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Again, your questions have backed up on me so I will attempt to clear the decks here. If not, then volume two will likely come over the weekend. Thanks for your interest, your comments and your questions.

Responses to “I Was Wrong … Wednesday Cup O’Chiefs”

Chuck says: Bob, do you have any “feel” for who the Chiefs might give to Offensive Coordinator job to? Also thru the season I was very “unimpressed” with Mike Cox and Tim Castille, do you think that would be a position to upgrade in the offseason?

Bob says: I’ve got no good skinny on the offensive coordinator’s spot and I don’t think Todd Haley has spent a lot of time on the matter just yet. At least I hope he has not, given there are a few more important things for him to be working on right now. I will be interested to see what direction he goes, in light of the fact his last two coordinators didn’t work out. As for fullback, that’s one of those fringe positions these days in the NFL, where teams are more prone to keep guys like Cox and Castille than use a draft choice to select a fullback. Cox and Castille must be doing something right if the Chiefs are leading the NFL in rushing, but I agree with you that they aren’t an impressive duo to watch. I’m sure the Chiefs will look at FB, but there are other more important and pressing needs.


Chris says: So I have a question regarding all these future contracts. Granted they can do them now because all of those teams’ seasons are over … but can teams in the playoffs still sign them if they want? Or does it lock them to that team?

Bob says: Good question Chris. When a guy signs a futures contract, that takes him off the market. He can’t sign a short-term deal with another team.


Gerardo says: Ok, weak teams perhaps but winning consistently to weak teams is the key, in the NFL any team can beat any other team no matter what, KC beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh last year isn’t it? So weak schedule or not is not a given win.

Bob says: That’s correct, the Chiefs didn’t get a schedule with four NFC West teams and then get automatically rewarded four victories. They had to go out and earn those, which they did. It’s just a whole lot easier to earn those and pile up enough to win a division when the opponents aren’t very good. In the ’09 season, the Chiefs beat the Steelers at Arrowhead Stadium. They beat the ’09 Steelers, a team that didn’t make the playoffs, rather than the ’08 Steelers that won the Super Bowl. Schedule advantages are only advantages if teams take advantage … that’s enough advantages for the week.


Responses to “Wednesday 1/5 Practice Report-Update”

KC_Guy says: Talking about jersey numbers – which number does Micah Johnson wear? The Mothership obviously is unable to update the roster.

jim says: Yeah, and what is Micah Johnson’s number? I’ve said this in other posts, but I really like him. At about 6’4″ and 255 he could be a decent addition to our LB corps and ST. I know from watching him at KY that he loves to hit, and he’s usually in a pretty bad mood when he gets to the football.

Bob says: Practice squad LB Micah Johnson is wearing No. 99 in practice for the Chiefs. We don’t get to watch enough practice at this time of the year, but in seeing Johnson he looks like a LB. The Chiefs list him at 6-2, 258 pounds, but he appears taller than that. Very well built and he seems to move well. He’s working inside right now and if they keep him and he gets an entire off-season to work in the team’s strength and conditioning program, he might get quicker and that will give him a shot.


el cid says: TV is reporting Weis has been offered the job but that he would finish the season with the Chiefs. I do not get it. He gets tons of credit with his work with the Chiefs but his college resume is not all that great. Why would he want the recruiting hassle? Maybe the Haley/Weis/Crennel combo was not working for him. But only one year, come on. The ride has been good no matter how it turns out.

Bob says: sorry el cid that it’s taken me a week to get to this note from you. There’s been plenty written and said since Weis’ decision and almost all of it that I’ve heard has a shred of truth. I don’t think this was a good situation for Mr. Charlie. His handicapped daughter is back in Indiana. His wife moved back there about mid-season. He was in town only with his son, a high school senior. There’s never going to be a time when he and Haley were going to completely get along – they are too much alike in personality. As for the recruiting hassles, that’s a lot less of a problem at Florida. Most of the players you chase are right in the state. I would bet as offensive coordinator, he’s not going to go out and beat the bushes. That’s something other staffers will do.

