Ask Bob: September 28

Cupp says: You guys really think a Bills castoff would be better than Cassel? I’m not voting Cassel MVP or anything but Trent Edwards really? Come on. Also anybody else see Priest on the sideline on Sunday? Good to see we haven’t completely forgotten the past. Bob any info on what Holmes was up to?

Bob says: Priest Holmes is and always will be a ghost. He suddenly appears, and then just as quickly he’s gone. Not sure what he was doing at Arrowhead, but Priest still has some business interests here and it would be the place he lived if he wasn’t so ensconced in San Antonio.


KC_Guy says: I wonder how many seats the Chiefs declared “dead” for the season. If a paid attendance of less than 70,000 is good to avoid a blackout it should be better than 5,000 seats we won’t see occupied throughout the year.

Bob says: I understand that there was quite a bit of discussion within the walls of the Chiefs offices throughout the off-season on how many seats they would kill for the season. According to NFL rules, they can declare any number of seats dead for the year. That means they cannot sell them at any time, even if there is a demand. I’m not sure how many they settled on, but unlike Jacksonville that blacks out whole sections in the upper deck, I hear the Chiefs picked out seats all throughout the stadium on a few per section basis and killed those.


TX_ChiefAN says: Off-subject here but did anyone else recognize the disappearance of DJ in this game? He seemed a little flat footed a couple of times and wasn’t flying to the ball like the first two.

Bob says: Good eyes Tx. Of the three games so far, this one was not D.J.’s best by any means. He got caught out of position a couple of times and over ran at least two plays that I can remember. This has been a problem throughout his career – consistency. It did not hurt them at all against San Francisco, as Jovan Belcher stepped up his game and led the team in tackles.


scott.go says: Any updates on Charlie Weis’ condition? Just saw it on Sports Center.

Bob says: No updates. Finding out details on Weis in the current climate around the Chiefs is next to impossible. This is one of the situations where the New England attitude of paranoia and secrecy creates and pours gasoline on stories that could be handled with a simple declaration of what’s going on. Most teams today try to get in front of stories, to make sure their point of view gets attention. The Chiefs close their eyes and hope everything goes away. And, quite frankly the more games they win, the quicker things they do go away.


Paul says: I think the 49ers just went from still having a shot to win the NFC West, to barely having a shot to get to just 4 wins. Doesn’t Mike Singletary follow his history?

Bob says: It’s apparent that the situation with the 49ers is pretty dysfunctional, and I think it starts all the way at the top and runs through the locker room. There are some organic problems there; how else to explain how poorly the Niners came in and played the Chiefs. If you match up the players man for man, the visitors had far more talent at just about every position save the secondary. Yet they were not even in the game. Firing Jimmy Raye is not going to solve their problems.


John says: Are you planning on doing the “Chutes and Ladders” again this year, ranking the teams from week to week? I enjoyed reading those last year and would think that they would continue to add to the content that is provided. Thanks.

Bob says: That’s something that I will defer to Enrique. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have someone of his talent and character contributing to the site. Whatever he can provide, I’m willing to accept. I’ll make sure he gets the message and we’ll see what he says.


Matthew says: There is video posted on ProFootballTalk. Shaun Smith did grab one of the 49ers in the nether regions. What is up with that?

Bob says: I’ve got to say, I’ve seen the video and maybe I’m blind but I don’t think it conclusively shows Smith going for the crotch. It certainly shows San Francisco’s Anthony Davis slugging him. We can assume that what we can’t see on the tape caused him to do that.

Listen, if Shaun Smith is grabbing the family jewels he’s out of bounds, but he’s not the first guy in the NFL that’s willing to do anything. So far, he’s helped create 30 yards in penalties against opponents. Here’s the other end – both of the guys complaining are rookies. You don’t think Smith has just started doing this, do you? Players have a way of taking care of these things themselves, so if it’s true, Smith had better keep his head on swivel because paybacks are hell.

5 Responses to “Ask Bob: September 28”

  • September 28, 2010  - Nate says:

    Shan Smith played his butt off Sunday. He ought to get a game ball. If not a game ball, how about a pair of brass balls? Whadda you think?

  • September 28, 2010  - TX_ChiefAN says:

    ” It did not hurt them at all against San Francisco, as Jovan Belcher stepped up his game and led the team in tackles.”…you are so right Bob, Belcher did step up his game…but more importantly we won and that masked most from seeing DJ’s inconsistant play.

  • September 29, 2010  - Brandon says:

    I agree with Nate. At least a pair of brass balls are due to Mr. Smith.

    Also, I would add my name to the list of those interested in seeing Chutes & Ladders. Mainly because of fond childhood memories of the board game.

  • September 29, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    thanks for the replys bob, I enjoy reading them, and its more interaction. I like the ask bob segments, but answering our general questions from day to day is a nice touch!

  • October 1, 2010  - aPacificChief says:

    I guess Shauns grabbing of the yolk falls under the “Don’t ask don’t tell policy!”

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