4 Keys To Winning Against Oakland/Recap

From Arrowhead Stadium


Get after Carson Palmer

In his prime, Carson Palmer was never a very mobile quarterback. The reason he wasn’t sacked more often was the fact he had such a quick release. He’s even slower now than he was during his best seasons in Cincinnati. Since he stepped into the starting lineup, he’s been sacked on average every 16 passing plays. That type of protection has been pretty good for the Raiders. Palmer has already thrown 13 interceptions and that pressure can force more bad decisions and throws, possibly more interceptions. The KC pass rush has produced 14 sacks in the last three games. They have to keep that type of rush active; they are getting a sack every 6.7 pass plays. FAILED – the Chiefs did not put Palmer on the ground in this game, as they were not credited with a sack and hit the passer only three times in the game.


Hit Oakland in kicking game

The Raiders have the NFL’s best kicker-punter combo with Sebastian Janikowski and Shane Lechler, but what they can do is off-set a bit by the Chiefs duo of Ryan Succop-Dustin Colquitt. Oakland’s coverage teams have been so-so over the season; they’ve given up two punt returns for scores and a 77-yard kickoff return. This is where the Chiefs must strike and help their anemic offense with a return TD from the kicking game. It’s now been 30 games since they scored on a kick or punt return. The time is now. FAILURE – the Chiefs did not get the advantage on special teams, rather they gave up that portion of the game to the Raiders. Two blocked field goals, the longest kickoff return they allowed this season and nothing in the return game hurt their chances of winning.


Score touchdowns when given the opportunity.

Somehow the Chiefs beat Green Bay last Sunday despite the fact they scored just one TD on five trips inside the Packers 20-yard line. Inside the red zone they are the worst team in the league with 32 chances but only 11 TDs. Given the chance, they must improve on offense and put the ball in the end zone. Points, points, points – it’s where the Chiefs must make progress. They’ve won two of their last three games, but in those three they scored just 39 points, or 13 points per game. In fact, in the last seven games, they’ve scored 64 points, or 9 points per game. FAILURE – Again the red zone was a killer for the Chiefs as they visited four times and came out of things with only one score, which should secure their spot as the worst red zone offense in the league.

No. 1

Control Raiders run game.

The Chiefs have struggled keeping the Raiders running attack from taking over the game, especially at Arrowhead Stadium. Over the last three years, Oakland averaged 174 rushing yards in K.C.’s stadium. Early this year in a Chiefs victory in Oakland, the Raiders ran for 155 yards. Over the last four games, the Chiefs have given up an average of 115 rushing yards per game, down from the 130 yards per game over the entire season. With the Raiders, it’s all about the man-to-man matchups along the line of scrimmage. It’s rock’em, sock’em football. SUCCESS – Yes, the Chiefs got their No. 1 goal done, but it did not help produce a victory. Raiders RB Michael Bush did not throw up a big run and had a rather pedestrian day for him against K.C., with 70 yards on 23 carries. With Darren McFadden out for another game due to injury, the Raiders run game was kept under wraps.


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