Pioli Gives Lowdown on Bowe

When he was the Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli provided no information on the record about contract negotiations with players.

But now that he’s a member of the media, Pioli has learned to sing a different tune.

Thursday on SiriusXM NFL Radio – that’s one of Pioli’s new employers – he was speaking of Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe and the current state of contract negotiations between the team and the soon to be free agent wide receiver.

The subject was under discussion because Monday is the deadline for teams to use their franchise player tag for the 2013 season. The Chiefs used the franchise tag on Bowe last year and paid him the tender offer of $9.6 million. The labor rules say that a second straight season with the franchise tag requires a 20 percent bump.

So if the Chiefs want to franchise Bowe for the coming season, it will cost them $11,520,000. But, the deal would be for just one season.

Here’s what Pioli had to say: …Read More!

Reasons For Smith Trade Are Obvious

Let me make this clear from the start – the Chiefs gave up too much for Alex Smith. If the delayed trade with San Francisco includes pick No. 34 in this year’s NFL Draft, then it was too high a price to pay.

Smith will be in his ninth year in the NFL and his eighth season of play. As we showed earlier in the week, his career numbers are nearly matches for what Matt Cassel has done in his time in the NFL. Smith has been injury prone (knee, right shoulder, left shoulder, concussion) and has played a full season only twice in eight years. He missed the entire 2008 season because of a broken bone in his shoulder.

All of these are facts that I’m sure Andy Reid and John Dorsey knew. These guys are definitely programmed to turn over every rock and look around every corner when it comes to football issues. There’s no way any of this got past the head coach and general manager.

Yet, they have made the deal, which can’t be finalized until March 12th, with the start of the new league year. The price they are paying remains unknown, but the outlets with the best sources in the league say it’s a 2nd-round pick this year and a conditional choice in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Why pay such a high price? There are six factors revealed in the shadow of this trade in waiting. Follow along with me as we talk about these half-dozen reasons that after the first one come in no particular order. …Read More!

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