Bailey Shutout Bowe

From Arrowhead Stadium

It’s the type of line of the statistical report on a Chiefs game that is almost unbelievable, like some sort of mistake by the computer or its operator.

But there it was, on page 3 of the Chiefs-Broncos Gamebook, under the category of Chiefs pass receiving:








D. Bowe







The hottest receiver in the NFL over the last month was taken out of the Chiefs offense by the Denver defense and the coverage of CB Champ Bailey. Three weeks ago, Bowe lit up the Broncos for 13 catches, 186 yards and two touchdowns. At least eight of those catches were against Bailey as the Broncos ran out to a 20-point victory.

Things were very different some 21 days later. Bailey had Bowe the entire game. Bowe was shut out and the Chiefs won.

No. 82 says that’s all that mattered to him.

“As long as there’s a ‘W’ at the end of the day and I ran well and blocked well, I’m okay with that,” Bowe said after the game. “That happens. It’s football.”

The goal of the Broncos was to keep Bowe from running through their secondary catching passes left and right. They didn’t think about shutting him out; they just wanted to contain him.

“We wanted to focus on trying to limit the big plays with Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe,” said Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels. “I thought Champ did a good job. We had Champ on him all day. I really challenged our guys to play better team defense than what we had played the last couple weeks and I thought they responded.”

Especially Bailey, the 12-year veteran who has now played the last seven seasons with the Broncos. He’s not the every game lock-down corner he was a few years ago. But on any given Sunday, the 32-year old out of the University of Georgia can dial it up.

“I know Champ has a really good week of practice and prepared extremely hard,” McDaniels said. “He knew the challenge going in. We were going to put him on Bowe a lot and it was a lot of one-on-one coverage. There wasn’t a lot of roll where we were helping him.

“He really responded to the challenge. He’s a true pro and a guy that is a big-time competitor.”

QB Matt Cassel threw it in Bowe’s direction three times. The first time came midway through the first quarter when Bowe caught a pass on the sideline in front of the Denver bench. The officials ruled it a catch for nine yards, but McDaniels challenged the ruling and after a replay review the call was changed to incomplete. That was the last time Bowe saw the ball in the first half.

“Champ is one of the premier corners in the league,” said Cassel. “Obviously Dwayne is a guy that’s had a tremendous amount of production, not only in the last few weeks, but throughout the course of the year. I’m sure they targeted him and said ‘We’re not going to let Dwayne Bowe beat us today’.”

The other throws in Bowe’s direction came in the fourth quarter. Cassel went to Bowe down the right side on a deep ball, but Bailey was there. He went deep right to Bowe again, and he caught it for a 22-yard completion. But Bowe was called for offensive pass interference when he pushed off on Bailey when making his cut, thus wiping out his reception and the play. On the very next snap, Cassel went to Bowe for a short pass, but it was incomplete.

“I mean it’s disappointing but at the end of the day, we won,” said Bowe. “He’s the best defender I ever went up against and he told me that I’m one of the greatest he’s gone against. As we battled it out he said ‘my game plan was to not let you get anything.’ And, he did it.”

In the month of November, Bowe led the league with 528 receiving yards and eight touchdown catches. He began the month of December with goose eggs. He can live with that.

“They have a great defense,” Bowe said. “But overall we won and I’m proud of that.”

6 Responses to “Bailey Shutout Bowe”

  • December 6, 2010  - Jess - Federal Way, WA says:

    That’s a great attitude for Bowe to have. From a lot of players, that would just sound like the same ol’ rhetoric, but I think Bowe was being very genuine.

  • December 6, 2010  - Chuck says:

    On the play that Bowe got flagged for pushing off I thought that was “marginal” at best. I see that go on all the time and most of the time it never gets called. I still say for next year we need one more “stud WR”. Yesterday kinda proves it.

  • December 6, 2010  - Kiowa says:

    Fitzgerald is a free man next year and I am positive Haley will go after him. With Charles in the backfield and two stud WRs, the offense will be stellar next year.

  • December 6, 2010  - Clarence says:

    Hey Bob,
    Bailey didn’t shut out Bowe, Cassel and the officials shut out Bowe, plain and simple. Had Cassel’s passes been more accurate, his reads better, and the official not making that questionable pass interference call, Bowe would have had catches. As good as Bailey is, he’s at a disadvantage against a receiver with a big height advantage.

  • December 6, 2010  - jim says:

    Now, Now Clarence, let’s not make excuses for Bailey’s (height). Hell, 90% of the receivers in the league are taller than him. He should be accustomed to it, bby now. And let’s not be all sour grapes about one questionalbe call. As much as I am a Bowe fan, if he wants the ball then he needs to simply get open. Face it, Bailey had a career game against one of the best up and coming receivers in the league. Hats off to Bailey.

  • December 6, 2010  - Edward says:

    Bowe understand they’re going to be days the other guy has your number. Champ is a Hall of Fame corner Bowe wore him out in the first game and Champ shut him down in the second. Its good he’s staying positive because he’ll bounce back Sunday.

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