ANSWER BOB: October 9

Dutchy says: Bob, why is Randy Moss going to play for the Vikings this weekend and not with the Chiefs? Why didn’t Pioli go after him? Don’t we need help in our passing game, and isn’t he that kind of guy? I’m very disappointed that the Chiefs didn’t seem to be a player with Moss. Are the Hunts to cheap to pay him?

Bob says: Dutchy, here’s the deal – there are times and places where a team needs to go after a troubled talent like a Randy Moss. This is not one of them for the Chiefs. It is for the Vikings. They’ve gotten themselves into a corner where they have to play for the 2010 season because they are tied to Brett Favre. They have no other alternative at quarterback, and whether Favre really wants to play or not – it doesn’t appear that he does – they have to make a run this year because he won’t be back and they are going to have to reshuffle the deck after this season.

That’s not where the Chiefs are right now. They aren’t even sure whether their quarterback is going to be the man who continues to improve and shows he’s capable of leading them to a winning season. Moss just didn’t fit, and that doesn’t take into account the other stuff that comes with Moss. He wore out his welcome in New England with his personality. That’s not going to change with a move to Minnesota or say Kansas City. How does that help the Chiefs right now? It doesn’t.

If Pioli/Haley have made, and continue to make, the right decisions on personnel, there will come a time when it would make sense for them to consider a player like a Moss. That time is not now. As for the Hunt’s and their money, it’s hard to call them cheap when you see the dollars they dropped on Tyson Jackson, Eric Berry and Matt Cassel. We will learn in the next year or so whether they are just being careful with their dollars right now, or whether they are cheap. Any number of productive players will need new contracts in the next two seasons. How many of those players get signed and how little acrimony is created will tell us about Clark Hunt and his approach. —–

Rman says: Randy Moss gets traded to Minnesota and I could never see him landing with the Chiefs, especially with a guy like Todd Haley as head coach. But what about Vincent Jackson? Why can’t we go after him? He’s out there doing nothing. I know he has a suspension to serve, but I’m thinking about what he could mean long term.

Bob says: There are times when I think Chargers GM A.J. Smith is crazy for some of the things he says and does. But if he were to trade Jackson to the Chiefs, within the AFC West, it would be time to measure Smitty for a straight-jacket. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson is dealt before the NFL’s trading deadline, but it won’t be to the Chiefs, or Broncos, or Raiders. The only chance the Chiefs will get at Jackson will be if the new collective bargaining agreement gives him free agency and he’s on the market for the 2011 season.


Austin says: So in the last two days I’ve seen a story about the Chiefs on the front page of USA Today and then a story on They are getting a lot of attention. I’m worried about this going to their heads? Any chance these guys are going to start believing all the good things being written about them?

Bob says: I didn’t sense any of that in the locker room this week, because I’m going to bet there’s probably only one or two guys in there that actually read USA Today. A few more may troll the web and hit on, but there really isn’t anything for them to get a big head about. But dealing with this type of attention is all part of the “process” as Haley calls it. It comes down to learning how to handle the good times, and how to deal with the bad times. Publicity comes at both ends of that spectrum, either because the situation is good, or it’s really, really bad. Right now, I don’t think it’s something to be concerned about.


Chiefsman says: Do you think Charlie Weis should have been coaching in the San Francisco game with the physical problem he had? I’ve heard some people say he was crazy for putting off getting his gall bladder surgery. Why did he do that?

Bob says: You know there was a time when a man was cheered when he overcame problems to get a job done. It’s just one of the many things that have changed these days. If Weis thought he could coach and handle the situation, and Todd Haley was comfortable with that decision, then what’s the problem? This obviously wasn’t life threatening, although it did require Weis deal with being uncomfortable and in pain. But he dealt with that, got the job done and then went under the knife. How anyone can translate that into a bad thing is beyond my comprehension.

2 Responses to “ANSWER BOB: October 9”

  • October 9, 2010  - Nate says:

    I can’t believe anyone would think Randy Moss would be a good addition to the chiefs. And to give up a 3rd round pick to get a guy who loafs a good part of the time? Trading away older players is how the Patriots keep coming up with extra early round picks most years. They didn’t win 3 super bowls by being dumb. The reason our draft this year was so good was that Pioli stockpiled early round draft picks. We got 5 of the first 93 players picked.

  • October 10, 2010  - Tracy says:

    Good points, Nate. Cab we not remember just how bad the whole LJ-as-a-locker-room-cancer situation was?
    The “There-is-no-I-in-team” concept that has seemingly emerged this season is still developing and does not need the negative vibes that would come along with RM’s obvious talents

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