Ask Bob: September 25

KC_Guy says: Just wonder what’s wrong with Tamba’s foot. Looks like he’s had it for a while now; keeping him from at least some practice reps. Waters had some kind of lingering foot issue throughout last season and it showed. Although Tamba has been in the backfield fairly often he didn’t have as much impact as I’d had expected. 5 tackles, 0.5 sacks after 2 games sounds pretty pedestrian. Think he’ll have to turn it up some to allow the Chiefs to get more pressure on the QB – something definitely needed for Sunday and even more against the Colts in week 5. Bob, any insight what’s wrong and how much this injury limits Tamba?

Bob says: the injury occurred sometime in the pre-season. I remember him limping over to the sideline in the Philadelphia game and he got re-taped and went back in the game. From that point on, it’s been an issue. I’m sure it may be hurting him a bit, but it would take something far more serious for Hali to come out of the game. Without a doubt the Chiefs need more pressure on the passer, whether it comes from Tamba or not.


Chuck says: How bad is the injury of O’Callaghan and Jackson. This upcoming game with S.F. really scares me. Have you heard of the Vernon Davis prediction? He said the 49er’s “will win this game”. OUCH!!!! I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again our O-Line is NOT VERY GOOD.
Bob says: We’ll find out a lot more about this offensive line in this game against the Niners, who have a big and bad front seven. They like to mix it up and they want to dominate. If they are all playing well, they can. The O-Line will have to play it’s best game. O’Callaghan’s groin is obvious a major injury, since he’s now going to miss five games (2 pre-season, 3 regular season). Jackson’s sprained knee is probably two more weeks so he should be ready to play in Indianapolis.


Michael O says:
Bob, I’d like to know if the team has players working out during the week to look at. The other team sites seem to give this information, why can’t we get it also?

Bob says: As I’ve written before, the Chiefs choose to keep this information private. They do not release player names, and they will not confirm players in for a workout. They discourage players and agents from passing the word along. It’s just part of the super secrecy that Pioli has brought from the Patriots. I’m not sure what it accomplishes, but it is what it is.


Dave says: Bob, any info on our third and long defensive stats? Based purely off observation and no research, my perception is that we are much better at stopping third and short situations than third and very long.

Bob says: Here’s what I can tell you over the first two games. On third down plays of five yards to go or less, opponents have moved the chains four of eight times. On third down plays of more than five yards, opponents are four of 20 against the Chiefs, and they are just one of 11 on 3rd-and-10+.


lyle says: What’s up with McGraw?

Bob says: At some point in time, and I think this goes all the way back to training camp, McGraw tweaked a hamstring and he’s been dealing with it since. Over his career, he’s had those hammy problems a few times, and other assorted pulls and problems. Only twice in eight seasons has he played all 16 games.

McGraw should be out there on Sunday against the 49ers.


John says: Of the times you have had available to watch the team practices, how has the new NT Anthony Toribio looked?

Bob says: Unfortunately John, all I can tell you is he stretches well and he can hit a dummy with some power. Our window of opportunity is about 20 minutes, half of which is the stretching part of practice. The other 10 minutes is individual drills. Toribio looks like he plays with some power, but we’ll see how he’s developing by how much defensive play time he gets in the next few games.


Byzkit says: I have a quick question I thought I saw Rich Gannon in the locker room after the Chiefs win on Monday night. Is he working with Matt Cassel or am I seeing things?

Bob says: I don’t think so, Byzkit. I know Gannon was in town for the Chiefs-Packers pre-season game as he handled the color commentary on the Packers TV with play-by-play man Kevin Harlan. To my knowledge, he was not in the building for the Monday night game.

7 Responses to “Ask Bob: September 25”

  • September 26, 2010  - Edward says:

    I have a question Bob. Why hasn’t Bowe been featured more in this offense? For all the progress I read he made going to Fitzgerald camp. I mean if we want to help this passing game why hasn’t Charlie dialing up #82 number more often?

  • September 26, 2010  - Tracy says:


    What are the financial ramifications to a player who is placed on IR? Does it differ if an injury takes place in pre-season, as with Cameron Sheffield, as opposed to regular season?

  • September 26, 2010  - Brandon says:

    “…I can tell you is he stretches well…”

    HAHAHA… Sad but true (and slightly funny).

  • September 26, 2010  - Fleaflicker34 says:

    What’s Snapple made out of and when am I gonna get my free healthcare?

  • September 26, 2010  - Dan-NY says:

    Flea – lol. Bob Knows All.

  • September 27, 2010  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    Bob doesn’t know all. He still hasn’t gotten me the name of the hottie, brunette cheerleader (in the rotation in the upper right) that I’m in love with.

    Go CHIEFS!

  • September 28, 2010  - Mark says:

    Bob – Glad you are feeling better and making Todd Haley answer your great questions!

    When you get a chance, could you explain the NFL TV blackout rule for home games? I’ve heard that “premium” seats do not count towards the total needed for a sellout. Is that true? Also, does the team need to sell a percentage of tickets to lift the blackout (98% for example)? Is there a limit on tickets remaining for the team to lift the blackout voluntarily? I’ve seen bits and pieces of the policy in your articles, but haven’t really figured it out. Thanks!

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