Answer Bob: Labor Day Edition

What a busy weekend trying to keep up with the Chiefs and the NFL and all the roster moves. I’m worn out, but I do want to answer some of your questions. I know I don’t always do a good job of getting back to questions, so my Labor Day resolution is to do some more work every few days and answer questions you have posted in the comments.

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Chris says: KC Star said that Cameron Sheffield (inferred) was taken off practice by ambulance. What is the story?

Bob says: Here’s what I saw. At approximately 11:30 a.m. on Monday an ambulance from the K.C. Fire Department drove into the Chiefs facility at the Truman Sports Complex. The ambulance had its lights flashing but no siren and was not in a hurry. It traveled behind the Chiefs indoor facility, where there is access to the locker room, training room and even to the practice field. About 20 minutes later, the ambulance came back out from behind the indoor facility, again with lights flashing, but not running the siren and not moving quickly at all.

At the end of his meeting with the media, Todd Haley was asked if someone had been hurt at practice. “Nobody that I know right now,” said Haley. “I didn’t see anything occur. We are fighting through some things with some guys that you have all been aware of. It appeared we made it through in good shape.”

That’s what I know.


Tenand6 says: If your entire future as a HC or GM seemed to hinge on a shaky QB, what would you do?

Bob says: I’d make sure that I had plenty of options when it came to offensive production, and I’d work hard at reducing the amount of exposure for this shaky quarterback. Now, if Matt Cassel is the shaky quarterback you are referring too, I’m not sure I agree just yet. But putting together a strong group of running backs and pushing the running game is certainly one way to minimize the exposure.


dave says: Bob obviously teams make mistakes from time to time, but the Chiefs letting Tony Richardson go to the Vikes a few years ago just made little sense! What actually happened, did he speak out against a coach or assistant? Based on what we knew during his time in KC and in reading what the Jets thought seems he had the traits both physical and mental any team would want.

Bob says: I miss TRich on a daily basis and have since he left. It really came down to two things with him and the Chiefs. One, Herm Edwards was in the process of making the team younger and Tony just didn’t fit with that picture. Too bad, because TRich may have provided more help in dealing with Larry Johnson. Two, Tony wanted a two-year contract at the time. The Chiefs were only willing to offer a one-year deal, while the Vikings offered two years. TRich is a smart guy and he went for the money and stability. I don’t blame him.


KC_Guy says: There’s two more major holes on the roster – CB and QB.

CB – Travis Daniels may pass as dime back, but Jackie Bates? Seriously?  QB – There’s no one to push Cassel to a higher level of performance. Right now, for all intents and purposes, the Chiefs have a backup as their starter and a M*A*S*H* second teamer yet to win a NFL game. And this is the answer for the most important position on the team?

Bob says: Bates making the final roster was a bit of a surprise, especially given the long pass play he gave up against the Packers. Not sure how he fits, but if I were him, I’d rent, not buy. The situation with Maurice Leggett was a bad one. We know he was suffering from the effects of his collision in Tampa Bay, but for it to be so serious that he went to the IR list and is lost for the season was a shock. Daniels is serviceable as the fourth corner.

As for the QB position, whether Brodie Croyle can stay healthy or not – and apparently he cannot – doesn’t matter, he wasn’t going to be allowed to truly challenge Cassel.


TX_ChiefAN says: How long do waivers last? How long until the practice squad is established and how long do we have to pick up others fodder before they are placed on their teams ps? Thanks again Bob.

Bob says: Here are the mechanics. When a non-vested veteran (less than four seasons of play) is placed on the waiver wire, he’s there for 24 hours. Players with four seasons or more instantly become free agents when they are released. Non-vested players must pass through waivers, meaning the other 31 teams in the league can claim him and his contract. If all teams pass, then he becomes a free agent.

As for the practice squad, once a player has gone through his 24 hours on the waiver wire and isn’t claimed, from there he can join a team’s practice squad if he’s eligible.

4 Responses to “Answer Bob: Labor Day Edition”

  • September 6, 2010  - Joshua says:

    Bob, I understand that no Qb we bring in will challenge Cassel for his starting spot, but since “glass” Croyle is our only back-up, shouldn’t we bring somebody in? Are there any free agents out there you want to see the Chiefs pick up in Free agency/waivers?

    We added depth at DT, which is good, but we’re really shallow at RT now. Are there any candidates you’d think the Chiefs would take at that spot?

  • September 6, 2010  - TruChief09 says:

    Thanks Bob for getting back to those people. I will say that your site has improved since the subscription began and for that, I am both an appreciative and pleased customer, not that your site was not good to begin with, but rather, your content has increased in both quantity and quality. Keep up the good work.

    These Ask/Answer Bob posts are some of my personal favorites as they provide an expert point of view combined with honesty and genuineness. Keep these coming!

  • September 7, 2010  - Niblick says:


    We are currently carrying two fullbacks, which is a bit unusual. I know the Jets do ut they run the ball a lot. Are we planning to run the ball most of the time or do you think this gives us an option to pick up a WR or OL and release a FB.

  • September 8, 2010  - KC_Guy says:

    Uuh, Bob … I never said I consider QB a position with a major hole. I only mentioned CB. Got questioned about this by some other guys who know my (very positive) position on Brodie.

    If I thought of more holes in the roster I’d be thinking of OT and WR – not QB – as I’m a firm believer in Brodie Croyle’s capabilities.

    Here’s my original post btw:

    “September 5, 2010 – KC_Guy says:
    There’s one more major hole on the roster: CB.

    Travis Daniels may pass as diem back, but Jackie Bates? Seriously?

    Let’s hope none of the top three guys goes down and Arenas is not stretched too much holding down his tasks at CB, KR and PR.”

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