL teams, so there are hundred of kid who cannot compete on that level. The chiefs have managed to pick a number of this type.

    For the haters, we are cheap shot artists. It is not our money so it costs us nothing to suggest the foolish.

    It all comes down to clark hunt. Is he one of the possible 10 owner who actually want to win? Or is he just happy to own a billion dollar business, spending the minimum. Time will tell.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    Colby, I can answer that question: Some are just more insightful than others and they prefer to look beyond just hindsight.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    Bob G.,
    I love reading your stuff. BUT this one really is a stinker!

    Clark Hunt would be right among the ranks of Al Davis, the Ford family and the Cincinnati powers-that-be, if he were to extend Edwards’ contract for ten years after this one. Good Grief!

    How ’bout some hard evidence?–

    Herm’s first year in Kansas City, the Jets, the team he just left, drafted 4th overall, the Chiefs 5th. Look at them now! The Jets are recovering from the Herm era, but look at the Chiefs.

    For all of you quoting a poll that meets your opinion: Tony Gonzales doesn’t want to play here. Jared Allen didn’t want to play here. Judge for yourself by Kawika Mitchell’s comments, Casey Wiegman’s and Scott Fujita’s. What more proof do you want then words from people, all willing to attach their names to their comments and all have played for Herm. ALL FINE PEOPLE.

    The player evaluation around here has been below average, since Marty S. left. The offense reeks, the defense has not gotten out of the NFL cellar. Carl’s tenure has been huge, a change is due.

    First phone call Clark Hunt should make after the season is done, is to Bill Cowher. Give him whatever control he wants, bring him back to KC.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    To compare Herm Edwards to Tom Landry is really unfair, since Tom Landry is no longer around to defend himself.

  • November 21, 2008  - Mike in St. Joe says:

    I’ll root for about anything that makes Jack Harry’s head explode! That guy is so unbelievably full of himself. Years ago, when he was on channel 5, he was a level-headed competent sportscaster, a far cry from the ranting pessimist that he’s become today.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Here’s the deal about Hunt commitment to Edwards. I wouldn’t give the guy an extention based on the team getting better it still hasn’t resulted into wins. I’m preety sure by now everyone on here knows I myself believes Herm is going to turn this thing around. But I”m still not in favor of giving anyone extention untill you see some wins.

    NOw I can defend the 2007 season and i’m not going to go through that because if you’ve been bloging on here you know where I stand on that. I can defend this year 3 different quarterback, youngest team in the league, and defense destroyed by injuries. But to me 2009 and 2010 needs to be turn around seasons no more excuses.
    Fans ought to be glad Clark is holding out on giving Herm an extention until wins start to be seen on the field. Thats just good business.

    YOu don’t reward people for failure. Herm needs to earn the right for an extention. NO different from when a player needs to earn the right for a new contract with production. Has he improved proved the roster yes. The secondary is much better this year, we finally have some receivers for the first time since the Andre Rison and Joe Horn days, quarterback position has been the best since Trent was here, and we have depth at running back position. But it still hasn’t equated to wins. Hopefully once we fill in the holes next year it will. We’ve been close against good teams this year but like I said before unless we improve the offense and defensive line we want beat good teams in this league.

    I like what Herm has done so far with the roster. I like what he has done in allowing Gailey to change the philosophy on offense. Now its up to him I think to go out this offseason and fill in the holes on the offense and defensive line and linebacker. Now its up to him to show the same conviction in Tyler a guy who has showed you on the field success versus a guy in Brodie who never had shown you anything on the field other than he can stay injured.

    Its time for Herm to earn that money. And the 2009 season and beyond will be that time.

  • November 21, 2008  - Mark says:

    If Herm Edwards gets an extention off a 4 win and then a 1-3 win season, it will continue the lack of accountability that surrounds the Chiefs. That’s why players love to play for Herm. They can stink to high heaven(Damion McIntosh) and keep playing. If Clark is stupid enough to do this, I think we’ll finally see the massive abandonment of the season ticket base to rival the Pre- Carl era. Clark won’t dare make that decision in season, because he knows Arrowhead will be one angry place in the last home game.

  • November 21, 2008  - aPauled says:

    I don’t recall Tom Landry ever standing on the sidelines with a dazed/confused look on his face. Landry never threw his players under the bus after a loss. Landry understood that without fans there was no game to play. Herm Edwards is no Tom Landry.

    Prediction. Herm will get 1 more year with the Chiefs. His contract will not be renewed and he will never be a Head Coach in the NFL again. He’s a good man who is probably better cut-out to take over a mid-level college program and develop young men who will do something other than play in the NFL.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    The Chiefs are not competing in the league and they haven’t been for a number of years.

    Blaming injuries is plain BS. NE lost Brady 1st week, not only are they competitive in games, they are vying for a playoff spot. Jacksonville, basically, lost their offensive line to injury early. So, cut the crap about injuries.

