Ask Bob: 9/12

I’m trying to keep up with your questions with some thoughtful answers, so bear with me as we get ready for the Monday night game.

Bob, I really loved your practice reports from training camp because they had so much detail about what went on and I couldn’t get that anywhere else. Why can’t we get the same thing on practices now? I really don’t feel like we know what’s going on.

Bob says: Once the regular season starts, the rules for media viewing practice changes dramatically from training camp and the pre-season. Under NFL rules, teams have to give the media a window to see who is on the field and who is not. Most teams all the prying eyes to watch things like the pre-practice stretch and individual position drills. Once it gets into working on offense, defense or even special teams strategy for the upcoming game, the media is ushered out. I’d say that’s the way it goes with about 90 percent of the NFL teams. There are a few that allow their local media to watch the entire practice, no matter the time of year. Somehow, they are able to function, but most teams and coaches are very paranoid about too much information hitting the streets.


Bob, what’s the deal with the college previews? I thought this was a Chiefs site?

Bob says: as a website is whatever bobgretz wants it to be. The college previews are more about beginning the process of educating everyone on the talent that could be making its way to the NFL next year. I try to concentrate on the major college games where both teams have a number of prospects. I enjoy watching college football, but since I don’t have an alma mater that I follow – mine doesn’t have a football team – I like to have an idea who might be in this game that will land in pro football soon. The best part is this: you don’t have to read the previews.


Bob, I take it that a week of practice is too little for Toribio to get in and make an impact?

Bob says: I would think that Toribio would be inactive for this game. They are healthy on the defensive line and he hasn’t had the chance to get worked into any participation in special teams. The only way he would be active would be as an insurance policy and Haley has said he’s not going to do that this year.

Bob, you probably have a big enough ego with all the strokes we give you, but I gotta say it again, nowhere else could I get this kind of insight that is written so well from a writer who knows how to connect in a real way, not a fatlock way (did anyone else notice how the new dbag at the Star sure wants to be the next Fatlock? Sam Mellinger.

Bob says: you would be surprised how little ego I carry. I’ve got a wife, two daughters, a mother and a sister and they never let me get too blown up about myself. I appreciate the kind words. As for the Star’s new columnist, Sam Mellinger, I say give him a chance. He’s a young guy, feeling his way and probably under a lot of pressure from the powers-that-be at the Star who have come under some duress themselves.


Bob, does anybody know the highest we have ever been on that popularity index list?

Bob says: that particular list compiled by Nielsen Media was a first-time effort. But on other similar type of lists over the years the Chiefs have been in the top 10. When they added Joe Montana and Marcus Allen they made major jumps in attention nationally. When they had the high-flying offense led by Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzalez and Trent Green, they were among the league’s most followed teams.


Bob, it’s being reported that former New York Jets WR David Clowney is coming to Kansas City for a tryout. Just wondering if Bob has any info for us?

Bob says: I’m sorry I don’t have an idea if Clowney showed up, or how interested the Chiefs might be. He’s a marginal prospect, with just two seasons of NFL play with the Jets in 15 games. He’s caught 15 passes for 217 yards and one TD. He does get a lot of work on special teams, not so much in returns, but coverage and blocking. Any interest that Pioli/Haley might have in Clowney would come from the injury to Jerheme Urban that took him out for the season. Understand that the Chiefs bring players in all the time, about three days a week, to work out and eye ball them. Most of the time, nobody knows they were here unless the athlete or his agent passes on the information, which was the case with Clowney. If they think he’s an upgrade, they’ll sign him.

4 Responses to “Ask Bob: 9/12”

  • September 12, 2010  - Michael says:

    I’d still like to see Toribio active for this game. I know Haley said no insurance policies, but he also said we need everyone now, not in the future. Even if he’s not on special teams for this game, he could still play on the DL.

  • September 13, 2010  - Chuck says:

    Does anyone know “specifically” what is wrong with Dex????

  • September 13, 2010  - JohnNdallas says:


    I love your college player previews. As you said it’s a great way to get a heads up on some of the talent that will be the topic of much discussion and debate starting in Feb. I too am a huge college football fan, I’ll watch any game that happens to be playing when I get a chance, regardless if D I or D III.
    Keep up the nice work!

    Go Bama, Go TCU, And Go Navy, Beat everybody!!!

  • September 13, 2010  - dan in joplin says:

    Bob, I too love the college previews, keep ‘em comin!!!

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