JoeBob says: I don’t understand what happened with the replay thing in Denver when they said they couldn’t use the replay and they never looked at that catch that went for a touchdown. How can that happen and why were they able to use it later in the game?

Bob says: I have to admit in all the years I’ve watched NFL games where replay was part of the rules, I’ve never heard the words that referee Mike Carey uttered on Sunday that the replay system was “inoperable.” That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard and like you JoeBob I can’t believe that it would happen.

This is something the NFL needs to take a very close look at in the coming off-season. Once that replay system didn’t work, then it should be shut down for the rest of the game. How could there be a problem with the NFL system, when those of us sitting in the press box could see the replay just fine. Now, based on the replay I saw, there’s no guarantee that the touchdown catch by WR Jabar Gaffney would have been overturned. But if a bunch of media yokels can sit in a booth and see the play, I don’t understand how they can’t get the same signal down to the viewer on the field.

Let’s be honest, in the end it was inconsequential to the outcome of the game. But that’s two weeks in a row where there have been serious problems with the officiating in a Chiefs game. On the field, in the heat of the action both in Oakland and Denver, Todd Haley held his temper. If this stuff keeps happening, I wonder how much longer that will last, and who would blame him?


Harvey says: So much was made of the Haley no hand shake thing and I don’t understand why? Is it really that important? If he was unhappy with something that the Broncos did, then he shouldn’t be a hypocrite and shake the guy’s hand. Why did it become such a big deal?

Bob says: Harvey it comes down to common courtesy. If he had some gripe with Josh McDaniels he should have done one of two things: walked off the field without even going out for the hand shake, or once he got out there, shake his hand and air his grievances right to the man.

That’s why I’m convinced there’s some sort of method to the no-shake and un-apology. There’s a message Haley was sending, I’m just not sure who was supposed to get it and why.


TX_ChiefAN says: Several times that game (Oakland) my wife asked if the officials were paid off. The sorry thing was they were calling bad calls on both sides. My question to you Bob, is will Tom Cable get fined for talking bad about the officiating? I am watching the NFL replay of this game (with much despair) and at least twice he has called out the officiating (and they won!). Granted, I haven’t heard all of Todd’s commentary since the game but I have yet to hear him complain on the officiating. Like I alluded to earlier, the officiating sucked on both sides of the ball, but I don’t hear us blaming the refs…and we lost!

Bob says: I’m not sure why, but Haley does not want to go anywhere near saying something questioning or negative about the officials. He’s memorized a response about how they are the best in the business and have such a tough job to do and know the rules better and yada, yada, yada. He never deviates from that message. But watch him during the game and he’s not afraid to speak his piece with the zebras. I think so far he does it in a respectable manner. Every head coach I’ve ever been around before Haley always told his players and coaches that to win a game, they had to be better than the other team and the officials. I haven’t heard Haley say that, but I think he believes it.


JonBoy says: Do you think things would be different with this year’s team and the record if there had been a better draft in 2009? How can the team that drafted all those dogs, have such a good draft in 2010? I know the draft is no sure thing, but those two years are such extremes. Can you explain why?

Bob says: Let’s take these in order JonBoy. Would things be different this year with a better draft in ’09? I think they would have been. Look at it this way – the Chiefs had eight draft choices that year and only Ryan Succop has been a successful performer. Any draft by a team in the lower half of the league should have 50 percent of the players making some sort of winning contribution. It’s easier for the draft picks to get on the field and because the bottom half is drafting higher in each round, they should get better players.

Other than Succop, there’s little in the way of contributions from the ’09 class. DE Tyson Jackson played a lot last year, but didn’t really produce anything. DE Alex Magee is gone, OT Colin Brown is gone, RB Javarris Williams is gone. FS Donald Washington, TE Jake O’Connell and WR Quentin Lawrence have produced little and our not major contributors. If four of those picks had been good players, they would have filled four more of the holes on this roster, possibly at places like defensive end, wide receiver, linebacker, who knows what other positions there could have been better players.

