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Rufus says: Hi bob, thx 4 the report. Who played CB during practice with Carr? Did they slide Carr to RCB and use Travis D at LCB? Did Don Washington play CB at all?

Bob says: Rufus it would be easier for me to get information out of the government on UFOs than the information you seek. We get 20 minutes of practice three times a week. In that hour, the team is generally stretching for 15 minutes. That leaves us 45 minutes of individual position drills where the only thing we can see is who is working and who is watching. I can tell you this – when the Chiefs were working Friday they had Daniels, Javier Arenas and Jackie Bates all on the field together. Whether that’s their plan, I don’t know. We found out from Todd Haley on Friday that the coaches are considering a lot of possibilities, including going with a smaller nickel/dime package and possibly using a linebacker in coverage. I don’t think they’ll move Carr – that takes two positions and makes them weaker. If Daniels is healthy, he would seem to be the man. Washington is not going to play CB unless it’s an emergency. Your questions are on the mark, because how the Chiefs get through this injury to Brandon Flowers will play a big part in whether they can win the game.


Chuck says: Is there any way you can find out how bad the injuries are for Branden Albert and Branden Flowers? How about Dexter too? Will these 3 be able to play against the Seahawks?

Bob says: Chuck, sorry I’m a few days late with answering your questions but it would appear that Dexter McCluster will play against Seattle and Brandon Flowers will not. With Branden Albert, it seems more likely that he won’t play, but there’s always a chance he could be out there. He wants to be, the coaches want him to be out there and the only question is can he play with his groin injury.


JohnNdallas says: Bob, any word on what the boggle was between Muir and Carthon on the sideline Sunday?

Bob says: Like any group that has been together for as long as these coaches have been just this season, there are going to be moments where tempers flare. Knowing the personalities in this group that Todd Haley has put together, I’d venture to say “disagreements” go down every day. They are strong, smart and opinionated men and they all grew up working for Bill Parcells who could look like he was chewing your butt when he was actually saying he thought you did a great job. In this particular case, I don’t know what their beef was and I would bet they probably couldn’t remember either.


Petey says: How do you feel about Haley sharing info w/ the Arizona Republic that he refused to share with the KC local reporters (about his injury). Haley’s growing on me (I thought he was a bully last year, and I hate bullies), but this seems kind of bush league. I know his injury wasn’t a big deal, but he should take care of the reporters that are there every day.

Bob says: Amen Petey, Amen. It’s all part of the silliness that sports teams go through at times and usually with news or information that is inconsequential. The Chiefs are not alone with this stuff, but this current group, led specifically by GM Scott Pioli, treat everything with such secrecy then create stories or controversies where there are none. There’s no reason that the particulars of Haley’s injury and surgery should not have been shared with the local media and fans. Some of the information was provided, but on an off-the-record basis, which was just so unnecessary. This type of information always gets out, some way, some how.


Blake says: Bob what is the difference between QB Hurries and QB pressures by a defender?

Bob says: Damn good question Blake. It really depends on who is keeping those statistics and what they are trying to accomplish. A hurry would be just what it says, a pass rush that forced the quarterback to hurry his release of the ball. Some teams define QB pressures in the same manner as QB hurries. Others define QB pressures as plays when a pass rusher actually gets his hands on the quarterback while he’s in the process of throwing the ball. I know from personal experience talking with defensive coaches who generally provide those statistics for individual teams that each man had a different definition and criteria for what he considered hurries, pressures, hits, etc.


Edward says: I think if the Chiefs can establish the run game early and get heat on Matt Hasselbeck the entire game, they should go up there and get a win. Happy Thanksgiving to Chiefs nation.

Bob says: Edward there is no doubt that getting the running game going early and often will significantly improve the Chiefs chances of winning. They don’t have to do anything extraordinary – they just have to do at Qwest Field what they are able to do at Arrowhead.


johnfromfairfax says: Bob, I thought I’d check in and sure enough you are on the field! Thanks again on Thanksgiving for providing the best, most professional and in depth reporting and coverage of the Chiefs. I probably speak for a lot of us but you are second to none for all things Chiefs and football. Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you hold dear.

David says: Bob, you saved it all up for the holidays. What a great article with a lot of new information, at least to me. I appreciate you every day when searching for my Chiefs news. Signing up on your website was some of the best money I ever spent. Happy Thanksgiving

TDKC says: Happy Thanksgiving Bob. Your site is one of the things I’m happy for this year.

Chuck says: BOB, may you and your family have a “GREAT THANKSGIVING”. I truly enjoy your writings and the site is great.

Don says: Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope we get some stuffing and gravy the next 6 games and not be the turkey. Keep up the good work Bob.

Fan Since 93 says: Happy Thanksgiving Bob. Put the laptop away and enjoy the holiday!

Tenand6 says: Happy Thanksgiving, Bob. Hope you and your family have a great holiday. Thanks for all your hard and brilliant work.

Steven says: Bob – Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thanks for the holiday report. I imagine the media pool was pretty thin this morning. I really enjoy your work.

Bob says: You guys never fail to get me fired up with your kind words. The season is long and sometimes when in the middle of things there are always times when I wonder if I shouldn’t go out and get a real job. Then I get a string of comments from you guys and I’m good for another month or so. I’m an thankful for a wonderful family, especially a wonderful wife who puts up with the hours and time in the bat cave writing every day. And I’m thankful for the family that’s joined me here on I hope you all had way too much food to eat and time with your families. There are six games left and I’m also thankful that the Chiefs have at least made things interesting this year.

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  • November 28, 2010  - Petey says:

    Follow-up Bob:

    Why ouldn’t you ask a question to Haley about why he would share something with the Arizona Republic about his injury and not to the local reporters? Again, I know his injury was not a big deal, but it’s the principle of not letting the home team fans about it.

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