A Bicknell Returns To Chiefs Coaching Staff

Coach Romeo Crennel has found his offensive line coach.

Jack Bicknell Jr. (right) will be announced this week as the replacement for the retired Bill Muir and will join Crennel’s 2012 coaching staff. Bicknell spent the last three seasons working as the assistant offensive line coach for the New York Giants. That includes the 2011 season, where he will receive a Super Bowl ring after the Giants victory over New England earlier this month.

Bicknell was part of one of the biggest plays in college football history. As a center for Boston College, he’s the guy who snapped the ball to Doug Flutie in a 1984 game against Miami. It was Flutie’s now dubbed “Hail Flutie” throw to the end zone that was caught by WR Gerald Phelan that gave B.C. a big upset victory over the Hurricanes.

He’s the second Bicknell brother to work at Arrowhead Stadium. Younger brother Bob served as offensive line coach on Herm Edwards’ staff (2007-08) and tight ends coach for Todd Haley’s first K.C. staff (2009). Bob Bicknell is currently the tight ends coach for the Buffalo Bills. They are the sons of Jack Bicknell Sr. who had a 40-year coaching career, including stints as head coach at Maine, Boston College and in NFL Europe.

The 49-year old Bicknell began his coaching career as a grad assistant at Boston College, before moving on to New Hampshire and then Louisiana Tech, where he eventually became the head coach in 1999. In eight seasons (1999-2006) as Tech’s head coach, Bicknell finished 43-52. There were 22 of his players that were drafted by the NFL or signed as free agents.

10 Responses to “A Bicknell Returns To Chiefs Coaching Staff”

  • February 13, 2012  - Blake says:

    Hopefully Jack builds a better oline than his brother Bob did. With this move it sounds like we will be moving to more of a power blocking oline rather than zone. Asamoah should be fine, but Hudson is the one that I worry about with the move. Hopefully we draft DeCastro and we will have a solid G/C core of players.

  • February 13, 2012  - el cid says:

    Depends on Hudson being a Center or Guard. If he could play Center a major need would be filled, if not, he may have been wrong guy on wrong team. As for DeCastro, good pick just not in first round. A Guard in first round would not be a plus to me. I really want RB – Richardson from ALA if still there or a LB for Crennel in first.

  • February 13, 2012  - Blake says:

    Hudson is going to play Center, Pioli stated this last year after the draft. I would be happy with DeCastro or Richardson in the first!

    Just read on ESPN that we have over $60 million in cap space, the most in the NFL. There is no reason that Bowe/Carr should not be resigned. With that money KC could make a run at any free agent they want. I would be fine with Nicks in FA and Richardson in the first!

  • February 13, 2012  - el cid says:

    Interesting comments about cap space. But you have to admit – looking strictly at the past 3 years, the Chiefs stay in their comfort zone (Pioli’s). Spending money on veteran free agents has not been any kind of priority. To me, Nicks is the top OL free agent and will be overpaided even if he is an all pro for years to come, just not Pioli’s style, is it?

    Hudson is a major stumbling block if he is NOT a Center, we need one and badly. How about a stud LT and move Albert to Guard or RT? Or does Crennel shore up his DL, maybe trade Dorsey and move Jackson to backup and we need 2 DEs plus a NT to play relief for Gordon?

    Lots of needs and questions but not a lot of answers we can agree on. Toss in Clark saying he will spend extra but no when, just over the next 2 years. Do the fans sit back and LOL the Chiefs if Carr or Bowe walk?

    To me, this off season between now and the last draft pick will be telling about Pioli and Clark and the Chiefs. Not a lot of love here but what have they done to get it?

  • February 13, 2012  - ED J says:

    Hudson I think will be fine at center I’m FSU fan and played solid for us during his 4yrs at Florida State no doubt he be just as good in NFL. As for as Carl Nick fans need consider would he leave Super Bowl contender and playing with Drew Breeze to come here for a little more money. I’m sure we will make good push for the guy but like its been said before guys got to also want to come here its just not all about money.