    “Improvement” means going from a 35-0 blowout at Carolina to (10 weeks later) a 10 point loss at home to NO… Sorry, that just does not cut it. It is unacceptable to more and more Chiefs fans and they are looking for other NFL teams to root for.

    Every week, the organization loses more and more fans. Is that what Clark Hunt wants?

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    It is a pretty sad reflection on fans when they have to find a different team to root for because their supposed team has hit a bad spot. The Chief’s are not losing Chief fans, I can assure you of that. There are more and more frustrated Chief fans however.

    Double A says:
    Jacksonville, basically, lost their offensive line to injury early. So, cut the crap about injuries.

    This is a contradiction to your argument! dbl a

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    YOu can’t act like injuries don’t play apart in a team wins and loses it does. New England is still winnning because its a veteran team that knows how to win. We’re a young team learning that process. And i keep hearing guys say Herm throws his players under the bus. I never heard him call anyone out by name. Anytime he talks about the team he uses the word WE. Thats not throwing guys under the bus. If that was true then why isn’t the players rebeling against the guy. To say he throw players under bus is over the top because if that was true they would stop playing hard for the guy.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:


    Jax has competed and “been in” every game they have played. Jax has put up points in every game. The most points Jax has lost a game by, has been 10 points.

    There is no contradiction in what I wrote – which was – The Chiefs do not compete in this league. Other teams, who have had terrible injury situations, compete week in and week out. (And, I only named two examples.)

    The Chiefs are a horrible product. Look in the stands!!!! Fans are leaving. I personally know people who have stopped watching the Chiefs play. Don’t you? That’s what I mean.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:


    When talking about failures, Herm has said things in the past like, “We taught them the right things to do. We told them the right time to do them. The players tried, but just didn’t get it done.”

    I don’t think there’s a bigger bus available to throw them under. Herm has absolutely no self accountability. None. Zip. Zilch. The few times he actually says “You can blame me”, he says it condescendingly when the media keeps badgering him about some particular problem. He says it like he’s placating a small child. I’ve listened/read nearly every press conference and Q&A session Herm has given and I’ve never once heard him actually truly accept blame for ANYTHING. The other day he couldn’t even admit that letting Kawika go was a mistake and instead blamed it on God/chance. This guy is a quack.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    NFL Network did it’s top 10 plays of the week last night. Neither of Dwayne Bowe’s spectacular catches made it!!!!! (Comparable to what plays made it – both of his catches should have been in the top 10.) It makes me angry.

    Forget the ESPN’s of the world, even the NFL Network doesn’t watch, talk about, let alone highlight the Chiefs. Any person covering football on the national level could care less about the Chiefs. The Chiefs are ignored.

    It is not acceptable. I enjoy some things about these two men, but, honestly, Peterson and Edwards should both humbly resign.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    Also, blaming this season on the “3rd QB” situation is a joke, being as we got instantly better when we went to Thigpen. The only significant injuries are to the defense, and they sucked when healthy.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Well its still true. The team offense was awful through all those changes in the line up. Blowouts in Titans and Panthers game. And as for the team competing in this league Double A. Have you not been watching the last 4 games. WE are competing we’re just not winnning and their is a difference. NOt competing is what the Lions and Bengals have not been doing all season except for one or two games. But for the most part they’ve been getting blown out all year.

    And as for Herm throwing players under the bus. I think you reading too much into what he’s saying. If that were true once again why hasn’t this team quit on the guy. Or players lashing back out at the head coach. So i don’t buy that one bit. Until he pulls a Singletary and start verbally abusing players to the media which he has not I’m not buying that argument. He just states the truth. Players do have to make plays. Thats not throwing them under the bus thats been real. Coaches can’t go do it for them. If this was Cowher or Marty saying that you probably be saying the same thing but since its Herm you’re on the defensive about every comment he makes. Until players lash out about it I’m not buying it. It doesn’t matter how you or me feels its about the guys in the locker room. So until they say something about it I’m not going to say he’s throwing them under the bus because they obviously don’t feel that way.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    dbl a

    Do you think that the Jax fans care that their team has competed. I doubt it. They want Del Rio’s head. They have fallen so short of expectations it is not funny. I suppose Del Rio suddenly can’t coach.

    The Chiefs have competed very well the past 4 weeks. Ask Denver if the Chiefs were competitive. Oh but then you wouldn’t know that since you have been watching some other team.

    I enjoy watching the Chiefs play. Many of these young guys are exciting to watch. Tony is still Tony and he is a joy to watch. It has been thrilling to watch Thiggy develop and I could go on. But I doubt that you want to hear about everything that you are missing out on.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:


    I appreciate your logic, and we all know the players like Herm (whether it be his “easy” practices and camps, his sermons, his attitude, whatever). I should point out, however, that this team lacks veteran leadership, and therefore lacks perspective on which to judge Herm. Don’t forget that one of our few veteran leaders, Tony G., already tried to jump ship on Herm. Tony’s a standup guy and said all the politically correct things, but don’t doubt for a second that he thought this team was heading in the wrong direction and wouldn’t even be good on the 2-3 more years he might play (if motivated by hope).

