4 Things Chiefs Needed To Do/Recap


The Chiefs passing game is still coming together from Matt Cassel to his receivers, and with the pass protection in front of him. TE Tony Moeaki is done for the season and that’s a valuable force removed from the passing offense. Thus, the Chiefs need to fall back on what was their best mode of offensive transportation last year – the running game. The pre-season did not provide an effective run game. It’s time for the Chiefs to buckle up the chinstrap and get physical.FAILED – The Chiefs got nothing going with the run game in the first half and then were so far behind in the second half they had to throw. Last year vs. Buffalo = 274 yards. This year vs. Buffalo = 108 yards.


Who knows what type of tricks Chan Gailey has up his sleeve with the Bills offense, but we know this – there’s something and the Chiefs are going to see it. More than likely, it will involve former Mizzou QB Brad Smith and some form of the Wildcat offense. Smith can run, he can throw and he can catch. It brings a flavor to the Wildcat that not a lot of other teams can touch. Romeo Crennel must have his boys primed, educated and ready to handle the unexpected. SUCCESSFUL, for what that’s worth. Gailey barely used Smith. He ran three times for six yards. He threw one pass late in the game that was intercepted. Why he was throwing I do not know. Buffalo didn’t do anything unusual with Smith – just direct snapped him the ball and let him run.


One of the reasons the Chiefs selected Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas in the second round of last year’s NFL Draft was the effect they could have on the return game. McCluster made it happen in the season opener with a 94-yard punt return against San Diego. After that, neither was able to produce any type of game turning return. It is time for them to pay off on that second-round investment. This opening week figures to be as good a time as any to break through. Just look at what happened Thursday night in the New Orleans-Green Bay game. FAILURE. The Chiefs got nothing from their kick and punt returns handled by Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas. In fact, McCluster fumbled away the opening kickoff.


The Chiefs are not the most talented team in the league. They are not even the most talented team in the division. For them to win, they must do things right. They can’t contribute to their opponents’ efforts to win. They have to win the battle of turnovers, penalties, field position and opportunities. They can’t beat themselves. They did that all through the pre-season and thus went 0-4. A lot of the players responsible for those mistakes and blunders have now gone off to their life’s work. It’s time to clean up their mess of August. They can’t make it two against one. COMPLETE, UTTER FAILURE – The Chiefs gave the Bills more help than Buffalo needed to beat them. With three giveaways and a host of other mistakes on defensive pass coverage and blocking assignments on pass protection, the Chiefs were a dumb team on Sunday, and dumb teams lose.

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