Booing? All Cassel Heard Was “Chiefs!”

From St. Joseph, Missouri

The boos rained down on Chiefs QB Matt Cassel during a celebrity softball game on All-Star Weekend at Kauffman Stadium.

Or did they?

“I heard just as many cheers and I heard, ‘CHIEFS.’ I heard, ‘CHIEFS.’ I didn’t hear any booing,” Cassel told the media after practice on Friday at Missouri Western State University. “That’s what I heard, right?”

No, Cassel is not delusional – he knows those were the unhappy thoughts of some fans that greeted him in that softball game.

And he’s OK with that.

“The thing that I love about our fans is that they’re passionate,” said Cassel. “They let you know how they feel one way or the other and I can respect that. I’m going to go out; I’m going to be the same guy each and every day. I’m going to give you 110-percent of what I have, and some people like it, some people won’t.

“You know what? I’m going to give it my all. I’m here to win, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish this season is win a lot of ballgames and hopefully make these guys cheer each and every time they see us out on the ball field.”

5 Responses to “Booing? All Cassel Heard Was “Chiefs!””

  • July 28, 2012  - aPauled says:

    Hopefully Cassel is more of the QB he was each-and-every-day in 2010, rather than the QB he was each-and-every-day in 2011.

  • July 28, 2012  - txchief says:

    I’m certainly not a believer that Matt Cassel is a top tier QB, but I think it’s unfair for Chiefs fans to be booing the guy. His development has been delayed by Haley running off Chan Gailey and Charlie Weis, who may have been better able to maximize his talents over time.

    Like it or not, Peyton Manning showed KC his middle finger, and the Chiefs and their have to deal with it. Matt’s the starter unless Stanzi or Quinn make a miraculous step forward in camp. The fans should support Cassel and the team so that KC can find a way to stomp the crap out of the lousy, fleabag broncos*!

    * Lack of capitalization and respect completely intentional.

  • July 28, 2012  - ChuckXX says:

    I too am rooting for Cassel to succeed. Why would you not if you are a real Chiefs fan??? While I feel much like KCSTUD that Cassel is a far cry from an elite QB. He’s all we got so we might as well root for the guy to have a great year.

  • July 28, 2012  - Johnfromwichita says:

    With so many really crap quarterbacks since Lenny, why not support Cassel? He may not connect on very many 50 yard completions but he can hit a lot of 10-20 yard gains. Hey, five 10 yard plays equals a fifty yarder. Give him protection, a running game and let him play his game.

  • July 29, 2012  - cychief24 says:

    Chiefs weapons look to be improved over ’10.
    The O-line definitely is better. I like the Ugoh signing for depth.

    Hopefully Daboll can be as effective running things as Weis was until he lost interest after taking the Florida job.

    “Fans” that root against Cassel or any Chief at this point should find something else to do.

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