Another Long-Time Employee Fired

The total dismantling of the Chiefs organization by Clark Hunt has continued with another long-time employee being shown the door.

Larry Clemons, who worked in the team’s business office for 37 years was let go last Friday. At the time of his firing he was the longest tenured employee with the organization. Anyone carrying that title has had a bull’s eye on his back for the last two years.

Clemons joined a group of more than three dozen employees with long tenures who have been fired, laid off or “retired” since January of 2009. Only a handful of those jobs were on the football side, where GM Scott Pioli makes the decisions. The rest were employees in other parts of the team operation. In most cases those fired had one thing in common – they had been with the team for more than 15 years.

Just two years ago, Clemons, former team president Denny Thum and coaching department secretary Ann Roach were the longest tenured employees. They all dated to a time when Hank Stram was still the head coach. Now, all three are gone. Thum was fired in September 2010 and Roach left the organization in May of 2010 with a retirement that she was told she was taking.

It’s been a sad destruction of a business operation that was one of the best in the NFL and one that helped make the Hunt family many millions of dollars over the last three decades.

Now, they are just needless additions to the ranks of the unemployed.

4 Responses to “Another Long-Time Employee Fired”

  • May 27, 2011  - Justin says:


    I understand your point about seemingly needless firings, retirements, etc. However, as a person who worked in a company that had that type of longevity (Wrigley Gum – many with 40 + years of service) I can tell you that many of those with that type tenure had titular positions only. Many had become comfortable in their jobs and surroundings and likely level of effort or manner they conducted business.

    Most had the type of retirements that the UAW would kill for (Wrigley is non-union) and a lot were actually millionaires from company stock purchases over the years. This includes professionals as well as the factory workers. Yet they held on.

    So, having gone through this when Bill Wrigley Jr. took the helm after Bill Wrigley Sr. passed I can tell you morale was low for a while. No one likes to see their friends go. But the whole Chicago factory (factory manager let go) and the R&D (dept head let go) and corporate engineering (many managers let go) depts increased in efficiency and production. Kind of like the competition factor the football side of the house espouses.

    One does not necessarily lead to the other but this example took a billion dollar company to a 3 billion dollar company in a few years time.

  • May 28, 2011  - txchief says:

    THe Chiefs organization is in need of some new blood. For all of his brilliance and kindness, I suspect LAmar did not properly hold many in the operation properly accountable. I caser you have not noticed, it has been over FORTY years since the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl.

  • May 28, 2011  - txchief says:

    Man! your server totally locks up when posting comments. Anyway, I also wanted to note that while I am a lifelong Chiefs fan and longtime season ticket holder who travels about 700 miles to each game, I have to question the common contention that the Chiefs organization is/was “one of the best in football.” I’ve grown tired of those “inferior” organizations win Super Bowls while I sit at home wondering why I should write another big check for my tickets. PLEASE WIN NOW!

  • May 29, 2011  - ChuckP says:

    I knew Larry Clemons “personally”. He was a friend of mine. He is the uncle of a good friend of mine here in Omaha. My friend introduced me to Larry about 3 years ago and Larry helped me get my season tickets. He had “great connections”. Well so much for that idea now!!!!! Anyway, he’s a great guy and will be very missed. This is a good time to just say, that I have never been a Pioli fan. I wrote him a heartfelt letter when he first tookover and he never had the courtesy to even have his assistant reply to me. To me, he comes across as being very arrogant and certainly not fan friendly. But I still love the Chiefs, just not Pioli.

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