4 Keys To Beating The Jets/Recap

From MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey


Take Plaxico or Santonio out of the offense

When he’s looking to make a big play, there’s no question where QB Mark Sanchez is going to throw the ball – he’s looking for WRs Plaxico Burress or Santonio Holmes. Combined they have 78 catches and 13 touchdowns and other than TE Dustin Keller, they dominate Sanchez’s view of each play. Over the last three games the K.C. defense has done a great job of blanketing the big play makers of New England, Pittsburgh and Chicago. They need to continue that against the Jets. SUCCESSFUL – the Chiefs held Burress to no catches and Holmes caught two passes for 12 yards. One of those however, went for a touchdown. It was RBs Shonn Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson that hurt the Chiefs.


Let Palko use his legs

One thing QB Tyler Palko brings to the field is his ability to run. But so far he’s used his legs only to get out of the way in the pocket from a pass rush. In his first start there was a QB draw called and he ended up losing six yards after the Patriots blitzed right into the handoff. Since, then he’s only run only three times and he has a total of three rushing yards. Todd Haley and Bill Muir need to loosen up and allow him to move, whether in a moving pocket or designed running plays. We aren’t talking about going crazy here, but something that will keep the Jets defense guessing, and loosen things up so Palko has places to throw the ball. FAILURE – Palko ran out of the pocket for a dozen yards at one point, but there did not appear to be any designed runs for him to be able to use his legs.


Run the ball on offense

Since losing Jamaal Charles in the second week of the season, the Chiefs have had trouble putting a consistent running game on the field. On the season, they’ve averaged 120.7 rushing yards per game. Since Tyler Palko took over at quarterback for the injured Matt Cassel, they’ve averaged 109.3 yards per game. In the last two weeks it’s down to 101.5 rushing yards per game. They must find a way against the Jets to move the ball with their backs; New York is too good on pass defense to spend all day trying to complete short passes and avoid sacks. Without a run game, Palko will have big problems. FAILURE – with just 65 yards on 21 carries, this was not a winning running performance. It’s even worse if you take Palko’s 12-yard scramble and a 7-yard run by WR Jerheme Urban. That put the backs at 19 carries for 44 yards.


Keep Matt Sanchez struggling

It has not been a good year for the Jets QB. He has a 19-11 TD-to-INT ratio. He’s averaging just 6.61 yards per attempt, with a completion percentage at 56.5 percent. Along with his fumbles lost, he’s turned the ball over 16 times and been sacked 25 times. The improved and productive K.C. defense needs to get Sanchez on the ground, force the ball out of his hands and create situations where he makes bad decisions. The home crowd has taken to booing their quarterback, and the Chiefs need to do whatever they can to continue that trend. FAILURE – the Chiefs defense was just what Sanchez needed to sooth his problems. Sanchez became the first New York Jets QB to run for a pair of TDs and pass for two scores. He was on target and when needed he used his feet, as evidenced by the TD runs.

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