How can a team have such a stinker draft on year and what appears to be a great draft the next? I’m impressed by the ’10 draft class, but it would be premature to consider it a great draft class just yet. These guys have a lot of football to play. So far the ’09 draft class has not been very productive across the board in the NFL, so it could have been just a bad bunch of seeds. I think one mistake Scott Pioli made was ignoring the reports and rankings of the scouts and personnel people from the Peterson administration. He paid no attention to their thoughts, instead relying on information he brought with him from New England. I know for a fact that four of the players the Chiefs did draft were considered not worthy of being drafted by the old group of scouts. Turns out they had a better handle on the players in that draft than Pioli’s information. It would have helped him to have used those people, instead of freezing them out.

I think the ’10 draft class was helped by having a year where the personnel crew was together and educated as to what Pioli and Haley were looking for. I think the best hire Pioli made was getting Phil Emery to run the college scouting. Because of the secrecy that’s built around the organization by Haley, fans will never know the contributions Emery has made. But the results are on the roster.

If the ’09 draft class is as bad as it now looks, and the ’10 draft class is as good as it now looks, the Chiefs are going to need another very strong draft class in ’11 to make up the ground lost that first year.

6 Responses to “ANSWER BOB: 11/16”

  • November 18, 2010  - Michael says:

    The ’09 acquistion class looks better this way: Jackson, Succop, Cassel, Vrabel, Belcher, O’Connell, Washington, Lawrence. Probably some truth to what Bob says about not using all of the former staff’s info, although I don’t buy that the new regime completely ignored it. I think in a lot of ways the entire ’09 draft was kind of a down year for the whole NFL, escpecially in certain rounds. Plus, I think the new regime was doing a lot of things on the fly in the first year just because of the time element.

  • November 18, 2010  - gorillafan says:

    thanks for your responses bob, enjoy reading them!

  • November 18, 2010  - Nate says:

    Very well said Michael! Bob writes great stuff or I wouldn’t have paid for his website, however this is a subject that I don’t think he can be objective on because of his dislike for Scott Pioli and his long association and Carl Peterson.
    I understand that Pioli is easy to dislike if you are a media person, however I believe these factors cloud his opinions. Long term injuries are the only thing that can keep this years draft class from being a great draft! Not to mention the job Pioli did bringing in 4 bargin free agents who have all made excellent contributions. Tomas Jones, Casey Weigman, Ryan Lilga and Shawn Smith. We don’t have to like Scott Pioli to love what he brings to the Chiefs!

  • November 18, 2010  - el cid says:

    Got to love guys on this site, several “hate” Cassel and want Brodie but when Pioli’s name is mentioned and “what a good move”. Really cannot have it both ways. I like Vrabel just fine and Cassel is ok with Haley and that is fine with me. But if, only if, Pioli had not jumped on Jackson, taken a QB, then DE in second round, no Magee, no Lawrence, no OConnel, no Williams, etc. Remember the Chiefs were really in the trash from Carl/herm, 2-14. FOLKS, ANY DECENT DRAFT WOULD HAVE BROUGHT AT LEAST 5 STARTERS IN 09, not just Succop. Put got to feel the love for Pioli, just do not know why?

  • November 18, 2010  - Michael says:

    Bob: the “inoperable” replay has happened at least once before that I know of.

    Interestingly enough, it was also in Denver.

    Interestingly enough, it was also during a division game (against the Chargers — I believe during the infamous Ed Hocculi game).

    Interestingly enough, it also occured when the opposing team was challenging a Denver TD.

    Interestingly enough, the replay also magically worked later when Denver needed to challenge something.

  • November 18, 2010  - Michael says:

    Which QB should they have taken, Sanchez? He’s ok, but I wouldn’t have taken him in KC’s spot. Josh Freeman? Nobody had him rated that high. They were looking for a young QB with some experience and sucess, and there was Cassel. And they were familiar with him. Other teams were interested in Cassel, but KC got him, plus a vet LB who became a team leader. You could argue that T. Jackson shouldn’t have been taken that high, and I wouldn’t debate it too much, but I do understand their logic in taking him. Magee? Ouch! I don’t know what happened there. He looked pretty good at times, but he must have been too up and down. Is he still with the Bucs? We’ll see how he turns out there. The other guys? Well, I’m crazy enough to still have hope for O’Connell and Lawrence. Anyway, they weren’t high picks. Those aren’t high % anyway. J. Williams looked like a much better back in year 2, but KC was too deep in backs by then.

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