Answer Bob: November 4

Ronnie says: Bob, I can’t believe the Chiefs did not go after Randy Moss. I’m so disappointed!!!!! He would have made a difference for our team and would have given Matt Cassel someone who can get open. I don’t understand where the Hunts and Pioli are coming from sometimes. Why wouldn’t they want one of the best receivers in history?

Bob says: Ronnie, your analysis of Moss obviously exceeds that of the Chiefs. We’ve heard Todd Haley speak many times out fits, and there’s no way Moss was a good fit for this team at the time. Bringing in a player like Moss is one thing, bringing in a personality like Moss is something else. Understand this: Moss wasn’t the final piece of the puzzle to winning a championship. Here’s a note that’s seldom mentioned when the subject of Moss comes up – how many Super Bowl rings does he own? Yes, he’s been a great receiver, but he’s never been on a championship team.


Johnny B. says: OK, so the Chiefs didn’t claim Moss. I guess I’m not surprised about that. But what are they going to do to pump up the passing game? We could make the playoffs but we don’t have a shot of doing anything if they can’t throw the ball better than what’s happened. What are they going to do?

Bob says: They are going to hope that they don’t get trapped into a game where they have to win a shootout. That’s what running the ball and playing defense is all about. Without even opening up the can of worms with Matt Cassel, the Chiefs roster is not built for a track meet. Save possibly Dexter McCluster, they don’t have a deep threat. Dwayne Bowe is what he is and other than being more consistent, he’s not suddenly going to get faster or catch all the balls thrown his way. Chris Chambers appears to be either a.) Injured more than we know b.) Washed up or c.) Disinterested or pouting. No matter what, he’s not producing. Terrance Copper is not a full-time receiver and rookie Verran Tucker isn’t ready to become a full-time player.

What they can hope for is what they showed against Buffalo – run the ball, shorten the game, squeeze the clock and don’t load up on the passing game until it’s absolutely necessary.


napahank says: I don’t understand the marginalizing of a mostly young defense in their first year with a new DC. I was only frustrated by the zone “bend but don’t break” defense but hey-it works more than it doesn’t! Finally, DJ INT attempt on one pass was on his back shoulder. Isn’t this the same DJ that we have been marveling at his catching ability (3 INT for 3 TDs) going back to Denver game? Receivers who know the ball is coming to them drop more than DJ. Show some love Bob … show some love (to your 5-2 Chiefs!)

Bob says: Hank, they are not my 5-2 Chiefs, but I do admit that they have accomplished far more in half a season than I thought they were capable of getting done in a full season. I’m not trying to marginalize the defense in any fashion. I just think it’s a bit of a tight rope right now; there’s isn’t a large margin of error. They do not force enough turnovers and they do not hit the quarterback enough. I like the way Romeo Crennel has handled this group. Right now, they are keeping things very simple and stressing executing the defense. That’s exactly what needed to happen. They’ve played three top offenses in the league – San Diego (No. 1), Indianapolis (2) and Houston (7). They played the Chargers in a monsoon; call that good timing. Crennel’s history against the Colts allowed them to do a sensational job against Indy. The Houston meltdown in the second half and fourth quarter is troubling.

Ahead the best offenses they’ll face are in the AFC West – twice against Oakland (8) and Denver (10) and then a trip to San Diego (1). The rest of their opponents are Tennessee (24), St. Louis (25), Seattle (30) and Arizona (31).


KCinGermany says: Bob, thanks so much for the great coverage. Being overseas right now in the service I need my Chiefs fix and I only have so many opportunities to get on the net. Your site is great because after the game, I find every angle covered. Thanks so much. What I want to know is why the Chiefs have so many linebackers on the roster right now? Don’t they need help at other positions like wide receiver more than linebacker. Thanks.

Bob says: Thanks for your nice comments and thank you for your service for our country. You are right, the Chiefs are top heavy with linebackers right now, with 10 on the active roster and one more on the practice squad. Why they have so many is a legitimate question given the fact that three of those 10 were among the game-day inactive players last week: rookie Justin Cole and veterans Charlie Anderson and Mark Simoneau. At this point it’s hard to see just where Simoneau fits in whether it’s the little picture of the next few weeks, or the big picture of the rest of the season. Cole has been inactive for all seven games and is the only player on the roster this year that seems to be having a red-shirt type season. I think that tells us all something about what type of future the Chiefs think he might have in the league. Over seven games, Andy Studebaker has not had enough defensive snaps. That changed a bit against Buffalo, as he came on the field in the dime defense.

Generally, linebackers are on special teams and making big contributions there. But of the top 10 tacklers in the kicking game only three are linebackers: 2.) Corey Mays with 7 and 4.) Cory Greenwood and Andy Studebaker with five each. I would expect as soon as it’s necessary to sign someone at another position that a linebacker will be released to make a spot.


Byzkit says: Hey Bob that was a great article (Outside View by Rick Gosselin.) I really enjoyed when you used to have the podcasts weekly with Rick Gosselin and Len Dawson. Is that something you are going to try to bring back?

Bob says: Stay tuned here in the coming weeks. Still dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s, but hopefully it will come together soon.

6 Responses to “Answer Bob: November 4”

  • November 5, 2010  - Todd says:


    I’m shocked that Derrick Thomas didn’t make the NFL Top 100 players of all time list. Are you?

  • November 5, 2010  - Dan-NY says:

    I too have missed the podcasts. Looking forward to their return.

  • November 5, 2010  - Rick says:

    Yes, the podcasts are great.

    I’d like to see Studebaker playing more.

    I’m very thankful Randy Moss isn’t a Chief.

  • November 5, 2010  - Fleaflicker34 says:


    What’s Marty up to and why is nobody talking about him in terms of coaching again? All he does is rescue crappy franchises, even though he has no Super Bowls.

    And how to they get the caffeine out of caffeine free Mt. Dew?

    This is still the best Chiefs site available Bob, much love from the Great Northwest

  • November 5, 2010  - Nate says:

    Thank the football gods, Scott Pioli and Todd Haley that Randy Moss is not with the Chiefs. When you are running the ball almost 200 yards a game, and passing it 150 to 200 yards a game, Randy Moss would quickly become not just a distraction, but a disaster. He cant spell team let alone understand what it means to the success of the Kansas City Chiefs. Randy is only interested in stats for Randy!

  • November 7, 2010  - cychief24 says:

    NFL Network caters to the big markets like ESPN does. Who cares! DT is a Hall of Famer. I know I was there with my son and saw him inducted. Not even the eastern media can take that away from us!

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