Afternoon Notes From Camp

From St. Joseph, Missouri

The Chiefs worked indoors Wednesday morning, holding a one-hour-plus walkthrough practice that was built around assignment recognition. They’ll be on the field at Spratt Stadium on the Missouri Western State University campus for an evening practice. Todd Haley said the plan called for shoulder pads for the first hour of Wednesday evening’s work.


Everyone has been pointing toward Thursday as the moment that all the free agents that have signed contracts in the last week will be able to get on the field and participate in practice.

But that was based on one important element – that the labor agreement between owner and player be finalized by August 4th.

As of lunch-time on Wednesday, there was still a lot of business that needed to get done before both sides were willing to sign off. Issues such as drug testing, player benefits, Commissioner’s disciplinary powers and the league’s appeal process for fines and suspensions all had to be finalized. Those items couldn’t be negotiated until the players association became re-certified as a union. That happened last Saturday.

Head coach Todd Haley indicated the Chiefs had been told to prepare for the players to be available at 12 noon on Thursday, or in time to participate in the afternoon practice.

Pittsburgh player rep S Ryan Clark told media at Steelers camp that negotiations were bogged down over the disciplinary powers of the Commissioner. The players do not think the Commish should be judge, jury and final arbitrator of all disputes.

The Chiefs have at least 15 players waiting to get on the field that have been signed – DE Wallace Gilberry, NT Kelly Gregg, LB Brandon Siler, CB Travis Daniels, S Reshard Langford, Jon McGraw, RB Jackie Battle, FB Mike Cox, TE Leonard Pope, WRs Steve Breaston, Terrance Copper, Chris Manno and Zeke Markshausen, OT Ryan O’Callaghan and C Casey Wiegmann.


With the Chiefs you never know for sure on the status of contract negotiations. So there’s always the chance that third-round draft choice Justin Houston is sitting in the Ramada Inn right up I-29, waiting for his contract to be finalized.

Or, Houston could be back in Georgia, enjoying the home cooking. His agent, Joel segal has been unwilling to return messages or e-mail. The Chiefs have their lips clamped shut as they always do when it comes to matters of money.

As of lunch time Wednesday, there were only four draft choices across the NFL that had not signed contracts:

  • #17 OT Nate Solder by New England.
  • #18 T Corey Liuget by San Diego.
  • #19 CB Prince amukamara by the New York Giants.
  • #70 OLB Justin Houston by the Chiefs.

The holdup for the first rounders is over how many of the contract’s four years will be guaranteed. Everyone above No. 17 got guaranteed money or all four years. With one exception, all those below No. 19 got only three years guaranteed.

What’s up with Houston remains unknown, but it’s almost certainly a dispute over money. That’s hard to believe with the new labor agreement and slotting system. Here are the contract details for the bookend choices around Houston:

  • #69 – TE Rob Housler/Arizona, 4-year deal for $2,994,092, with a signing bonus of $684,092.
  • #70 – OLB Justin Houston/Chiefs, unsigned.
  • #71 – RB DeMarco Murray/Dallas, 4-year deal for $2,973,438, with a signing bonus of $662,500.

Split the difference between Housler and Murray and that should be Houston’s deal.


WR Jonathan Baldwin, 4 years, $7.55 million, with $3.99 million signing bonus.

OL Rodney Hudson, 4 years, $3.5 million, with $1 million signing bonus.

OLB Justin Houston, unsigned.

DL Allen Bailey, 4 years, $2.67 million with a $556K signing bonus.

CB Jalil Brown, 4 years, $1.59 million.

LB Gabe Miller, 4 years, terms unknown.

QB Ricky Stanzi, 4 years, $2.28 million with a $211K signing bonus.

DT Jerrell Powe, 4 years, terms unknown.

FB Shane Bannon, 4 years, $51,000 signing bonus.

10 Responses to “Afternoon Notes From Camp”

  • August 3, 2011  - David says:

    Now, let’s see. Rookie pay-slotting under the new CBA means that your contract terms are virtually automatic. Draft picks #20 through 242 have signed their contracts, and you, #70, have not. This means you are:
    a) a megalomaniac
    b) a dummy
    c) Albert Haynesworth-in-training
    d) putting up a smokescreen until a medical issue you are trying to hide from the club clears up
    Can anyone think of a benign explanation for Houston’s behavior?

  • August 3, 2011  - Kirk says:


  • August 3, 2011  - el cid says:


  • August 3, 2011  - Rick Kerstine says:

    Hi Bob:

    KC Fan since ’63, born in KCMO in ’53. Thank YOU for accepting my comments.

    It’s quaranteed monies and personal conduct clauses do to marijuana positive test at combine.

    With those character issues and dropping to the 3rd round, his drug future is set.

    Hiprocracy again, Owner, GM’S, Player Personnel and Coaches ALL publicly state that a Player’s Character is very important and “we always try to draft and get in free agency, character players.”

    However, if they are talented the character issues turn a blind eyes to and teams suffer the consequences.

    Do we wait or cut him loose as a bust ???

    Would someone else take a chance on him ???

    Thank YOU,


  • August 3, 2011  - Will says:

    Just a wag, but his agent may think his talent level is superior to his selection spot, thus demanding more money. Chiefs probably have tough (and necessary) contract language about what happens if he stumbles. Obviously it’s a guess, but it sounds like they all need to get in a room and hammer out the deal – the kid is missing incredibly valuable time and experience, which will be tough to make up!
    Maybe it’s time to him to remind his agent who works for whom!

  • August 3, 2011  - Mark says:

    Houston is put on the Did Not report-Non Football Issue list and won’t play a down with the Chiefs. He may even be outright released. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong here.

  • August 3, 2011  - Tenand6 says:

    This idiot/idiot’s agent may think that Hali’s failure to sign will pressure the Chiefs to give him more money. Or, he has a drug issue. Whatever the cast, it is a serious problem. Stunning, yet given his past, predictable.

  • August 3, 2011  - Don in ICT says:

    David. (e) all the above. Just a plain dumb choice, him & Pioli.

  • August 3, 2011  - Rob says:

    oh oh speculation is fun. I bet he’s been abducted by aliens. He will report once the probing is finished.

    I am more worried about the first part of this article. How can we have good football if they aren’t allowed to train?

    I think its a proactive solution from the players. Weaken the offseason program, strengthen the importance of preseason. I dont know if it will lead to good football though.

  • August 4, 2011  - Milkman says:

    The only thing good about the limited practices with the new CBA is that all teams will practice under the same rules. Bad thing for the fans though cause it may be October before we aren’t subject to watching sloppy football.

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