  • February 13, 2012  - ED J says:

    62 Million under the cap we better make a run at Peyton Manning I’m sure we will but not sure Peyton will come here. He’s picky guy not sure if he’ll like playing outside in cold weather. He may prefer more warm weather city. But we certainly have enough money to resign all our top free agents. I think we will try make run at Carl Nicks but I just don’t think he’ll leave New Orleans unless they insult him with a low ball contract. Will see March going to be interesting.

  • February 13, 2012  - el cid says:

    Money not being an end all, just do not see why Manning would consider the Chiefs? WE are not on the edge of greatness, not his style of offense (think he is just salivating throwing to the 3 Bs, Moeaki, and McCluster), does he even know Clark, Pioli, Crennel, or Daboll? Just does not fit the Chiefs or Pioli’s NEway in any form or manner.

  • February 13, 2012  - Michael says:

    I like the Bicknwell signing. The Giants always seem to put together a decent (sometimes elite)offensive line even when they don’t necessarily have the best individual parts. The Chiefs don’t need defensive ends; so that shouldn’t be at the top of their draft or free agent moves. Hudson is a center, and he should be a good one. Having said that, there are some good veteran free agent centers who will be available. I don’t think they have a big need at linebacker, but if they want to get one or two it should be Dan Conner of the Panthers in free agency or Luke Kuechly of Boston College in the draft. Both those guys would be dynamite in Crennel’s D. Carl Nicks would be a dream signing; expensive, but he should be elite for another five or six years.

    Normally, I would say don’t take a guard in round 1, but Decastro is different and probably worth it; he cold be a Steve Hutchinson type player. I wouldn’t agrue with Trent Richardson; he and Charles would be a scary duo. One of the top end OT’s make sense: Reiff of Iowa, Martin of Stanford or Adams of Ohio State.
    The Chiefs are reportedly interested in Raiders free agent CB Stanford Routt. That would be good if KC is thinking of signing Routt and retaining Brandon Carr. In today’s NFL, you need 3 starting caliber CB’s and another to play the slot, which the Chiefs have covered with Arenas. It’s bad if KC is thinking of signing Routt and not retaining Carr. Carr is the better corner, and he’s just starting to ascend. Then again, Routt is a good move if Carr is insistent about moving on. I just don’t see it, though, if KC puts a fair offer on the table for Carr. I think he would like to play most of his career with the team that developed him from a 5th round pick. Very interesting days ahead.

  • February 13, 2012  - ED J says:

    El cid I mean really. I guess you not going mention we have Bowe, Baldwin, or Breaston. IF anything we’re the most talented offense he can play for. All we lack is more player on oline and that’ll be fixed in this year’s draft. He respect Romeo alot. He always talks about how much he respects Romeo Crennel. I think Pioli and Co. will make their run at him I just don’t know how much Manning will like challenge of playing outside. He doesn’t have great statistical numbers play outside dome in bad weather. So I think has nothing to do with roster or organization. He played against our defense and we held him pretty good in those games. WE have heck alot of talent at skill position. So he can come in easily and make this Super Bowl team with improved oline. So I think he’s smart enough to know that. But its matter of whether Peyton would want to play outside vs going to warm weather of Dolphins. Or somewhere like Arizona where they have more dome style stadium. But it’ll be interesting.

    Either way if oline is improved from talent stand point and new oline coach can coach those guys up even Cassel can put up good numbers in this offense but we’ll see either that or Stanzi will be taking his job permanently

  • February 13, 2012  - Tim says:

    I like the hire. Would love to learn, to the extent we can, what his & Daboll’s offensive philosophy regarding blocking scheme is. I agree with some earlier posts that it would appear we’re going to more of a “power” scheme. If this ends up being the case, it really will be interesting to watch FA & the draft unfold. The O-line may look nothing like what it was.

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