No matter the reasons, Weis deserves credit for what he helped the Chiefs offense do in the 2010 season. They are pointed in the right direction and QB Matt Cassel has gotten better. It’s now up to Haley and the players to keep the train on the tracks beyond the final game in the post-season.


Morten says: Bob, after the game in Denver you wrote that Haley never seems to do anything without a bigger purpose, which I totally agree on… Seeing him during the Raiders game, he just didn’t seem that fired up despite really poor play. Do you think the Chiefs deliberately showed weaknesses to the next opponent? I know he would never admit it but both our lines were so miserable… I guess we’ll see for ourselves on Sunday… I just have this feeling that he’s got something up his sleeve for that game.

Bob says: Morten, I understand your point, but I don’t think there was any plan on the part of Haley to have his team play as poorly as it did. I think he’s become very good this year at picking his spots where he’s going to throw one of his tantrums. Plus, he’s gotten better at doing it without all the gestures and talking out of the side of his mouth. I sense the TV cameras have also not focused on him as much, maybe for the above reasons. I don’t know the reason why but my opinion on what happened to the Chiefs is they knew the game was essentially meaningless and once push came to shove, they figured they wouldn’t shove back.


Warner says: Bob, you’ve seen a lot of pro football. Anyone who’s played understands the ups and downs of sports, but Sunday was bad, especially the o-line. What’s your take? Have the Chiefs overachieved on the season and Sunday simply served as an adjustment? Or do they just match up poorly with the Raiders? I’m particularly interested in your take on the o-line’s performance. Frankly, maybe it was good as management may be better warned to upgrade in 2011. What should be done with the o-line going forward? As always, thanks, Bob. Especially like the Ask Bob segments.

Bob says: Overall, there’s no doubt that the Chiefs were overachievers in 2010 and it will be more difficult to reach 10 victories next season. The offensive line is going to be an important part of the evaluation process. They are going to have two spots to fill in center and left guard. Casey Wiegmann and Brian Waters are at the end of their careers. Neither played to the level of past seasons, but for the most part it was good enough. They are not going to last much longer. That could soon be the case with Ryan Lilja, although he played well almost the entire season. RT saw a great deal of improvement by Barry Richardson but they need somebody to come in and really challenge him. Yes, offensive line is a huge area the Chiefs will need to address in ’11.


Walter says: Bob, do you think the Chiefs stay with the zone blocking, scheme or rebuild during the off season?

Bob says: I can’t imagine them going away from the zone blocking scheme that’s been so successful in the running game. I think they’ll find linemen to fit the scheme.


el cid says: Bob, with the easiest schedule in the NFL and outstanding coaching (one moving on) and you think the Chiefs being in the playoffs as a move? Pioli wants a dynasty, multiple years of being dominant and hopefully playoffs. This year’s appearance could be the beginning or is it what Haley has been saying all year, THIS IS NOT A GOOD TEAM. But what does he know, just the HC?

Bob says: When the subject is post-season success and stringing together January victories, that’s when we started talking about great teams. That’s not what the Chiefs are right now in any way shape or form. They are a good team, but they could easily revert back in 2011. It’s going to be so much harder for the Chiefs to reach a 10-victory mark next year for a lot of reasons, the biggest being the schedule they’ll have to face and the expectations of themselves and those of the fans. The 2010 season will be done once they fall in the playoffs. A whole new chemistry will have to be created by the 2011 group. Too often, these out house to penthouse journeys by NFL teams end up with year three being back to the outhouse or mediocrity. Miami in 2007-08-09 went 1-15, 11-5, 7-9. New Orleans in 2005-06-07 went 3-13, 10-6, 7-9. Tampa bay in 2004-05-06 went 5-11, 11-5, 4-12. It’s hard to get to the top; it’s harder to stay there.

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