No Turnovers

Attention Tyler Palko – this Sunday the only way you can keep the starting quarterback job is to not give the ball to the Bears. Seven giveaways in the last two games have left the Chiefs with 23 giveaways on the season; only three other teams have more interceptions and fumbles. On the season, the Chiefs are now minus-5. The Bears plus-9 and are third in the league with 24 takeaways. For any chance that the numbers add up on Sunday, the Chiefs can’t give up the ball. SUCCESS – Chiefs did not have a turnover in this game and they won. Coincidence? Not hardly. They got the job done by protecting the most important thing in the game – possession of the ball.



He’s the best punt and kickoff returner in the history of the game. Everything has been tried over six years to control Hester and his returns, but he’s still found the end zone 17 times over his career. Through the first six games of this season, Hester had only one punt return in each game, as opponents were not going to give him that chance. He was still able to return a punt 69 yards for a TD against Carolina. Three weeks ago he had an 82-yard TD return vs. Detroit. Oakland did a magnificent job last week in keeping him under wraps, allowing him just two punt returns for seven yards and two kickoff returns for 39 yards. They need to repeat that type of performance. SUCCESS – the greatest returner in NFL history was a non-factor in this game and credit for that goes to P Dustin Colquitt who gave up distance for hang time and Hester was very frustrated.



Seemingly so simple, it has become increasing hard for the Chiefs to find the end zone. In their last four games, 45 total possessions, they had just one touchdown. Other than the four touchdowns they scored against Indianapolis, the Chiefs have not scored more than two offensive TDs in any game this year. They face a Bears team that has given up 21 touchdowns this season and they are allowing 21 points per game. If bad weather rolls in, this could be a defensive struggle, but the Chiefs will need more than FGs to win. FAILED – One Hail Mary pass for a touchdown in 56 offensive possessions does not get the job done. They need to be better than this.



Right now, he’s got to be the most underrated offensive force in the league. Even the Bears, who haven’t been willing to pony up with a new deal for Forte, seem to be holding back in a stamp of approval. Forte is the Bears leading rusher and leading receiver. He’s just 15 yards shy of 1,000 and he’s the most popular target for Bears quarterbacks. This season, Forte has averaged 22.7 touches per game. If the Chiefs defense can slow him down or blanket him; that will put more pressure on inexperienced QB Caleb Hanie. SUCCESS – Derrick Johnson took care of Forte early with a tackle at the knees that drove the Bears running back from the game and he did not return, and may not return this season. Forte was a non-factor.

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