2013 NFL Draft Player Profile – LB Sio Moore

Sio Moore plays with a chip on his shoulder. It’s something most linebackers do. He’s always looking for motivation in others doubts about him or his team.

“Playing at UConn, everybody always counted us out,” Moore said. “You learn how to play with a chip on your shoulder, and you learn how to deal with people doubting you and putting you down. For me, I use that and thrive by it really, trying to show the type of talent our school has and the type of guys that we have. A lot of people have us under the radar; we have some damn good players.”

Those good players struggled in the 2012 season, but Moore stamped his play as an NFL prospect during the season and in the post-season all-star games.

Moore has been well-trained as he calls himself simply “a
football player.” Here’s his story of birth in Liberia, to the doorstep of the NFL.

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