    My main grievance is Herm’s total lack of accountability. He’s always passing the buck, whether it be to players, former coaches, or his favorite: luck/fate. He constantly claims things are beyond his control, which i think is a terrible attitude for a head coach. Personally I find it hard to respect someone, especially as a leader, if they can’t even admit their own mistakes.

    As far as Herm’s “truth telling”, i think thats a bit of a gray area. Herm’s very much a politician, and while good politicians don’t “lie” in the strict sense in the word, they also aren’t exactly the most straight-forward, honest, or objective people in the world. I’d suggest you pay close attention to Herm’s “three speak”. That is, when he repeats the same notion 3 times in consecutive sentences or thoughts. They are usually half-truths that he’s trying to convince himself of as much as he’s trying to convince us.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    Sounds like you can’t hold players accountable anymore? That would be throwing them under the bus, poor guys!

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    Is Herm always straightforward with the media? I doubt it and I don’t blame him. Is he willing to admit his own shortcomings to the media? I doubt it and I don’t blame him.

    You would have to talk to the man personally to know what he is about.
    You judge everything about him by how he reacts to the media. That is like judging a man on how behaves in a pool of sharks as compared to at home in his easy chair. Not a Wise thing to do.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    No one suggested the players shouldn’t be accountable. Everyone should be, which is why we’re talking about Herm’s complete lack of self accountability.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    He doesn’t have a problem blaming everything else under the sun to the media, so why stop at himself?

    For that matter, why would he coach a good game in front of the media and expose his best effort? Isn’t it better to fail and say if no one was watching you would have done better? “You don’t know me, if this was in my living room, i would of coached the hell out of that game!”

    And don’t forget the sharks have laser beams for eyes and throw hand grenades.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    Uncuffed, you know very little about Herm,and you have very little evidence to base your dislike for him. What limited exposure that you have is enough for you to hate him. You have gotten that point across quite well, and that is your own business. Your arguments are hardly compelling enough to sway those on the edge however.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Here’s the thing until players rebel this shouldn’t be an issue. Next as far as Tony leaving had nothing to do with him not believing Herm couldn’t turn it around more with the time its going to take. I tell you what lets say we win 4 or 5 out of our last six games. Ask Tony would he want to be around then. NOw Tony seeing this team starting to turn a corner earlier in the year yes he wanted out.

    Not because he doubted the coaching or decision making he knew it would take two or three years before this team would even become competitive. You throw on top of that future quarterback Brodie couldn’t stay healthy. Now he really knows thats a set back.

    Now you look at our situation we’re competing. And looks like we’ve may have found another Rich Gannon or Elvis Grabac. A good quarterback who early in his career wasn’t expected to be much of anything. We’ll see how Tony feels after the season about the team because I know he certainly feel more positive now then he did after the ATlanta game.

    Truth is guys I’m not making excuses for anyone we all want to see this team win. To me we need to look at whats on the field instead of whats off it right now. WE need to look at what players we need to get better. Right now it wouldn’t matter who the coach is if they were faced with the same personel problems we have now. Lets give Herm next offseason to fill the holes in the roster then judge the guy fairly. If we had the Chargers roster and was losing like this I would be on board with getting rid of the guy but we don’t. At least not yet.

    The team is improving but it is up for the players to go out there and win it. Herm use to play football if he could do he would but he can’t. We have to stop putting all the blame on coaches and expect the players to step up. Stop dropping balls on critical 3rd downs on offense, make tackles and get after the quarterback on defense, and special teams tackle somebody. When Vermeil was here I didn’t blame him for poor tackling on defense I blame the players. THe only thing I fault Vermeil for was not getting rid of guys like Eric Hicks or Kendrell Bell for being the garbage players that they were. I didn’t blame Vermeil for how they played on the field though. And we shouldn’t blame Herm for the things I just mentioned about the problems we having on this team.

    My thing if next year Herm doesn’t bring in a defensive end I will blame him if we’re in the bottom of the league in sacks next year. IF next year he doesn’t get us a middle linebacker I will blame him for the defense being horrible against the run. If next year we don’t get a right tackle and guard to replace McIntosh and Adrian JOnes I will blame Herm for the offensive line still not opening holes for the running back. But what i’m not going to do is blame him for guys thats here now not getting it done on the football field.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    True red and gold,

    Read my comment just above yours about Dwayne Bowe and you will see, I have been watching. The Chiefs are my team! That’s why the current situation is so intolerable!

    I don’t want to defend Jax AND I don’t want to nit-pick at them, still about half their games have been decided by 3 or 4 points. THEY ARE COMPETITIVE. The talent level of their roster is superior to the Chiefs, etc., so I won’t concede the generalities of my statements.

