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Make something happen in kicking game

Like all aspects of the Packers, their work on special teams has been very good this year. Rookie Randall Cobb ahs returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns. Their kicker Mason Crosby is strong and punter Tim Masthay is serviceable. One spot where they’ve dropped the ball is dropping the ball, as Cobb has lost three fumbles this season. That might be a spot where the Chiefs can turn the tide … knocking the ball out of Cobb’s hands and take it in for a touchdown. To win, the Chiefs need plays like that. SUCCESS – With 4 field goals from Ryan Succop, two good punts from Dustin Colquitt and a good coverage effort, the special teams were a big factor in the victory.


Protect Orton

With Kyle Orton getting his first start with the Chiefs it’s hard to forget his first play, two weeks ago against Chicago when he dislocated his right index finger. That came on a flea-flicker pass where a blitzing Bears safety was in Orton’s lap as he threw the ball away. Pass protection has been poor in recent weeks. That doesn’t bode well for Orton finishing the game. Overall, the Chiefs have given up 33 sacks, with 11 coming in the last four games. The Packers have 27 sacks on the season, led by LB Clay Matthews with a half-dozen. Orton is going to be rusty since he hasn’t played in months, so it’s imperative that the pass protection allows him time to get his feet wet. SUCCESS – On 31 passing plays, Orton did not get taken down for a sack one time. The shutout the K.C. pass protection threw at the Packers rush is the first time this season Green Bay did not have a sack.


Fix the running game

The Chiefs are 15th in rushing yards per game right now, averaging 116.4 yards per game. But anyone who has watched the Chiefs offense in recent weeks knows the running game is broken. The three-headed run game of Jackie Battle-Thomas Jones-Dexter McCluster is not getting the job done. Some of that is their fault, more of that is the fault of the blocking in front of them. Green Bay gives up an average of 106 rushing yards per game, ranking them No. 12 in the league. The best defense against the Packers explosive offense is to limit their possessions. The only way the Chiefs can make that happen is by getting their running game out of the mud and into the race. SUCCESS – It wasn’t one of those outstanding performances that Chiefs fans have been used to over the years, but the running game was huge in making the offense work and developing a big advantage in time of possession.


Play the perfect game

The Chiefs chances of winning this game depend entirely on them playing without mistakes. That’s right, none. No turnovers, no sacks, no penalties, no mental errors – it’s an impossible task. Coaches and teams have been searching for the perfect game of football for more than a century and it’s never been found. The Chiefs are not going to find it on this Sunday against the Packers. But it’s their only hope of beating a superior team. At no time this season have the Chiefs played with the type of precision necessary to beat a team like the Packers. The final score will be dictated by the number of mistakes Romeo Crennel and his team make. Limit them, and the score won’t get out of hand and anything can happen. Make them at the normal rate for the Chiefs, and the Packers can name their winning margin. SUCCESS – again a perfect game is not possible and the Chiefs certainly did not get close to playing without mistakes. It’s just that they made sure their mistakes did not hurt them. They did not give up a sack. They did not turn the ball over. They had some bad penalties, but they overcame them. Players were in the right spots at the right time. A big, big effort for the Chiefs.

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