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One need not be Vince Lombardi Einstein to do the math that shows how important the Buffalo defense against the Chiefs running game was on Sunday.

  • October 31, 2010 – Chiefs run for 274 yards against the Bills in 13-10 overtime victory.
  • September 11, 2011 – Chiefs run for 108 yards against the Bills in 41-7 season opening loss.

Chan Gailey’s defense against the run improved by 166 yards and it was a major reason the Bills were able to guard their big early lead and walk away with a huge victory.

“I think our guys are taking a lot of pride in being a good run defense rigt now,” Gailey said after the game. “We’ve emphasized it. We’ve made a big deal about it. They want to be good against the run and I thought it was good to be able to out there and play good against the run.

“We let them get a couple of them out of there, but I think those problems are solvable.”

Gailey was speaking of a 23-yard run by Dexter McCluster and a 22-yard run by Jamaal Charles. Otherwise 16 runs went for 3.9 yards per carry.

Last year Charles had his breakout game of the season when he ran for 177 yards against the Bills. This time he managed 56 yards on 10 carries.

“They just wanted it more than us,” said Charles. “We came out here with a mindset of winning the game, but we didn’t execute and that’s on all of us. We didn’t come through as players and coaches.”

In the second half, the Chiefs called back-to-back running plays only once – on the final two plays of the game when they were down by 34 points. The scoreboard was against them at the time, but at some moment doesn’t it make sense to get the run game some work and forget about the score?

“There are so many things that happen,” said Todd Haley. “It’s how the offensive plays go in; some of them are run-pass, some of them are pass-run, some of them are just calls, some of them get checks, some of them get alerted. Sometimes in the end you see some of that happen. It wasn’t going to make a difference in the outcome today. We just need to be a lot better.”

The unfortunate fact for the Chiefs was that no matter the score, there was not room to run. Buffalo had safeties Bryan Scott and George Wilson racing to the line of scrimmage to plug any holes that might pop open. They led the Bills defense in tackles, Scott with eight and Wilson with five. FS Jarius Byrd had five tackles as well.

“The secondary has support,” said Gailey. “I saw George Wilson flying up out of the secondary making several plays. Everybody knew where the ball was going. We had a great scheme against their run game. We were able to get a lot of hats to the ball. If one guy is making the tackle in the open field too much, you’re going to be in trouble. But we had several guys around the ball it seemed like each time and that’s what it takes to be a successful run defense.”


  • September 12, 2011  - Mark says:

    Chan Gailey knows this offense inside and out. He was the OC until the first game and then fired.

  • September 12, 2011  - Husteak says:

    Teams will continue to crowd the box until the chiefs prove they can get something down field. With little protection, and a quarterback that isn’t very good at long throws…. this could be a long year.

    Still 30+ million under the cap.
    Enjoy our money Clark. Your family must need it more than the chiefs fans do.

  • September 12, 2011  - Bills Run Over Chiefs In Opener, 41-7 : says:

    [...] SIDEBAR: Bills run defense is huge. [...]

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