    The Chiefs offense has played better since Thigpen. It is fun to watch Thigpen, Gonzales, Bowe, Waters and Albert. I’ll give the Chiefs that, but the bottom line is still the bottom line.

    To join in the other fray:
    “In his Week 12 press conference, Edwards stated that his coaches have put the team in a position to win lately, but that the players simply have not executed well enough to do so” – Quoted from profootballweekly

    That is a strange thing for Edwards to say, no matter if you classify it as throwing the players under the bus or not.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    “In his Week 12 press conference, Edwards stated that his coaches have put the team in a position to win lately, but that the players simply have not executed well enough to do so” – Quoted from profootballweekly

    This seems to me like about the only thing that he could have said. They were on the goal line twice and didn’t get it in. How much more can a coach do. Players have to find a way to get it done, period!

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    The adversity that this team is facing right now will make them stronger in the future. And like him or not you will have Herm to thank for it!

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    Actually, I thought LJ did score on one of those goal-line possessions, but no replay angle would’ve supported it. Too bad, should’ve been a touchdown.

    Play calling, coaching and talent acquisition all matters. Pointing the finger at just one aspect doesn’t make sense, when, in turn, the devil’s advocate could say “Yeah, but if you (Herm) and your support staff would’ve pursued a talented RG in free agency, maybe that guard would’ve gotten better push and the RB would’ve scored.”

  • November 21, 2008  - Mark says:

    Amazing that some Blind Herm defenders think one “dislikes” him when they tell the truth about his lack of accountability for a 1-18 record and the horror show he has brought this franchise to. It’s not dislike, it’s accuracy. Herm’s a great guy, but he’s an absolutely dreadful NFL head coach. The record speaks for itself, and it’s the coldest, cruelest judge, or at least it should be. The press goes easy on him because they “like” him, and they aren’t doing their jobs, for the most part. When one does, Ms Moss, she gets axed.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    Comparing the KC Chiefs media to “sharks” absolutely cracks me up. They throw the biggest softballs in the history of sports media. They kiss up to him on ever press conference. Every single week, check it out. Here’s just the latest example from this weeks conference:

    Q: You talked before of the lack of a pass rush. The coaches can’t really do much about that but ask the players to execute can they?

    Does this actually qualify as a “question”? Does Herm plant his own questions to the media? It’s pathetic.

    How about asking what he CAN do. How about asking what he’s going to do about it in the future. How about asking if they’ll utilize the LBs in the pass rush more. How about asking how it got this bad. How about asking whether they severely overestimated Hali and Turks ability to fill the void left by Jared Allen. How about whether it would be better to have a veteran pass rusher in the rotation to teach these guys?

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    I don’t think he should have to answer those questions. Why should he? They don’t ask because they know they will get the standard coach answer. Is that what you want more of? To judge Herm based on his press conferences is short sighted IMO.

    I am with Ed on this. I will reserve my judgement for this time next year. I want to see at least one more draft, off season, and full season with Herm.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Mark know one is putting the blinders own. A head coaches record doesn’t always tell the story. You have to look at why his record was bad. Example Jimmy Johnson went 1 and 15 his first year as head coach with Dallas. So is he a bad coach. Jeff Fisher went 5 and 11 then 4 and 12 in the 2004 and 2005 season. Is he a bad coach. So please kill the record crap because you wouldn’t call them bad coaches based off of those records. Speaking of records and all that how bout 3 most active playoff appearances and 2 playoff wins. Thats also Herm’s record as well. And playoff wins something this team hasnt done since 1993.

    So Mark kill that record stuff. You have judge each season based on whether a coach had a roster in place to succeed or fail. And when you’re rebuilding you don’t have that roster to succeed or else it wouldn’t be called a rebuild and thats how it goes. You have a couple bad seasons followed up by an .500 or better season, and then a break out year where you win about 10 plus games. No one here is making excuses we just understand the process. And if you don’t than you don’t quite understand football.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    And can we please kill the competing crap. If anyone on here thinks this team is not competing then you haven’t been watching the last 4 games. We’re not winning. Thats whats not happening. WE are competing. Especially compared to the way we played against Atlanta,Titans, and Panthers. WE’re competing against good teams thats probably going to make the playoffs. Now its time we start winning. So to Double A who says we’re not competing have you been watching the last 4 games. Probably not if you’re thinking we’re not competing. We need to start winning.

  • November 21, 2008  - Double A says:

    Last week’s game against the Saints was not close. We lost by 10, but the outcome of the game was pretty clear all through the second half. And the Saints’ defense is lousy!

    5 games ago, the Chiefs were thoroughly beaten by the Titans, 35-10. Do you remember how both Lendale White and Chris Johnson ran against the Chiefs D?

    The three games in between, the Chiefs did have a chance, but the team is not competitive in the NFL. The Chiefs will likely finish in the bottom 5 of the league, no matter how you dice it, that is simply not competitive.

