Answer Bob: 10/19

Nick says: Mr. Gretz- I am curious what you think (Houston coach Gary) Kubiak meant when he said “college-type stuff?” I know that you said you weren’t sure what he meant, but I assume you had a chance to see, or hear him say it and what would be your best guess as to what he meant by it. Thanks and I really love your coverage of the Chiefs, visit this site daily.

Bob says: Thanks for visiting the site. I’m still not sure what the heck Kubiak was talking about. After that game he was almost distraught over the injuries he had on defense and the lack of linebackers at his disposal. He mentioned several times how he felt the Chiefs offense took advantage of the Texans linebacker problems with their formations and plays they were running. There was nothing the Chiefs did that seemed unusual. In fact, they went with so many power formations. I counted 34 plays where they had at least two tight ends on the field and another with three tight ends, including the TD pass to OLB Mike Vrabel. Nothing college about any of that stuff, so I’m still not sure where he was coming from.


Fan Since 93 says: I was convinced after TJ’s touchdown that the Chiefs won the game. I figured that Romeo’s D would not have collapsed they way they did in the last two drives. On offensive you got to love Weis’ play calling and Cassel making the right decisions by finding the right guys. Did anyone else get alarmed when CBS displayed the stat leading into the 4th quarter of the Texans having one of the most dominant offensives in the league?

Bob says: One thing fans always tend to forget is this – the other guys get paid to play too. On Sunday, those other guys were pretty darn good on offense. Take Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels and put them up against just about anybody in the league.


TX_ChiefAN says: I will try to make this short and sweet…or f-in sour… Why is it that Tamba Hali never gets holding called against him? I can see the political bs with allowing some holding on pass plays because of protecting the QB. But on the running plays??? And then when u finally see the flag it doesn’t even matter because we stopped them anyway! Then the bs call on B-Flowers …WOW! I know we can’t blame the refs but…come on man! And finally…where is Berry?????

Bob says: The officiating crew of Ron Winter is not one of the league’s best and there were several calls that were not handled well. The worst was when they flagged the left side of the Chiefs offensive line for a false start, even with a Houston defender in the neutral zone. As Todd Haley said, they teach the offensive lineman to go when something like that happens. It’s supposed to be a call on the defense, but Winter and his crew called it on the Chiefs. The call on Flowers was not pass interference. If it was anything, it was illegal contact. None of that mattered though, because Johnson made the catch anyway. As for Hali and having blockers called for holding him, quite frankly it would be flag city every time the other team had the ball. But he deserves one or two a game. The calls on stuff like that are always going to go to the offense and not the defense.

As for Berry, he’s had a quiet first five games, no question about that. I think there were some situations against Houston where because Kendrick Lewis was out, they had Berry playing deep as well against the Texans offense. That pulls him away from the point of attack, if it’s a running play. I think Berry is still finding his place.


bhive01 says: I think what hurt the most was that we lead until the last 28 seconds of the game. I want to blame the refs for the bad call, but Andre Johnson still caught the ball and I’m not sure that Johnson would have ever been called for that minimal push on Flowers. I also want to blame Cassel for the poor throw on 3rd and 2 (over Moeaki’s head), but that wouldn’t be fair considering that for most of the day our offense showed up. I think that this comes down to defense. I totally agree with Edward here. We simply did not get enough pressure on Schaub. Whereas Cassel was often evading sackers, it seemed like Schaub had all day to make up his mind. I admit that I hoped/expected more from this game and that I was pretty upset at the end of the game (still am actually). Do you think they’ll take a look at that call by the sideline judge on Flowers? I know they can’t change the game, but I wonder if they’ll admit it was a horrible call. Maybe if they had not got the extra yards associated with the PI call we would be celebrating instead of sulking. Then again, Houston did a good job and our defense did not.

Bob says: All the points you mentioned played a part in the loss, but it was the collapse of the defense that had the greatest effect on Houston’s comeback. Yes, they are a very good offense, but if the Chiefs want to be considered a very good defense, they have to step up in that situation and stop one of those three late touchdown drives. I believe the Chiefs don’t need to learn how to win, but they do need to learn how to handle themselves and game situations when they are winning.


el cid says: Wish we could get info on what happened to Hali? He did nothing the entire game. I saw him playing but did Texas scheme against him, or what? Crennel had the defense chasing plays the entire second half, what happened there? We will never know but one stop, one stinkin’ stop, one defense play and we would have had to eat so much crow about Cassel and Bowe we could have save a fortune on food this week. Can somebody tell these coaches to quit playing games with the special teams. Two games called “sneaky” plays the team could not/did not execute, why? If Haley starts believing he is some kind of riverboat gambler, this team is in trouble. Riverboat gamblers end up broke not in the playoffs.

Bob says: Hali faced constant double-team blocking from LT Rashad Butler and TEs Joel Dreessen and Garrett Graham. Because the Chiefs spent so much time in the nickel pass defense, generally there were only three or four pass rushers and that allowed the Texans to go max protection on plenty of plays.

As for coaches “playing” with the special teams, I have to agree with you on that one. One of those surprise plays goes a long, long way. Keep sticking your hand in that box and a coach is going to come up empty. The Chiefs have done a good job on covering kickoffs all year. The longest return against them is 30 yards and that came earlier in the game, before the mortar kicks gave up valuable field position. They are first in kick coverage, giving up an average return of 16.2 yards. Sometimes coaches can outcoach themselves. As Haley said about the short kickoffs on Monday: “Through study and evaluation, it was a way we thought would be an advantage to us, not a disadvantage. It ended up being a disadvantage, so poor planning would be the message.”

6 Responses to “Answer Bob: 10/19”

  • October 20, 2010  - TX_ChiefAN says:

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Not only do you have the best insight around…but your interaction with us makes your site unbeatable! Oh, and you also pose some of the best questions during press confrences as well.
    Thanks again,
    SW in SA,TX

  • October 20, 2010  - Justin says:


    Great job. Your insight is greatly appreciated by the long distance fan.

    Like TX ChiefAN, I see many plays where we could get a call. Heck, even CBS and the broadcast crew highlighted the TX TE holding one of our guys on the long run by Ward. C’mon! We get no respect on either side of the ball.

    Justin in Chicago.

  • October 20, 2010  - el cid says:

    Play the repect card.

    Respect is earned. Go go out and beat the tar out of somebody. Then the respect comes or it does not and who cares. The Chiefs have been bad a long time, you do not get respect for free.

  • October 20, 2010  - el cid says:

    Hate to make more angry at me but anyone tape the game? Check the infamous false start, we all think Tx was in the nuetral zone but re-run it and I thought B. Albert move first, just a hair but first. Probably wrong and that is why I would not be a referee. The call against Flowers may have been long before the pass because of contact past the 5 yard limit. Either way, if the Chiefs had, on their own, continue to play in the fourth qtr as they had in the first half, we still win the game. I believe they tried to pack it in once they got 21 points on the score board.

  • October 20, 2010  - Mark says:

    el cid:

    I saw the same thing on both plays you isolated – 1) Albert’s slight flinch induced the D to jump; 2) Flowers (always physical – which is GOOD) was really getting into a lot of contact with the reciever. While both players were pushing, the reciever never gets called for it. But it’s still the end of the play where Flowers was clearly pushed. I thought it should be off setting penalties. Flowers for illegal contact and Johnson for offensive pass interference.

  • October 22, 2010  - Mark says:

    Bob, I’m curious about the story behind the hat that Todd wears during the week – it looks like it got thrown in the mud. If I recall correctly, I first noticed the hat towards the end of training camp. Was there an event that caused the dirty hat, and what message is Todd sending to the team by wearing it?

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