A Pro Bowl To Forget

For the first time in five years, the Chiefs were heavily represented in the league’s annual Pro Bowl Game. Those five members wearing red and gold got to take part in one forgettable evening of football as the NFC beat the AFC 55-41

It was one of the worst played football games you’ll see and it was evident that even though there was a difference of $22,500 between the winning team ($45,000) and the losing team ($22,500), it didn’t matter to the players taking part.

No one was expecting a game of grandeur but this had to be one of the sloppiest Pro Bowls in recent memory. There were 13 touchdowns scored and eight turnovers in all. There were so many missed tackles they could not be counted.

The play that best exemplified the game was the last touchdown scored by the AFC, that allowed them to pull with 13 points with less than a minute to play. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was in the game. He dropped back to pass and there was no pass rush. He connected with teammate WR Dwayne Bowe for 21 yards. Bowe lateraled back to AFC RB Montell Owens, who held on for six yards. Owens lateraled back towards Bowe, but C Alex Mack jumped in front of the ball, grabbed it and ran 40 yards for the touchdown. It’s really too silly to explain.

So check out the video.

Here’s how things went down for the Chiefs involved:

  • SS Eric Berry did not start the game, despite his being listed as the starter earlier in the week; that’s a typical move from AFC coach Bill Belichick in how he handles playing assignments and duties. Berry was one of the leading missed tacklers for the AFC defense. By game’s end, he was credited with one defensive tackle and one on special teams.
  • RB Jamaal Charles ran for 71 yards on 10 carries with a TD run. His longest play was 32 yards. His touchdown was an eight-yard run at the end of the first half. Charles also caught two passes for no yards.
  • Cassel went five of 12 for 95 yards with two TD passes and two INTs.
  • Bowe finished with four catches for 54 yards, with a long play of 21 yards.
  • LG Brian Waters played both left and right guard over the evening, rotating in and out of the lineup with San Diego’s Kris Dielman and Logan Mankins from New England.

6 Responses to “A Pro Bowl To Forget”

  • January 30, 2011  - CanadianChiefsFan says:

    Such a waste of time, both the Pro Bowl and the NHL All-Star game were both unbearable to watch, so after giving each game 5 minutes of my time, I turned the channels. Just give the boys their accolades and have a huge party and forget about playing the games.

  • January 31, 2011  - Graig says:

    Anyone know what was going on with Peyton Manning? He usually does really well in the Pro bowl but he didn’t play much, His last series it seemed he got pulled during the drive. Was he hurt? Did him and Belicek have a disagreement?

  • January 31, 2011  - Milkman says:

    What a waste of time. If they can’t give some kind of motivation to these guys to make them want to put out some kind of effort, why not just send them to Hawaii with their families and have them get together for a group picture and be done with it? If you want to see an indication of how serious they are, watch a field goal or extra point. Baseball’s all-star game is at least competitive.

  • January 31, 2011  - Butler Go CHIEFS Go says:

    Ugh Ugh I would have hate the thought that I had bought tickets to see that FIASCO much less expense of going there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go CHIEFS Go

  • January 31, 2011  - el cid says:

    Watching cheerleader reps for players might have been a better grade of football.

  • January 31, 2011  - BigJimInWisconsin says:

    I didn’t bother to waste my time with this game. I opted to finish cleaning the house rather than watch it. I agree with el cid, we need cheerleader football. That I would watch.

    The baseball All-Star game became competitive after Bud Selig instituted the “winner gets home field advantage in the World Series” rule. This was in response to the game that was played up here in Milwaukee at the new Miller Park. It was a tie game and there were no more players available in extra innnings to come back into the game to finish. Some notable players were already gone from the ball park and partying.

    The house looks great by the way. Getting ready for “The Big Game”.

    Go CHIEFS!
    Go PACK GO!

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