  • November 21, 2008  - findthedr says:

    tm1946 says:
    Why is there the Kansas City chiefs?

    Buinsess. Obviously Clark Hunt is writing the teams paychecks, but the Chiefs wouldnt be around without community support.

    Obviously the NFL is nothing but entertainment, but fans are not getting their monies worth (ticket prices etc) for the product they are putting on the field.

    Being competitive is not ‘close, entertaining games’ , but actually winning some which the chiefs have not done.

    All fans are wanting is Clark to keep his word from earlier in the season.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Whats your Definition of being competitive? Rolling over letting a team blow you out or being in a position to win the game. Have we been competitive all year no. ARe we being compeitive now yes. We were leading in that New Orleans game. And would have been in a position to tie the game if Bradley wouldn’t have dropped that pass on 3rd and 2 to kill the drive. Or if our defense would’ve been able to hold them on their side of the 50 and make them punt back to us.

    Apparently you don’t watch us play every Sunday like I or some of the rest of us do. Its night and day between how this team played against Carolina and how they have been playing the last 4 games. THats called being competitive dude. I think you are confusing winning with being competitive. You seem to have winning confused with being competitive.

    Let me help you. When you compete you just don’t allow a team to beat 30 to nothing or blow you out by 20 or more points like we did against the Falcons,Titans, and Panthers. You don’t lay down and roll over just because the team has a better record than yours or you feel they may have more talent. You go out there and put yourself in a position to win the game. Like what we’ve done against the Jets,Bucs,Chargers, and Saints. And mine you now all those teams I’ve mentioned are in playoff contention, but you say we’re not competitive enough to compete in this league what da HELL YOU CALL THAT!! THats competing. So start watching the games and understand the definition of competing versus winnning. Sounds like you’re confused about the difference.

  • November 21, 2008  - colby says:

    True Red & Gold says:

    “Do you think that the Jax fans care that their team has competed. I doubt it. They want Del Rio’s head. They have fallen so short of expectations it is not funny. I suppose Del Rio suddenly can’t coach.”

    That’s because Jacksonville fans have high expectations for their team. Fans like you are fine with 1-15 and make excuses all day long for the coach that led them to it. If it’s the players fault more than the coach then who signed/drafted all the players? This doesn’t look like a Carl roster to me.

    TR&G also says:

    “you know very little about Herm,and you have very little evidence to base your dislike for him”

    Right back at you sporty. You seem to think you understand Herm and his personality more than the rest of us. You don’t, you’re a fan like everyone else here. Take a piece of your own advice and base your arguments on facts, not preconceptions on Herm’s personality. You are spinning pro-Herm at the same rate as the haters spin anti-Herm. Don’t convince yourself that you are any more pure in your motives.

    Finally, another thing TR&G says is

    “The adversity that this team is facing right now will make them stronger in the future. And like him or not you will have Herm to thank for it!”

    Are you out of your freaking mind?! Thank Herm for this disaster that he caused? Tell me that was an attempt at humor. If not, you’re either Herm himself or a nut on the same level as Rin!

    Herm supporters are just like the man himself, full of excuses and little substance.

  • November 21, 2008  - colby says:

    Nathan obff says:

    “Find me another coach that can win while his #1 and #2 QBs, starting DE, #2 RB, and #3 DE all go to IR, and his other starting DE, his starting MLB, starting WLB, starting SLB, starting FS, #1 corner, nickelback, and starting LT all miss significant playing time, and his #1 (pro-bowl) RB is deactivated for 5 games.”

    The situation isn’t identical, but Denver has had every bit as much trouble with injuries as we have and have MORE players on injured reserve than we do. They’re finding a way to win still. They lead the West by 2 games. Why is that? Because Shannahan is a brilliant coach and Herm is the king of excuses.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Wait a minute for you to say Denver has had the same injuries as we have is just stupid. First of all they’re not down to they’re third string quarterback. See what happens to them if they were. See how well Shannahan would coach through that.

  • November 21, 2008  - Matt in OMA says:

    I don’t have a big problem with Herm. He gets a lot about of a group of undertalented guys. His only problem is that he plays too conservatively in tight games – i.e. the punt on fourth and 2 in the 4th quarter of last week. Sometimes that makes it very hard to win, because we are not the aggressors.

    But certainly we can’t keep Carl. He is the reason we have these undertalented guys. He is the reason we have lost 18 of 19 and have not won a single playoff game since Joe Montana was here. His record speaks for itself.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Next once we fill in our holes on this team we will be taking over this division their is no doubt in my mind about that. The Raiders are the Raiders. ANd the Chargers are getting worse with all that talent since Marty left. As for Denver their defense is horrible and Cutler still makes to many risky throws and bad interceptions.

    And lets not forget we beat them preety good this year. They’re going to win this division by default but want be much of a factor in the playoffs just like the Cardinals. They are going to be a one and done team for sure.

