A Game-Day Grab Bag Of Sorts

A look at a few of the many news items that are floating around the NFL in the third week of the full pre-season schedule. We’ll revisit with a couple of former Chiefs in very different situations and we’ll look at the latest example of how different the Green Bay Packers are compared to other NFL franchises.


There has been a lot of attention on the free agents signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in the last month, plus the trades the Birds made. But it turns out one of the biggest additions was barely noticed – the signing of free agent safety Jarrad Page.

After his pre-season battle with the Chiefs last year, where he showed up a week before the first game and was then traded to New England, Page was looking for a more stable situation in 2011 – a team that he wanted and a team that wanted him. He found that with the Eagles and now it looks like Page is going to be the starter at strong safety for head coach Andy Reid. Thursday, Page was in the starting lineup for the Eagles against Cleveland and played the first half. (That’s Page wearing #25 on the right against the Ravens.)

“I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me that he didn’t do well, as far as a critical error,” Eagles coach Andy Reid said of Page.

Said Page: “It felt good to get some action and fly around and do some things; I thought I played pretty well. But I’m very critical of myself. I know there are some things I could’ve done better. But overall, I thought things went well.

“I’ve been able to pick things up fairly quickly. Defensive systems are somewhat similar. The things that are different are the terminology and the little tweaks as far as the way you play certain things. My experience in the league has helped me a lot to be able to grasp what’s going on and how we’re doing it.”

Here’s the link to the story in the Philadelphia Daily News which includes information on Page’s departure from Kansas City, due largely he said to head coach Todd Haley, including this passage:

“At a team meeting during the Chiefs’ bye week in 2009, Haley told the players that anybody who wanted to talk to him should come to his office and see him. Page did, and their discussion quickly disintegrated into a shouting match.”

Not long after that, Page was placed on the injured-reserve list with a minor calf injury.


When he was coaching, especially during his five years with the Chiefs, there was very little filter between Dick Vermeil’s brain and his mouth. If the head coach thought something was cockeyed, then he spoke his mind.

In retirement, he hasn’t changed at all. Vermeil was in St. Louis the other day and he was asked by Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo to speak to the Rams after practice. He was short and sweet but Vermeil let the Rams know that new NFL rules involving practices were not going to make their football lives any easier or better.

“I don’t like the restrictions they gave to practice time,” Vermeil told the St. Louis media in speaking about limited practice time regulations. “It’s going to be hard to get better. The fortunate thing is everybody is operating within the same rules. You just have to do a better job within them. I think it’s going to hurt the quarterbacks, especially the young ones. It’s going to hurt the medium player, the average guy. How does he get better and hang on the roster next year? How are young kids coming up going to make it when you don’t give them any reps?”

According to Rams QB Sam Bradford, the old coach told the players that the new rules were something for them to overcome.

“He talked about the new rules and how even though they restrict some of the things we do, the team that finds a way to do the most within the new rules is going to be the team that succeeds and the team that wins,” Bradford said. “He challenged us to find a way to do more and be a team who is able to do the most and who is able to win.”

Here’s a link to the story of Vermeil in St. Louis.

It had been almost a full year since Larry Johnson’s name was on an NFL roster, but this past week he landed with the Dolphins, who signed the former Chiefs workhorse to a one-year contract. As always, L.J. had something to say, including talking about why he was still available.

“It was just history; I don’t think it has to do with anything with talent, it’s all history and this is a business,” Johnson said. “You want to put your best guys who represent your organization and you put a scale as far as what you want, you know, you go with the guy with the clearer slate. Talent you can build on rather than the guy with the most talent, with the most problems so that’s what kind of realized going through this process and you know, all you can do is be thankful for just one little shot, whether it last a week, a month, just keep moving from there.

“It wasn’t really what I have to prove to them talent wise, you know, obviously, I still have to do what I got to do on the football field, which is easy, but obviously, I have to convince, but it’s kind of hard to convince with my colorful background that like yeah, I changed, yeah, I can do better, you just grow older as the years go on and you can just do the best you can with the situation you get into.”

Here’s the link to Johnson’s meeting with the media upon his arrival at the Dolphins complex.

7 Responses to “A Game-Day Grab Bag Of Sorts”

  • August 26, 2011  - Josh says:

    LJ, the NFL’s most shining example as orator. Good riddance.

  • August 26, 2011  - Rick says:

    L.J. is a bum, period.

  • August 26, 2011  - Michael says:

    So Haley and Page got into a shouting match. What was it about? Is it really what led to Page being put on IR and evenatully traded? I don’t know if I’m remembering it exactly right, but it seemed like Haley thought Page should be able to practice and play with the injury, and Page did not. It’s too bad, really, I liked Page as player. He would be a good backup safety for the Chiefs now if he had stayed.

  • August 26, 2011  - lyle says:

    Maybe Page had trouble with the concept of hurt vs injured. In any case, I think that it is better for the chiefs and for him that he found a home somewhere else

  • August 26, 2011  - Thomas Salmon says:

    Larry Johnson, a.k.a. William Jennings Bryan

  • August 27, 2011  - JB says:

    RE Philadelphia….Still looking forward to that season ending spinal cord injury for Michael Vick…hey we can only hope….

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