  • November 21, 2008  - arrowhead78 says:

    Well i hope when the team starts winning again the fans that had left dont come back and stays with the team they had jumped on with. Also for everyone who says that herm doesn’t know player evaluation, who was the coach who picked up are third string QB from the vikings practice squad?? I dont see alot of teams picking up these players from practice squads when they obviously have some talent.

    The chiefs injuries this year have been way worse then any other team has taken, for a young team trying to get in a rythm it’s got to be impossible.. For those who dont believe injuries will hurt a teams chances of winning, have you been paying attention to San Diego lately? Tomlinson injured early in the year, Merriman out, their offense and defense have both been shells of previous years.

    Denver is in first place because the AFC west is horrible, there offense is strong enough to put up points, there defense sucks. It’s ashame the AFC West didn’t suck this bad when Vermiel was here, the chiefs easily would have rolled every year… not just the 13-3 year… where they were beat by Indy in the playoffs.

  • November 21, 2008  - findthedr says:

    I dont think anyone says Herm doesnt know player evaluation. He would make a fine scout, and maybe that is what the chiefs should hire him at.

    He has real, legitimate problems as head coach from his game-day management, to his conservative philosophy, to his willingness to assert authority with the front office.

    As for injuries, there are plenty of other teams with as much injuries as the chiefs that are winning. When your #1 and #2 qb are getting knocked out, that is a reflection of the system as well as the offensive line….and this is Herm’s 3rd yr with the team.

    The reason the team has been competitive has soley been on the new spread offensive philosophy which is completely contrary to Herm’s philosophy. To give credit to Herm for that, and not Gailey is wrong.

  • November 21, 2008  - tard says:

    What to know why the Chiefs have been total failures for almost 20 years?

    Because of this idiocy.

    God we suck.

    Let’s give Gun a 100 yr contract too. And Ryan Sims. And Steve Bono. And the wing-t. And Betamax. And Mondale. And the French in WWII.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:


    I love it when people credit Herm for his “successful” 9-7 and 10-6 playoff seasons, then in the same breath disparage people like Al Groh and Vermeil for the same 9-7 and 10-6 records that didn’t happen to go to the playoffs those years. Priceless.

    And he won 2 wild card games. Whoopdie-freakin’-do, he just got the equivalent of a bye, the same place we got with all those 13-3 records in years past with other coaches. He’s lost a lot more (4) playoff games than he’s won.

    Simple facts:

    - Overall losing record as a head coach
    - 2-4 playoff record
    - never won more than 10 games in a season
    - Both his teams got WORSE the longer he coached them
    - below-average game-day manager… go watch some old Jets tapes if you still don’t get this nearly universal fact
    - Poor clock-management
    - Poor/nonexistent half-time adjustments
    - and on and on and on

  • November 21, 2008  - findthedr says:

    well said uncuffed!!

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Wait a minute findthedr both guys deserve credit. Give Herm credit for 1 hiring the guy in the first place. 2 changing his philosophy and not being stubborn by sticking with it. And 3 allowing Gailey to run the offense without dictating to him to be more conservative. Both guys deserve credit. As for as coaching goes proofs in the pudding. The guy has won playoff games has the 3rd most active playoff appearances. THats coaching.

    THat is just like saying Trent Green wasn’t a good quarterback when from his tenure as a Chief he was second to Peyton Manning in all passing statistics except one. To say he can’t coach when he’s led teams to the playoff mutiple times is ludacris.

    And lets not forget there is nothing wrong with his philosphy. ITs the same philosophy Marty, Bill Cowher, and Bill Parcells shares. Power running game on offense and stuff the run on defense. THat does win championships. Its why the Giants won last year. Its why the Titans are winnning this year. Give Herm credit for reconizing he didn’t have the personel to run the offense and allowing Gailey to change it.

  • November 21, 2008  - findthedr says:

    Mart never won a superbowl. Cowher just recently won the superbowl with the help of a young qb. Parcells is a winner wherever he goes. TO put Herm in their category is a diservice to the rest of them.

    I will give Herm credit for slightly getting out of Gailey’s way, but I also give him some blame for some of the conservatice calls in the 2nd half (earlier) which had Herm’s fingerprints all over them.

  • November 21, 2008  - Anonymous says:

    That article is full of it. Gretz, the team is PATHETIC, evidenced by the 1-18 record. Good Lord, this team is full of excuses and ZERO RESULTS. If this is the best they can do, I’ll follow another team. An extension for a trash product? Absolutely abyssmal idea, but expected from Gretz.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    Uncuffed 13 and 3 season doesn’t equate to playoff victories. Which one do you think the Giants would rather had last yr a bye or wild card victory that led to a eventual Super Bowl win. Please you’re more happy with regular season success than the playoffs. Screw a first round bye as Singletary would say “I WANT WINNNER”. I want to win in the playoffs not have bye weeks that get me all hard only to get beat in the divisional round.

    I don’t care about winning 10 11 9 12 13 etc. I want to win in the playoffs. I’ll take us snapping a 15 year losing streak in the playoffs over bye weeks in the playoffs any day. I want to win in the playoffs it don’t matter if its wild card or divisional playoffs. Whats the damn differance in losing in the wild card or losing in the divisional round. Its still losing.

    And yeah I’m going to say that about Herm and Parcells,Cowher,and Marty because they do share the same winning philosphy.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    Ed these guys are pissed when the Chiefs lose period. They would be pleased as punch if the Chiefs were 16-0 every season and lost the first game in the playoffs. That way they would only have to be pissed one time.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    Losing in the Divisional round is losing in the divisional round, no matter how you slice it. I thought the goal was to win a superbowl, not win a wild card game.

    Winning the game before the divisional round (whether it be the last game of the season to earn you a bye, or it be a wild-card game) doesn’t make a darn bit of difference. It’s still stalling out in the same place, and same level of competition, in the playoffs.

    You might as well argue that pre-season wins make Herm a good coach… oh wait, he stinks at that too.

  • November 21, 2008  - Jon says:


    Let’s think about this for a minute. If I was the owner, and this is the situation. The coach went 1-19 in his last 20 games, has a history of shifting blame to others when he loses, and seeing that he’s still the only NFL head coach to have a clock management coach in Dick Curl, yet the fans are still wondering why the clock management is still terrible? I would be looking at those and say to myself, “This man is not doing his job effectively enough to be given an contract extention. In fact, I would strongly considering firing Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards in mid-point of the season.

    The object of the game off football on offense is to score a TD everytime you have the ball. Bill Belichick knows this, Herman Edwards and the rest of the Chiefs coaching staff doesn’t.

    Case in point. New England is up 42-10, 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter, heading to the 4th quarter. It’s 4th quarter, 4 and 1 on the Buffalo 10…..and goes for it, adding ANOTHER TD 3 plays later.

    On the same day, earlier, 1:15 left until halftime, with 3 TO’s left, tie score vs the defending champs, Herman Edwards goes to the locker room. Another play, 8 minutes left, tie score, 3rd and long and a submitting draw play/punt.

    Something reeks here.

  • November 21, 2008  - ED says:

    I don’t care about bye weeks in the playoffs. I want wins in the playoffs of course the ultimate goal is to win it all, but you at least want to start out by winning a playoff game whether it be wild card or divisional round. Truth is we haven’t won one in 15 years. So please kill that bye week crap because it goes in the same bucket with the Cowboys streak of 12 years without a playoff win.

    Screw regular season records when you become a winning team. We had winning teams for years that couldn’t crack a playoff win.

  • November 21, 2008  - Uncuffed says:

    To me, the goal is to get as far in the playoffs as possible, i don’t care how you get there. If you win the superbowl, your regular season record doesn’t matter. However, if you lose a wild card game (which Herm has done twice), then your regular season record does matter if it could have gotten you past that with a bye.

  • November 21, 2008  - Chiefs News Chiefs Update | Chiefs Football at says:

    [...] If you missed the piece, here’s the link. [...]

  • November 21, 2008  - Mark says:

    Only the Chiefs would give a coach who has lost 19 of 20 games and has a .333 winning percentage with the team a contract extension.

  • November 21, 2008  - hawk says:

    No, Jack Harry would just blow up totally

  • November 21, 2008  - Carlm says:

    Lol, some of you haters are just down right pathetic. Who are you trying to sway? Or is it, you just want everyone to believe the way you do? To argue like some of you do wont sway the opposing faction anyway. Intelligent conversations go a longer way than vile and hatred do (this is for you findthedr-I appreciate your intelligent critisism. It is not based in hatred as you have stated. You just don’t like his coaching ability.) I don’t believe he should get an extension till we see something more out of this team than we have. I also don’t think he should be let go till we see what happens at the end of next season.

  • November 21, 2008  - True Red & Gold says:

    colby says:

    Right back at you sporty. You seem to think you understand Herm and his personality more than the rest of us. You don’t, you’re a fan like everyone else here.

    Colby, I have never judged or criticized Herm based on the limited knowledge that I have of him. I have always given him the benefit of the doubt based on my limited exposer to him.

    Also it is hardly the Herm haters that are the creative ones!

  • November 21, 2008  - findthedr says:

    thanks carlM. I too dont believe herm should get an extension till we see something more out of this team.

    I, unlike you, would judge him at the end of the season and fire him if need be. Unfortunately, that decision is not mine.

  • November 21, 2008  - Burt Reynolds says:

    This may well be the single dumbest thing I’ve ever seen written, and I’m noticeably, measurably less intelligent for having read it.

    The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to defend Carl Peterson’s running of this franchise into the ground is nothing short of breath-taking…so on that level and that level alone, congratulations are in order.

    All of this stems from one basic, flawed belief: that the Chiefs have actual reached “greatness” at any point in Peterson’s tenure. They haven’t. Great teams win Super Bowls. Great franchises don’t go decades without winning playoff games.

    The only things great about this team is its support…and the lengths to which some will go to defend the ineptitude of those running it.

  • November 22, 2008  - Herm's agent says:

    Why only a 5-year extension? That won’t be enough to keep Herm here! Why not a 40-year extension? Other teams will hire him away from us if we don’t lock him up long-term.

    Come on, wouldn’t every team out there try to hire Herm away from us if they could? A puny 5-year extension won’t cut it, he’d leave for another job if that’s all we offered him! We need to offer Herm at least a 50 year contract extension and a big pay raise. The record doesn’t lie, he’s earned it. Can you imagine what might happen if Herm ever left us? The team might have a bad record or something.

    Tom Landry once got a contract extension, so obviously that means Herm is the next Tom Landry. 50 more years for Herm! At least!

    This is the best article I’ve ever read! Give Gretz a big extension too, he’s the Herm Edwards of sportswriters. Big extensions for everyone!! Things are great with the Chiefs! More of the same!

  • November 22, 2008  - Michael says:

    Bob why would you reward your management for winning 1 out of 20 times? That is insanity..I’m tired of all the excuses for Herm..He’s been a terrible free agent evaluator and some of the draft picks have been crap..

    I know Herm will be back next year no matter what, but he’s got something to prove next year..If we’re not 8-8 we need to move on..I’d rather part ways right now..

  • November 22, 2008  - ED says:

    I agree Nathan. Peterson is to blame for this damn roster having to need this major overhauling. He’s definately no AJ Smith the Chargers Gm. What we’re doing now with getting younger he should have been doing the past 19 years. Thats why I say Herm needs another year to get the holes filled in on this team. I”m not saying give him an extention based on the talent he brought in he needs to start getting these guys to win first. But so far so good with bring in the young talent that Nathan just mention. And you’re right no more back and forth lets just see how things play out between now and the end of next season its the last year of Herm’s contract anyway. So the verdict will be up then by the end of next year.

  • November 22, 2008  - Ricky-poo says:

    Jack Harry is not the only head that would explode if Carl “the king pimp” Peterson were to be re-signed. That would do it for me. PERIOD!! I would erase any desire of being a Chiefs fan from my cerebral cortex. It would be on to … to … uh … well, maybe it would help me find some other things to do on Sundays.

    I would figure that the Hunt family sees the team only as “cash flow” and has no idea how to build a championship caliber team. Surely, Mr. Gretz, you don’t believe that Peterson is the man to move this team into the next generation. Please tell me it isn’t so, Mr. Gretz. Even Detroit would not re-sign this man. If 18 years of futility does not paint a picture for you then a Rembrandt and a water-color must be comparable to you. Please don’t even joke about Peterson’s return. THAT AIN’T FUNNY!!!

  • November 22, 2008  - Smittysbar says:

    If Herm and Carl come back next year, this franchise will be devastated. Clark seems to care about soccer, one could only hope he would give the same dedication to football. So far he has not, Herm is one of the worst game day coach’s that has ever stepped foot on the field, I believe he alone will lose 2 to 3 games a year with bad decisions. Which is strange for a coach that wants close games, yet continuously proves that he can not handle himself in these situations.

    He Never has a team prepared at the start of the season. Makes it hard for a team to come back out of a hole he seems to always put them in.

    He only changed his train of thought on offense, when his back seemed to be firmly against the wall. Even then, if he had a lead he would scale it back the second half of the game.

    He may have been voted one the top five to play for, but doesn’t explain why good players want out. Fujita said that him and Mitchell were glad they got out of here when they did. TG wants out, ol’ 69′ said he wouldn’t sign, yet we sign a player such as LJ (problem child).

    We go into last year, and don’t fool yourself the rebuild started last year, with a team that was clearly rebuilding. We put Fetal Huard out there to run the ship, instead of finding out if Croyle was the QBOTF.

    Special teams have been laughable to say the least, yet has anything changed? Nope!

    Has a D line that is on pace to set a NFL record of being the worst in NFL history. Three of the four are 1st day picks, yet he is a great talent evaluator?????

    Last but not least, this man cannot take blame for anything that has happened. He would throw his wife under the bus if he had to. It’s always someones fault, but never his.

    All of this falls on both Herm and Carl, which in turn should put them in the unemployment line as soon as possible.

    How bad has it got—-Have two LL seats for this weekends game, and can not give them away. Not just because the Chiefs are not winning. Fans are not willing to spend there money on a franchise that will not show them that they are serious about winning. If Clark and Herm are gone, the KC fans will bring Arrowhead back to life.

  • November 24, 2008  - mark says:

    Still singing this tune, Bob?

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